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Model S License Plate Removal

Tesla Model S Front License Plate Delete – How-To Video

It’s come to our attention (via InsideEVs contributor Michael Beinenson who recently took delivery of a refreshed Tesla Model P90DL in Atlanta himself) that Tesla apparently now fits all of its new cars with a front license plate…regardless of legal necessity. The Tesla store representative in Atlanta says the fitment…

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Zombie Wrapped Model S - Credit Scandinano

Zombie Apocalypse Tesla Model S

One of Norway’s premier car-wrapping companies called Scandinano (solfilm, foliering) decided to wrap a Tesla Model S in a zombie apocalypse theme. The result is both gruesome and head-turning. Google Translates provides us with this crude description: Excellent cool Tesla S is foiled with Zombie Style 🙂 We’ve added unique…

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tesla model s p90dl via fullycharged

Fully Charged Test Drives Tesla Model S P90DL – Video

Video description: “This is SFW (safe for work) because I managed not to experience ludicrous mode ‘potty mouth’ when accelerating 0-60 in under 3 seconds.” “It’s a very fast car.” States Robert Llewellyn, host of Fully Charged. In typical Fully Charged fashion, this video is expertly done, with a small…

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Tesla Model X Embellishment On Falcon Door Framing

Tesla Model S Leads To Model X For This Family

Tesla shared the story of Craig and Crystalyn Huegen, who bought their first Model S in 2012. It was a Signature edition and of the first 1,200 in North America. Since then, they have become advocates for the company and likely lifelong Tesla owners. At the time, there was no Tesla service…

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A Refreshed Model S And Public Attention For The Upcoming Model 3 Helped Raise Demand For All Tesla Vehicles Of Late

Bjorn Nyland Captures Video Of Facelifted Tesla Model S

YouTuber Bjorn Nyland has captured some high-quality video of the new, facelifted and lightly refreshed Tesla Model S. As Nyland states: Facelift Model S has the following new features: – LED adaptive headlights – HEPA filter with bioweapon defense mode – Standard center console (not removable) – Forward radar hidden…

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