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Range Anxiety Is Mostly BS

RANGE ANXIETY, LIKE MOST ANXIETY, IS BS A neurologist once explained anxiety to TeslaMondo thus: “You have two brains, a primitive one and a more advanced one. Sometimes the primitive one keeps sounding an alarm. The advanced one knows it’s a false alarm, but there’s still that initial reflex response that’s…

7 months ago by Tesla Mondo 30

Plug-in Electric Car Range & Price Comparison

All-electric range and price are often considered two of the most important factors while deciding which plug-in electric car to purchase. Here we have a graphical presentation of both parameters for all EVs available in the US (or formerly available), ordered by range. All-electric range value comes from the EPA…

2 years ago by Mark Kane 27

Tesla Model S Range In Sub-Zero, Snowy Weather

Teslarati recently released an interesting article on the Tesla Model S range drop at sub-zero temperatures and in snowy weather. Electric cars typically lose some range, mainly because of the need to turn on the heater, but there are other reasons like a cold battery with lower efficiency, lower regenerative…

2 years ago by Mark Kane 31