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Chevy Volt

Canada Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales June 2014

June was a record-setting month for at least on plug-in electric vehicle in Canada.  Surprisingly, the vehicle that set the record didn’t even top the Canadian plug-in electric sales chart last month. Once again, it was the Chevy Volt that took the #1 spot on the plug-in electric vehicle sales…

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Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan - May 2014

Cumulative Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Exceed 40,000

It took more time than we previously anticipated, but finally Nissan has made it – 40,000 LEAFs are now on the Japanese roads. Such result is achieved after 42 months of deliveries, which brings the long-term average to over 950 units per month.  (Nissan posted 50,000 sold in the US…

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Nissan Set All Time Highest Selling Month For A Pure Electric Vehicle

BREAKING: Nissan LEAF Sales Eclipse 3,000 Units In May

Ahead of tomorrow’s official sales announcement, Nissan took to Facebook to celebrate a LEAF sales milestone: “The Nissan LEAF has done it again! Breaking the record for total LEAFs sold in the month of May.” “Please welcome the 3,000 new Nissan LEAF owners with your Likes.” And this post on…

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Nissan LEAF sales in Japan

Nissan LEAF Sets Second Best Sales Result In Japan

Nissan exceeded a cumulative number of 37,000 LEAF sales in Japan by delivering 1,903 electric cars in February. This is so far the second best result since the start of production, when 2,593 were delivered at launch in early 2011. As we can see on the graph, in February Nissan…

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Nissan LEAF Sales In UK Surge To 630 In March

Nissan LEAF Sales In UK Surge To 630 In March

Nissan announced that according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the number of LEAF registrations in the UK reached new heights – 630 units in March. Almost 300 more than the previous record of 332 from September 2013 and up 155% over March 2013 (247 sold). Nissan…

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