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Leaf charging UK

650-Mile Road Trip In A Nissan LEAF – Video

Jonathan Porterfield, one of the Nissan LEAF owners in UK, took a 649.7-mile (some 1,045 km) road trip on the 1st to the 3rd of April. To reach his destination, Jonathan tried to use public DC fast chargers, mostly installed by Ecotricity. As it turns out, despite a relatively good…

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Nissan LEAF Drifts

Nissan LEAF Drifts – Video

Drifting a front-wheel-drive car is close to impossible, but with the help of some rear-wheel skids, it’s doable even in the Nissan LEAF: “So maybe I cheated a little by placing wood planks under the rear tires….” Yes, that would be cheating, but it’s still entertaining to watch.

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Obligatory CEO with Vehicle Image

Nissan CEO Sets U.S. LEAF Sales Target At 50,000 Annually

Automotive News spoke with Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn at the recent 2015 New York Auto Show. Most of Ghosn’s comments were related to electric cars. Specifically, Ghosn was asked whether or not the volume of LEAF sales support Nissan’s massive investment in battery manufacturing in the U.S. Ghosn responded: “The…

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Autonomous LEAF Visits New Home At NASA’s Ames Research Center Earlier This Month

5 Reasons For Choosing An Electric Car

Renault ZOE owner Séverin Groisne authored a post that appeared on the Renault-Nissan blog. The brief article focuses on exactly what the title states: Five Reasons To Choose An EV And here are those 5 reasons, along with a brief intro from Groisne: When it comes to electric cars, it’s…

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The fleet of Nissan LEAFs operated by 203020 Electric

30 Nissan LEAFs Enter Taxi Service In UK

In the UK, electric cars are becoming increasingly popular among fleet buyers and recently 203020 Electric – part of the Tele Taxis Group – introduced 30 Nissan LEAF taxis. The cars are available 24-7 in and around Dundee (aka the City of Discovery). In the next 12 months, the EV…

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Nissan BladeGlider

Production Of Nissan BladeGlider “Not A Priority”

Despite previous promises to the contrary, production of the electric Nissan BladeGlider is not a priority for Nissan. That’s a shame, as the radical electric BladeGilder is truly remarkable.  The BladeGlider would be Nissan’s halo electric, if it were ever produced.  Not that it would have been a big seller…

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Nano Painted Nissan LEAF gets SLIMED!

Nissan LEAF “Will It Stick” Videos

Nissan has created multiple videos on testing the Nissan LEAF’s slick nano paint finish, which makes  the LEAF truly “The World’s Cleanest Car“. This trick paint finish is supposed to repel anything and everything.  See a demonstration & further info on the technology here. So, let’s now check out a…

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