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Radically Quick Renault ZOE eSport Hits The Streets – Video

Ahead of the Formula E Paris ePrix, Renault is presenting its e.Dams team’s racer, along with the radically quick ZOE e-Sport Concept (think 0-62 mph in about 3 seconds), and a bunch of production ZOE 40 ZEs for retail consumption. Renault, beside being the number one all-electric vehicle manufacturer in France and Europe…

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French Plug-In Car Market Loses Momentum In April, Down 23%

France, just like Norway this month, wasn’t able to build on previous plug-in vehicle growth in April, as only 2,431 new plug-ins were registered in the country – down by 22.9% Overall, all-electric car sales decreased by around 30%, while the plug-in hybrids managed to increase by 10%, rebounding after several…

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Renault Formula 1 Concept Is Electric

2027 Renault Formula 1 Concept For Shanghai Show Is An EV Renault has unveiled its vision of how an F1 car could look in 10 years’ time — with it adamant that the sport should have a greater focus on drivers. The French car manufacturer used the Shanghai motor show…

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