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Nissan Sells 75,000th LEAF In U.S.

Nissan Celebrates 75,000 LEAFs Sold In U.S.

A resident of Portland, Oregon is now the owner of the 75,000th Nissan LEAF sold in the U.S. The resident, Rishabh Mehandru, is actually a returning LEAF owner.  He leased his first LEAF two years ago. Mehandru, senior engineer at Intel, stated: “I’m a runner, and when I ran outside…

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Nissan LEAF In Deep Snow

Nissan LEAF In Deep, Deep Snow – Video

If possible, we suggest staying off the roads when conditions are like what you’ll see in the videos above and below, but it’s comforting to know that a Nissan LEAF, equipped with proper snow tires, is capable of driving in such treacherous conditions. Description for video posted above: “Was leaving…

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