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Veterans Day Tesla Model S

Tesla Unveils Camo’d Model S For Veterans Day

In honor of those who’ve served in the U.S. Armed Forces, Tesla Motors created this unique camo’d Model S. Among automakers, Tesla is perhaps the most supportive of veterans, so it’s no surprise then to see Tesla create something special to honor those who’ve served our country. The message from…

3 months ago by Eric Loveday 23

Grishin With His Model S Via Instagram

Meet Russia’s First Tesla Model S Owner

Dmitry Grishin, owner of one of the biggest news portals in all of Russia, is likely the first person to acquire a Tesla Model S in Russia. Currently, Tesla does not sell the Model S in Russia, but it seems as though a lot of Russians wish Tesla would offer the electric…

4 months ago by Mike Anthony 27

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Gets Minor Updates/New Features

According to Teslarati, Tesla Motors prepared minor updates/new features for the 2014 Model S this summer. Among changes, we see a new version of the Gray exterior color and some interior changes: “The Tesla Motors website now shows a new option on the order page that separates the Alcantara headliner…

5 months ago by Mark Kane 18

NCE Tesla convertible 1

Topless Tesla Model S Convertible Revealed – Video

Looking more and more like a finished product, Newport Convertible Engineering gives us a video update on their Tesla Model S convertible conversion project – and it is looking good! As a reminder, this is not a one-off model S for the envious among us to gawk at; but rather the…

6 months ago by Jay Cole 21

tesla logo HK debut

What Are The Tesla Cards That We Cannot See?

Elon Musk mentioned Tesla is holding cards we cannot see in the Q2 conference call. He claims in the past Tesla has be showing all of its cards. The new found covert stratgety seems strange because Musk has been known to leak big things out during a Q&As at random events. It seems like…

6 months ago by Josh Bryant 42