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Nissan LEAF No Charge to Charge

Nissan Adds 11 New Markets To LEAF No-Charge-To-Charge Program

Nissan “No Charge to Charge” has grown to 11 more markets this month, and now includes a total of 38 locations. New service areas are: Chattanooga, TN Cincinnati, OH Cleveland/Akron, OH Columbia, SC Columbus, OH Detroit, MI Knoxville, TN Las Vegas, NV Pittsburgh, PA Providence/New Bedford Reno, NV In all these markets…

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Nissan Qashqai (ICE)

Nissan Juke And Qashqai Might Get Electric Powertrains

Gareth Dunsmore, who is the GM of the Electric Vehicle Division at Nissan Europe, said that the electrification of Juke and Qashqai crossovers is coming. It’s just matter of time. “We’re leaders in crossovers and a leader with Leaf and we will combine those two in the future,” Rather than developing…

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