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Nissan LEAF Next To Tesla Model X

Spotted: Tesla Model X Next To Nissan LEAF

These images come to us via Volkswagen enthusiast site, The Tesla Model X seen here next to the Nissan LEAF is out testing in Los Altos, California, a city near Tesla’s sites in Palo Alto and Fremont. The perspective of the image above makes the LEAF and Model X…

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Nissan LEAF Vandalized

Nissan LEAF Gets Vandalized

We haven’t been able to obtain details as to why this Nissan LEAF was targeted by vandals, but apparently the story made the news in Atlanta, a hotbed for electric cars. What we do know is that only this LEAF was vandalized.  The other vehicles in the nearby area were…

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This Compact Spare Fits

Flat Tire Moment In A Nissan LEAF – Video

It’s a fact that most new cars do not come with spare tires. However, most car owners are unaware of this until they experience their first flat in their new ride.  If you’re lucky, the car comes with runflats (we won’t discuss the sacrifices in ride & handling that typically…

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Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF Cuts 60% Off Monthly Fuel Bills?

In its latest press release, Nissan encourages the switch to electric drive because it will pay off. According to Nissan, fuel bills could be lowered by up to 60% compared to conventional vehicles. “Families could carve as much as 60 percent off monthly fuel bills by making the switch to…

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Used Nissan LEAF Prices Down Again

Used Nissan LEAF Prices Fall Again In April

Once again the Nissan LEAF has topped’s list of “Top 10 Biggest Used-Car Price Drops.” In March and again in April, the LEAF ranked #1 on this list. According to “For the second month in a row, prices for used Nissan Leafs sank more than any other used…

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