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Video: Elon Musk Discusses Tesla Model S Supercharger Expansion, Cheaper Future Tesla and So Much More

Following the huge Supercharger expansion announcement from Tesla Motors yesterday, CEO Elon Musk turned to CNBC for an exclusive live interview. There’s Supercharger talk. Model S sales expectations. Hyperloop discussion. Autopiloted Teslas. Twitter questions answered. A Cameron Diaz mention. And even more info on that upcoming, cheaper Tesla that’s set…

11 months ago by Electric CarsTV 4

Tesla Roadster Hooked to SolarCity Install in Rabobank

SolarCity Claims to Have “Over 395 Energy Storage Pilot Projects Under Contract”…Are Most Contracts With Current Tesla Owners?

Tesla Motors’ battery packs are already being used in several brands of electric vehicles (Tesla, Mercedes, smart and Toyota) and have been used too, in altered form, as stationary energy storage with solar power stations provided by SolarCity. The two companies (Tesla and SolarCity) are linked through Elon Musk and…

11 months ago by Mark Kane 10