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Plug-in Cars Range & Price Comparison

Plug-in Electric Car Range & Price Comparison

All-electric range and price are often considered two of the most important factors while deciding which plug-in electric car to purchase. Here we have a graphical presentation of both parameters for all EVs available in the US (or formerly available), ordered by range. All-electric range value comes from the EPA…

5 months ago by Mark Kane 27

Baby it's cold outside

Tesla Model S Range In Sub-Zero, Snowy Weather

Teslarati recently released an interesting article on the Tesla Model S range drop at sub-zero temperatures and in snowy weather. Electric cars typically lose some range, mainly because of the need to turn on the heater, but there are other reasons like a cold battery with lower efficiency, lower regenerative…

7 months ago by Mark Kane 31

Soul EV Range Test

Kia Conducts Soul EV Range Test – Video

“Kia UK set up a test of the Soul EV’s range on a single charge. The full range achieved on this test was 125.3 miles, with a conservative estimate of a further nine miles shown on the display; equaling a total range potential of 134.9 miles. A diagnostics report run…

9 months ago by Electric CarsTV 21

Overall Driving Efficiency Is Said To Increase 10% In The Next Gen Prius

Range Anxiety 2.0

A mid-month break from our Driving to Net Zero Energy challenge and time for an observation. As a two BMW i3 family, Julie and I have many opportunities to talk to interested people about electric cars, the question about range is always the first one to be asked. We’ve noticed…

12 months ago by Peder Norby 79