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180 Cities Eager To Host Formula E Race

After several races, Formula E is becoming more and more popular. According to the organizers, there are now more than 180 cities interested in hosting a Formula E race. Not strange, as we note that around 60,000 attended the two races in North America. Additionally, there was an average of…

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7 Rules For Racing Your Tesla Model S P85D

YouTube user bigtruckseriesreview is frustrated with the ass-whoppings that Dodge SRT Hellcat drivers have experienced at the race track. To put an end to this, he’s listed 7 rules for Hellcat owners that he says will help the Hellcat avoid embarrassment at the track: Only use the red key Use…

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The RACE (Robust and Reliant Automotive Computing Environment for Future eCars) project aims to greatly simplify the increasingly complex electronics architecture in cars. Display panels describe how complex the electronics architecture of today's mid-range automobile is, and how it is changed in terms of failsafe data communication when the vehicle is equipped with RACE (RACE power wiring and information stubs are not included).

Siemens Unveils RACE-Equipped Electric Car

Siemens together with StreetScooter unveiled the first electric series production vehicle equipped with central elec­tronics and software architecture RACE, which was earlier developed under the research project RACE (“Robust and Reliant Automotive Computing Environment for Future cars.”). RACE is new architecture that replaces the entire control system with standard hardware…

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BMW i3 Versus KTM Duke 390 - Drag Race Video

BMW i3 Versus KTM Duke 390 – Drag Race Video

Our readers often ask for true comparisons (like apples to apples), so today we have something special (apples to definitely not apples). The BMW i3 versus KTM Duke 390 in a drag race. To do this drag race comparison right completely wrong, theMotorweb channel arranged a race on public roads…

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