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MC Customs Tesla Model S

MC Customs Tesla Model S – Video

MC Customs has revealed its tricked out Tesla Model S P90D (pre-refresh donor car). MC Customs call itself Miami’s #1 customization shop. The shop specializes in all aspects of customization, from exterior, to interior, to engine and so on. For this particular job, MC Customs focused heavily on the exterior…

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Refreshed Tesla Model S After Front License Plate Delete (InsideEVs/Michael B)

Refreshed Tesla Model S Timed Just Right?

GOOD TIMING FOR NEW-LOOK MODEL S Converting Model 3 reservations into Model S sales requires a powerful lure. The Model S price range is higher despite a possible overlap, and the Model S is an “old” design. Wouldn’t you rather have the freshest Tesla? Well, the Model S has a new face…

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Tesla Model S Before Front License Plate Delete - Image: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

5 Fast Facts For Refreshed 2016 Tesla Model

The folks over at J.D Power issued a press release on the newly refreshed Tesla Model S. The release highlights some of the most significant changes made to the 2016 Model S. This is the first time since its introduction in 2012 that the Model S received any major upgrades/changes…

3 weeks ago by Inside EVs Staff 1