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Animated Formula E Infographic

Did you know that the typical Formula E race consumes just 200 tires, versus 1,500 or so for other major racing events?  Bet you didn’t.  You’ll learn about that and more in this animated Formula E infographic put together by the tire folks over at Michelin:   Source: Electric Autosport

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Formula E Moscow

Formula E Moscow Race – Saturday June 6

Formula E heads to Moscow, Russia this weekend for the ninth race this season. The race is scheduled for Saturday June 6th. Below you’ll find some information on the race circuit in Moscow, as well as a timetable for the day’s racing events. As for viewing on TV, tentatively live…

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Formula E

180 Cities Eager To Host Formula E Race

After several races, Formula E is becoming more and more popular. According to the organizers, there are now more than 180 cities interested in hosting a Formula E race. Not strange, as we note that around 60,000 attended the two races in North America. Additionally, there was an average of…

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