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Is Nissan Concerned Over ZEV Credits, Possible Future Shortfall?

A recent Automotive News article focuses on Nissan and California’s ZEV requirements. The article opens with these statements: “To say that Nissan North America is completely comfortable with the regulatory demands it faces on zero-emission vehicle sales around the country is probably an overstatement.” “But in truth, few, if any,…

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Nissan LEAF

Renault-Nissan Alliance Surpasses 340,000 Plug-In Electric Car Sales

In a press release focused on electric cars, autonomous driving, connectivity and other technological field related to automobiles, Renault-Nissan revealed that sales of The Alliance’s plug-in electric cars have exceeded 340,000 units. “Renault-Nissan is already the global leader in electric vehicles. The Alliance has sold more than 340,000 zero-emission vehicles…

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Trulli Formula E Team announce withdrawal from championship

Both Nissan & BMW Show Interest In Joining Formula E

Reports confirm that both Nissan and BMW are having discussions about joining Formula E global all-electric open wheel racing series. The word is that both companies are talking with teams about getting involved as soon as the third season, which begins in Hong Kong on October 9th, through July 30th in New…

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Nissan announces development of the world’s first SOFC-powered vehicle system that runs on bio-ethanol electric power

Nissan Developing Electric Cars Powered By Ethanol Fuel Cells

Nissan, on its own pursuit of a zero emission society for passenger vehicles, is still searching for new alternatives for all-electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars. To that end, the Japanese manufacturer just announced a research project with Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell (SOFC)-powered systems that runs on bio-ethanol. It’s a similar concept…

4 weeks ago by Mark Kane 59