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NCE Tesla convertible 1

Topless Tesla Model S Convertible Revealed – Video

Looking more and more like a finished product, Newport Convertible Engineering gives us a video update on their Tesla Model S convertible conversion project – and it is looking good! As a reminder, this is not a one-off model S for the envious among us to gawk at; but rather the…

3 weeks ago by Jay Cole 21

tesla logo HK debut

What Are The Tesla Cards That We Cannot See?

Elon Musk mentioned Tesla is holding cards we cannot see in the Q2 conference call. He claims in the past Tesla has be showing all of its cards. The new found covert stratgety seems strange because Musk has been known to leak big things out during a Q&As at random events. It seems like…

4 weeks ago by Josh Bryant 42

RHD Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Right Hand Drive – Video

Tesla Motors has releases a trailer video of the right hand drive version of the Tesla Model S, which went on sale in the UK in early June: “See Model S rip through the English landscape as the first right-hand drive cars come to the UK.” Perhaps instead of rip…

2 months ago by Electric CarsTV 3

60 kWh Range

Tesla Model S Range After 11 Months, 28,000 Miles

Battery degradation impacts every electric vehicle out there, so how does the Tesla Model S fare? Well, 28,000 miles, and 11 months. Rated range is showing 206 miles on a full 100% charge on Firmware 5.9. Even though 206 is displayed, I am still getting approx 207-209 Rated Miles. My…

3 months ago by Eric Loveday 37


Hertz “Dream Cars” Rental Fleet Adds Tesla Model S

Hertz is currently in the process of adding the Tesla Model S to its “Dream Cars” rental fleet. These fleets specialize in offering high-end vehicle to high-class (wealthy) clientele. The Model S is a relative bargain among the group of vehicles offered by “Dream Cars.”  The Model S is the…

11 months ago by Eric Loveday 3

Hoop Hillclimb Map

Video: Tesla Model S Tackles Hoopa Hillclimb

For the first time ever, a Tesla Model S tackled the 2.2-mile Hoopa Hillcimb – a paved run up a curvy mountain road with over 1,100 feet of elevation from start to finish. As the poster of this video states: “Running in a 2012 Model S.  Got red flagged due…

12 months ago by Eric Loveday 2