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Korean Homepage Of Tesla

Tesla Launches Models S, X In South Korea

It’s now officially official. Both the Tesla Model S and Model X are now available to reserve in South Korea. According to Korea Herald: “Tesla Motors has begun taking online reservations here for its electric cars, Model S, Model X, and Model 3, the company said Aug. 19, making its…

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Hacked Tesla Model S Displays Batmobile

Well known Tesla hacker “Hermera” has found her way into the Model S’ main screen earlier this month and was able to swap out the normal Model S image with the Batmobile. More specifically, the Batmobile seen here is known as the Batman Tumbler. “Hermera” says she accomplished this by…

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Voles Design Model S

Voltes Design Reveals Gen-SS Tesla Model S

Voltes Design has come up with some aftermarket parts for the Tesla Model S, and to show off its work, the design house presents the Model S Gen-SS. According to Autocar: “The one-off model has received an extensive list of external modifications, including new front and rear bumpers, new wheels,…

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