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Nissan CHAdeMO charger in Ecotricity network

Nissan And Ecotricity Expanding UK Motorway Charging Network

Nissan, together with clean energy provider Ecotricity, is expanding the fast charging network in the UK. This latest phase sees 13 more rapid chargers rolled-out at Welcome Break service stations along the UK’s motorway system. To date, 16 Welcome Break service stations have CHAdeMO fast chargers and, by April 2014,…

9 months ago by Mark Kane 1

Look at Them Shiny LEAFs All Lined Up

My Electric Avenue Project Seeks 10 Future Nissan LEAF Drivers to Test Grid’s Capability of Quick Charging Multiple EVs From Single Substation

“My Electric Avenue” seeks 10 potential future Nissan LEAF owners in the UK who are clustered together in a single are to test out a unique smart-charging system that doesn’t tax the grid’s ability to quick-charge several electric vehicles from a single sub-station. My Electric Avenue is a consortium that…

10 months ago by Eric Loveday 0