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Liberty Electric Converted Land Rover

1,000-Mile Electric Vehicle Built in UK to Launch in 3 Years?

Behold the 1,000-mile electric vehicle.  No, it’s not the converted Land Rover featured throughout this post, but rather a mystery EV coming soon from UK-based Liberty Electric. This record-shattering electric vehicle has no price tag, no set-in-stone release date and there are almost no details on the technology behind it,…

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New York Times vs Tesla Motors - Round 2

New York Times Responds to Data Released by Tesla

Well, that didn’t take long now did it? The New York Times has fired back on all cylinders. Yesterday, Tesla Motors refuted the accuracy and accounts of a Model S review published by The New York Times.   The Times’ reviewer still insists that there are discrepancies in Tesla’s posted…

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Chevy Volt buried under snow.

GM Discusses Chevy Volt 13-Mile Range Drop in Frigid Temps

Frigid temperatures are upon us Northerners and, as expected, that typically translates into reduced electric range.  But what’s the expected reduction? Most automakers skirt around this by simply saying range will be reduced in extreme temperatures, but that’s not the approach taken by General Motors. GM provides us with this…

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