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Renault ZOE, the best-selling full-electric car in Europe in 2015

Renault # 1 In All-Electric Car Sales For Europe In 2015

Renault is now the European leader in all-electric car sales. In 2015, the French company scored the most BEV sales: as a brand (Renault) in model rank (ZOE) in the light commercial vehicles category (Kangoo Z.E.) 97,687 all-electric cars were registered in 2015 in Europe (47.8% up year-over-year), which is…

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ABB Terra 53 CJG and Renault Fluence Z.E.

Brazil Got Its First Multi-Standard DC Fast Charger

Throughout the world there has been an ailment caused by the lack of a united charging standard, but a temporary cure may be provided by the multi-standard charger. ABB recently announced a three-head 50 kW Terra 53CJG installation in Brazil – “the first universal vehicle charger” in the country, which interestingly powers up…

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The Zero Emission force awakens with Renault ZOE Star Wars edition

The Force Awakens With Renault ZOE Star Wars Edition

This Renault ZOE may well be the ultimate Star Wars edition electric car (yes, we know it’s photo-shopped – via Renault). There are more electric Star Wars cars then just the ZOE though. At the 2015 LA Auto Show, Fiat unveiled 500e its “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Stormtrooper: And…

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