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Renault Electric Car Sales Approaching 50,000

Renault Electric Car Sales Approaching 50,000

One of our readers inspired us to dig for some more data and create one more graph illustrating sales of the four all-electric Renault models. As it turns out, according to the manufacturer’s preliminary data (possibly inaccurate by a few hundred units one way or the other), total Renault electric…

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Renault Zoe Making Noise

Renault ZOE Drives 142 Miles On Single Charge

“Trevor from MyRenaultZOE beat his personal best: a 228km range with his #Renault #ZOE!” Tweets Renault Z.E., who directed us to Trevor’s “My Renault ZOE” website, where we found the following information (edited for brevity) on the 142-mile (228 km) drive: “It’s a year since I managed to persuade my…

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Renault’s Lineup Of Pure Electric Cars – Fluence Z.E., Twizy, Kangoo Z.E. and ZOE

Sales of Renault Electric Vehicles Up 29% In September

September was very good month for Renault electric car sales.  In fact, September was the first time this year when we see growth year-over-year for Renault’s EV sales. In total, Renault sold  ~1,899 units, which is 29% more than in September 2013. Excluding Twizy, the increase is even higher –…

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Renault ZOE

Renault Confirms Battery Purchase Program Coming Soon

Finally, Renault has decided to take our advice by offering battery purchase alongside its current battery rental program. 7 months ago, we wrote: “Our prediction is that slowly but surely Renault will abandon the battery rental program in favor of outright selling its EVs.  The automaker’s dwindling EV sales will…

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Nissan's Plant In Smyrna Tennessee

Nissan’s Battery Factories In U.S. And UK To Remain Open

Despite reports to the contrary, it seems Nissan will attempt to keep both its U.S. and UK battery factories operational, even if LG Chem displaces Nissan’s in-house battery operations. When the news initially broke, we had suggested that bringing LG Chem on board didn’t necessarily imply that Nissan would shutter…

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Renault’s Lineup Of Pure Electric Cars – Fluence Z.E., Twizy, Kangoo Z.E. and ZOE

Renault Electric Vehicle Sales Report August 2014

Preliminary sales data from Renault is indicating that sales of its full-size electric cars amounted to 760 in August or 974 including Twizy. Almost all of those deliveries (99%) are assigned for Europe. This is not a strong result (lower than last August) for Renault, but August is the slow…

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New BEV Registrations in France (Passenger & LCV)

French Electric Car Sales Grew By 17.3% This Summer

August is the slowest month for car sales in France, so electric cars dropped too. However, looking at July and August data (like L’Avere-France) we find growth of 17.3% compared to July & August 2013 sales and EV market share at 0.5%. In the last two summer months, registrations amounted…

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Vincent Bolloré and Carlos Ghosn

Renault and Bolloré Form Partnership For Electric Vehicles

Renault and Bolloré forged a new alliance for electric vehicles after following the letter of intent signed in September 2013. Cooperation announced consists of three agreements: industrial cooperation: the Renault plant in Dieppe (Normandy, France) will assemble Bluecar electric vehicles for the Bolloré Group from second-half 2015, the founding of…

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Renault EOLAB

Top Gear Insights From Renault EOLAB Test Drive

Top Gear recently had the exclusive opportunity to test drive the new Renault EOLAB, which will be presented early next month at the Paris Motor Show. As it turns out, this is not concept car that  barely goes, but rather a fully functional prototype. It seems that Renault is seriously…

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