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Baby it's cold outside

Tesla Model S Range In Sub-Zero, Snowy Weather

Teslarati recently released an interesting article on the Tesla Model S range drop at sub-zero temperatures and in snowy weather. Electric cars typically lose some range, mainly because of the need to turn on the heater, but there are other reasons like a cold battery with lower efficiency, lower regenerative…

6 days ago by Mark Kane 31

Soul EV Range Test

Kia Conducts Soul EV Range Test – Video

“Kia UK set up a test of the Soul EV’s range on a single charge. The full range achieved on this test was 125.3 miles, with a conservative estimate of a further nine miles shown on the display; equaling a total range potential of 134.9 miles. A diagnostics report run…

2 months ago by Electric CarsTV 21

"Cootie" Carrying 2015 Toyota Prius PHV

Range Anxiety 2.0

A mid-month break from our Driving to Net Zero Energy challenge and time for an observation. As a two BMW i3 family, Julie and I have many opportunities to talk to interested people about electric cars, the question about range is always the first one to be asked. We’ve noticed…

5 months ago by Peder Norby 79

Liberty Electric Converted Land Rover

1,000-Mile Electric Vehicle Built in UK to Launch in 3 Years?

Behold the 1,000-mile electric vehicle.  No, it’s not the converted Land Rover featured throughout this post, but rather a mystery EV coming soon from UK-based Liberty Electric. This record-shattering electric vehicle has no price tag, no set-in-stone release date and there are almost no details on the technology behind it,…

2 years ago by Eric Loveday 3