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Pop The Champagne!

Nissan Celebrates 30,000 LEAFs Sold

Pop open the champagne…it’s time for a celebration! As we reported earlier in the day, the LEAF had a very big year.  Now Nissan itself is celebrating over 30,000 LEAF sales in 2014.  (remarks below) This marks the first time ever that sales of a plug-in electric car have exceeded 30,000…

4 weeks ago by Eric Loveday 34

Chevy Volt

Canada Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales June 2014

June was a record-setting month for at least on plug-in electric vehicle in Canada.  Surprisingly, the vehicle that set the record didn’t even top the Canadian plug-in electric sales chart last month. Once again, it was the Chevy Volt that took the #1 spot on the plug-in electric vehicle sales…

7 months ago by Eric Loveday 6