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Formula E

180 Cities Eager To Host Formula E Race

After several races, Formula E is becoming more and more popular. According to the organizers, there are now more than 180 cities interested in hosting a Formula E race. Not strange, as we note that around 60,000 attended the two races in North America. Additionally, there was an average of…

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Voltron, season 2

Racing Down-Under Spools Up, Grid Grows (w/video)

With the news that the insanely powerful whupp-ass very successful Voltron team launched a new site featuring a growing collection of videos, photos and race reports (and awesome photo-bombing, shown here), we are getting reports that the grid has grown to at least 6 bikes, and will host some stiff…

2 months ago by Ted Dillard 0


Formula E Long Beach: Photos Galore

Several friends of InsideEVs, and even some occasional contributors, attended the free Long Beach race over the weekend. With cameras at the ready, the photos were snapped and the images starting pouring in.  Our collection of live, on-scene-shots now number near 1,000, so we figured we’d share some with our…

2 months ago by Eric Loveday 1

Pikes Peak 2015

Pikes Peak Releases 2015 Competitor List

The Pikes Peak 2015 Competitor list is official, (but not final) and available on the site for download.  The “Race Day” is June 28, with about five days of pre-race inspection, qualifying and practice leading into the big day.  And yes, we checked for our EV racing buddies.  Notable absence? …

3 months ago by Ted Dillard 3