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Dealer Compares Nissan LEAF To Chevy Volt – Video

Some dealerships seem willing to go to extremes to knock on the competition.  That’s true of Nissan of Bowie, creator of this video. The dealership, in trying to emphasize the LEAF’s strong points as compared to the Chevy Volt, really messes it up. The LEAF’s “useful cruising range” of 84 miles…

3 weeks ago by Eric Loveday 13

he Nissan LEAF savings calculator

Nissan LEAF Kick Gas – Video & Savings Calculator

Nissan again released its Kick Gas ad, which is focused on the lower energy costs of the LEAF, as compared to fuel costs for conventional cars. The video description leads us to calculator—based on zip code, current car mpg value and daily mileage—which will determine how much the Nissan LEAF…

3 weeks ago by Mark Kane 14

Nissan LEAF ready for rome!.. Or vise versa.

First Nissan LEAF Taxi Arrives In Rome – Video

“Nissan LEAF has been in use as taxis across Europe in Lisbon, Amsterdam, Newcastle and Barcelona.” States the video description. We can now add Rome to the growing list of places where you can hail an electric LEAF taxi. For now, Rome gets a few Nissan LEAF taxis. Of course,…

3 weeks ago by Mike Anthony 1