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Nissan LEAF Three Peak Challenge Attempt

Autocar recently picked up on Nissan’s idea to attempt the Three Peaks Challenge using its electric car to get around. The Three Peaks Challenge requires one to visit the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales – up for the climb was Autocar’s Ben Nevis in the Grampian Mountains, Scafell Pike…

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Nissan LEAFs at the Norikura Skyline Special Stage at JAPAN EV RALLY 2016

Nissan Sends 6 LEAFs To Hill Climb At Japan EV Rally 2016

Nissan recently visited the Japanese Alps with a zero emission fleet of LEAFs. In total, six LEAFs participated in the Norikura Skyline Special Stage at Japan EV Rally 2016.  (Of note: only EVs are allowed by permit on the Norikura Skyline in Takayama) One of the pretty swell advantages of all-electric cars…

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Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO Carlos Ghosn with Renault ZOE and Nissan LEAF For COP21 In December

Renault-Nissan Alliance Passes 350,000 EVs Sold All-Time

The Renault-Nissan Alliance can now boast 350,000 all-electric vehicles sold since December 2010. The majority of those sales comes via Nissan – almost 250,000 worth (with 237,000-ish via the Nissan LEAF specifically), while Renault adds just over 100,000 (the bulk via the ZOE). No other automotive group has delivered near as many all-electric vehicles ever (or even…

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Nissan LEAF Nismo RC

Nismo LEAF Shows Where Future “LEAF’s Spirit Could Go”

CAR magazine, after talking with Gareth Dunsmore, who is Nissan’s Electric Vehicle Divisional General Manager in Europe, suggests that future Nissan LEAFs could have a “go faster” trim level. Apparently the 2011 LEAF Nismo RC is the signpost for the future. Ultimately, Nismo did also develop a sporty kit for LEAF…

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Nissan LEAF in London

20 Nissan LEAFs, 30 BYD e6s Join Uber London

50 all-electric cars have joined Uber London in a pilot project to improve air quality. Nissan supplied a fleet of 20 LEAFs, while BYD added 30 e6. For Uber its another step to lower emission as already 60% cars into service are hybrids. Below you can find some statements from the…

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