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2014 Nissan LEAF Dealer Inspection/Repair Instructions

Nissan Scraps 50 LEAFs, Sends Some To Crusher

Remember that recall affecting approximately 8 weeks of LEAF production in which the possibility of missing welds would lead to Nissan replacing the LEAF free of charge? Well, Consumer Reports has an update on the status of that recall. According to Consumer Reports, some 50 or so LEAFs affected by…

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Nissan LEAF Roars into Safari Service

Nissan LEAF Roars Into Safari Service

The Learning and Discovery Team at Knowsley Safari near Liverpool, UK recently added a Nissan LEAF to its fleet. The car is sponsored by the local dealer Nissan Liverpool on Sefton Street. “The award-winning model is being used by the Learning and Discovery Team at Knowsley Safari near Liverpool as…

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Nissan LEAF in the UK

Nissan LEAF Featured In Fully DisCharged!

Robert Llewellyn finally started his long-awaited new series Fully DisCharged, in which he will present all the plug-in models available on the market today totally stranded on the side of the road… or maybe not. This is just an experimental “special” of the Fully Charged series, which just so happens…

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Nissan DC fast charger with CHAdeMO plug

Nissan Aims To Begin LEAF Sales In India Soon

Nissan is introducing the LEAF in new markets step by step, including in countries that are just now just beginning their adventures with electric cars, like South Africa or more recently Mexico. Now, the Japanese automaker is looking at India. However India doesn’t have a charging infrastructure ready for electric…

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