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3 days ago

Tesla Model S

World’s Top 10 Selling EV Models And 10 Manufacturers – July 2016

Plug-in electric car sales continue to grow worldwide in strong double-digit pace – in July the growth amounted some 63% year-over-year to 63,000. According to EV Sales Blog, sales are on track for 800,000 to 1,000,000 in 2016. The Tesla Model S turn to be the best selling model in…

4 days ago

Nissan LEAF goes the distance in a wild drive across Europe

Nissan LEAF Takes Six “Breath Taking” Trips Across Europe (w/video)

Nissan highlights the LEAF’s capability of some longer-distance travelling in Europe, while taking in the views. The video presents six epic journeys in Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway, Scotland and France to illustrate that point. Sure, as one might expect – it is a little campy, but still a worth a look…

5 days ago

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – July 2016

Nissan Increases LEAF Sales In Japan Seventh Month In A Row

Nissan’s run of sales luck continues in July for Japan, extending the period of growth to seven months. It appears that the Japanese consumer has decided the the 107 miles (172 km) of range found in the new premium trim levels for the 2016 model year is more than adequate for their…

2 weeks ago

BMW i3 at Fastned charging station

33 kWh BMW i3 And 30 kWh Nissan LEAF Fast Charging Comparison

As the new longer-range BMW i3 (94 Ah, 33 kWh battery) appears on the market, we spot the first fast charging report on the updated EV. Roland van der Put released two graphs, registered at a Fastned station in the Netherlands. The first shows that a charge from 8% state-of-charge to…

2 weeks ago

Nissan LEAF charging

Nissan’s “No Charge to Charge” Program Expands To 10 New Markets

Nissan has again expanded its “No Charge to Charge” program, this time to a bunch of new markets all at once. The current expansions includes 10 new markets, bringing the total number of areas to 48, where new LEAF owners can charge from participating public networks for free for the first two…

2 weeks ago

Nissan multiple battery choices for next generation LEAF, including the 60 kWh battery shown here at right (current 30 kWh pack on left)

Report: Nissan To Sell AESC Lithium-Ion Joint Venture With NEC?

Nikkei reports that Nissan intends to withdraw from some of its lithium-ion cell battery manufacturing. Several years ago, the Japanese carmaker established a joint venture with NEC (electrode supplier) – the Automotive Energy Supply Corp. (AESC), holding a 51% share. Besides the first production facility in Japan and later in the US…

2 weeks ago

Nissan LEAF charging

Nissan: More EV Charging Stations Than Fuel Stations By 2020

Nissan’s analysis indicates that by 2020 the number of charging stations will be higher than the number of fuel stations (for most countries with decent EV sales and infrastructure today). The announcement was released using the example of the UK, of which the base scenario is for summer of 2020 (but the…

2 weeks ago

Chevrolet Bolt EV's 60 kWh Battery (Cells by LG Chem)

EV Lithium-Ion Battery Suppliers Outlook For H1 2016

Here is a quick look at the progress for the lithium-ion battery market for electric cars,  which turns out to be growing faster than electric car market itself, as provided by some valuable data compiled by EV Sales Blog. Today’s Li-ion battery sales (as defined by energy) grows faster than the EVs themselves…

3 weeks ago

Nissan LEAF

30 kWh Nissan LEAF Walkthrough And Test Drive Review – Video

The 2016 Nissan LEAF with 30 kWh battery gets a detailed test drive review by Autogefühl. The complete walk-through covers the exterior, interior and driving experience of the Nissan, and as always, is an absolute must see for all considering buying a LEAF; especially because of the more obscure insights offered…

3 weeks ago

2016 Nissan LEAF

Used Nissan LEAFs Aren’t Retaining Value As Dealers Had Expected

The strong depreciation rate on used Nissan LEAFs is a well known situation.  Which is good if you are looking for a used EV deal, but bad if you are Nissan (or its dealers) looking to re-sell them. The high number of LEAFs now coming off lease, and the prices they…

4 weeks ago

Nissan e-NV200 with SOFC (Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell)

Nissan Unveils World’s First Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell e-NV200 – Video

Nissan has unveiled its prototype e-NV200 van, equipped with a SOFC (Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell) range-extender in Rio de Janeiro. A 5 kW SOFC, and a 30 liter tank for bio-ethanol, extends the range of the vehicle up to 600 km (373 miles). Nissan first announced developments of ethanol fuel cells about month…

4 weeks ago

Nissan BladeGlider

Nissan Unveils Fully Functional Electric BladeGlider

Nissan unveiled a working prototype of BladeGlider in Rio de Janeiro today, of which, the original concept was presented in 2013 at the Tokyo Auto Show (see photos and videos from three years ago here). The unveiling was part of the Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility strategy. “Nissan Motor Co., Ltd today unveiled…