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Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Hacked Again – Video

A Chinese firm that specializes in security research provides proof of a second unauthorized access into the Tesla Model X’s systems. This time, Tencent Cohen Laboratory’s Keen Security Lab was able to remotely initiate the infamous “Christmas light” easter egg in two Model X vehicles. If you haven’t seen it,…

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Stock Goes Rocketing Skyward Once Again

TESLA STOCK: PATIENT SHAREHOLDERS WILL BE REWARDED With Tesla announcing its second quarter financial results this week, Wall Street sent the stock rocketing upwards once again. Short sellers lost almost $800 million in the following two days as a result of Tesla’s explosive rally. TSLA closed Friday at $356.91 (real time quote here), up from…

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New Legislation, Tesla Fleets Will Make London An EV Hub

LONDON MAY SOON TURN INTO TESLA TOWN It looks as if drivers in London may soon be giving up the gas pump. Recently, it was announced that the UK intends to ban the sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040, when all vehicles must be fully electric. Furthermore, researchers at Imperial College…

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Tesla Model 3

Model S, X Orders Up After Tesla Model 3 Reveal?

It seems Tesla’s entire lineup just gained popularity due to the recent Tesla Model 3 handover event. While Tesla is reporting Model 3 reservations to be averaging over 1,800 per day, the automaker had also shared that interest in the Model S is rising since last week’s event. During Tesla’s Q2…

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Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S 100D – Supreme For Road Trips

THOSE INTERESTED IN TESLA MODEL S SHOULD CONSIDER THE 100D [VIDEO] Anyone wondering about the practicality of taking long road trips in a Tesla Model S would do well to watch this recent video from Fully Charged, in which host Robert Llewellyn takes a Model S 100D on a journey…

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Tesla Model S refresh

Tesla Model S Regains Top Rating From Consumer Reports

Tesla finally brings its automatic emergency braking feature up to speed, and Consumer Reports gives it the rating it deserves. Back in April, the Tesla Model S and X received downgraded safety scores from Consumer Reports (CR) because they didn’t have standard automatic emergency braking (AEB). The cars were equipped…

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