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Renault’s Lineup Of Pure Electric Cars – Fluence Z.E., Twizy, Kangoo Z.E. and ZOE

Renault Electric Car Sales Up 70% Year-Over-Year In March

Renault continues strong growth year-over-year moving 1,925 or 70% more all-electric vehicles this March, returning to its best form. Cars division (excluding Twizy) is growing even faster by 74%. The French flagship ZOE stood at some 1,349 units in March. Kangoo Z.E., on the other hand, had 327 sales for…

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Renault ZOE

Renault Releases Q1 2015 Sales Figures

In its Q1 financial filing, we find out sales for all of Renault’s electric cars. Here’s the breakdown: Q1 2015 Worldwide Registrations: 4,240 Renault ZOE – 3,053 Renault Kangoo Z.E. – 660 Renault Twizy – 517 Renault Fluence Z.E. – 10 So, in 3 months, the 4,240-unit tally breaks down…

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Now On Sale In Guadeloupe

Renault ZE Electric Lineup Now Available In Guadeloupe

There are only a few electric vehicles that are available on the global level: Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S, smart fortwo ed (sort of) and…Renault’s entire Z.E. lineup: Twizy, ZOE and Kangoo. To the best of our knowledge, only Renault’s Z.E. lineup (out of the listed vehicles above) is available…

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Autonomous LEAF Visits New Home At NASA’s Ames Research Center Earlier This Month

5 Reasons For Choosing An Electric Car

Renault ZOE owner Séverin Groisne authored a post that appeared on the Renault-Nissan blog. The brief article focuses on exactly what the title states: Five Reasons To Choose An EV And here are those 5 reasons, along with a brief intro from Groisne: When it comes to electric cars, it’s…

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Fleet of Renault TWIZY et Renault KANGOO Z.E. on the Piazza della Signoria

Renault Twizy Sales Exceed 15,000

Renault announced a milestone of 15,000 Twizy sales in 40 countries. The 15,000th Twizy was bought by the municipality of Florence, Italy, which recently received delivery of a whole fleet of electric Renaults – 53 Twizy and 17 Kangoo Z.E. To further sales of the Twizy, Renault is even putting…

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Side-By-Side Seating

Introducing The Renault Twizy Side-By-Side

If it weren’t April 1, we’d say Yay! to Renault’s announcement that you’ll now be able to sit side-by-side in the electric Twizy instead of one up front and one crammed in the back. Renault’s side-by-side announcement has actually fooled quite a bit of folk already, most of whom “love”…

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