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Autonomous LEAF Visits New Home At NASA’s Ames Research Center Earlier This Month

5 Reasons For Choosing An Electric Car

Renault ZOE owner Séverin Groisne authored a post that appeared on the Renault-Nissan blog. The brief article focuses on exactly what the title states: Five Reasons To Choose An EV And here are those 5 reasons, along with a brief intro from Groisne: When it comes to electric cars, it’s…

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Fleet of Renault TWIZY et Renault KANGOO Z.E. on the Piazza della Signoria

Renault Twizy Sales Exceed 15,000

Renault announced a milestone of 15,000 Twizy sales in 40 countries. The 15,000th Twizy was bought by the municipality of Florence, Italy, which recently received delivery of a whole fleet of electric Renaults – 53 Twizy and 17 Kangoo Z.E. To further sales of the Twizy, Renault is even putting…

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Side-By-Side Seating

Introducing The Renault Twizy Side-By-Side

If it weren’t April 1, we’d say Yay! to Renault’s announcement that you’ll now be able to sit side-by-side in the electric Twizy instead of one up front and one crammed in the back. Renault’s side-by-side announcement has actually fooled quite a bit of folk already, most of whom “love”…

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Pink Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE Pretty In Pink?

Okay…show us your pinks. Renault ZOE looks okay in pink, but we do wonder how a Tesla Model S or BMW i8 would look wearing this color. We’ve seen lots of questionably customized ZOEs, so witnessing a pink-wrapped example isn’t surprising. We would like to point out that customization of…

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Happy Birthday To You!

Renault Twizy Turns Three

In March 2012, the Renault Twizy burst onto the electric car scene. Sales were initially stellar (over 9,000 sold in 2012), but have fallen off dramatically (3,000 in 2013 & 2,000-ish in 2014) since the vehicle’s introduction. Though widely available, Twizy suffers from being classified a quadricycle, yet carrying a price…

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