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Mercedes-AMG Project One Specs Fully Revealed

If you have yet to order your copy – too bad … all 275 cars planned for production have already been sold. The fascinating Project One is making headlines once again as Mercedes released extensive details on the occasion of AMG’s 50th anniversary festivities prior to the start of the…

2 months ago by Adrian Padeanu 9

Mercedes-AMG Project One – What We Know

The Mercedes-AMG Project One debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show as the brand’s ultimate hypercar. Mercedes-Benz didn’t bother to compete in the hypercar wars when the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, and McLaren P1 hit the scene. By waiting to see the best that the competition offered, the German brand…

3 months ago by Chris Bruce 5

New Details Surface On Mercedes-AMG Project One

New AMG Project One hypercar details: 11K rpm, 31K engine life A few new factoids on the F1-derived monster were revealed in Geneva. More details have emerged about the forthcoming Mercedes-AMG hypercar – AKA Project One for those who haven’t yet happened upon the rumors, renderings, and general gossip of…

5 months ago by Christopher Smith 14