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Nissan Delivers Its 20,000th LEAF In UK

Nissan celebrates the fairly significant milestone of its 20,000th LEAF delivered in UK (out of more than 260,000 total deliveried worldwide), while also picking up the ‘Best Green Car’ in 2017 by Driver Power Survey (as well as ‘Best Engine and Gearbox’ and ‘Best MPG and Running Costs’) at the same time….

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Canada Getting Serious With Big EV Incentive Plan

Big deals could be coming up North. Electric vehicle sales in Canada continue to improve, with the Chevrolet Volt leading the way. Last week, the national government announced a comprehensive plan to, “increase the number of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVS) on Canadian roads by 2018.” The gist is that since the transportation…

2 weeks ago by Sebastian Blanco 30