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Hertz “Dream Cars” Rental Fleet Adds Tesla Model S

Hertz is currently in the process of adding the Tesla Model S to its “Dream Cars” rental fleet. These fleets specialize in offering high-end vehicle to high-class (wealthy) clientele. The Model S is a relative bargain among the group of vehicles offered by “Dream Cars.”  The Model S is the…

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Hoop Hillclimb Map

Video: Tesla Model S Tackles Hoopa Hillclimb

For the first time ever, a Tesla Model S tackled the 2.2-mile Hoopa Hillcimb – a paved run up a curvy mountain road with over 1,100 feet of elevation from start to finish. As the poster of this video states: “Running in a 2012 Model S.  Got red flagged due…

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Video: Elon Musk Discusses Tesla Model S Supercharger Expansion, Cheaper Future Tesla and So Much More

Following the huge Supercharger expansion announcement from Tesla Motors yesterday, CEO Elon Musk turned to CNBC for an exclusive live interview. There’s Supercharger talk. Model S sales expectations. Hyperloop discussion. Autopiloted Teslas. Twitter questions answered. A Cameron Diaz mention. And even more info on that upcoming, cheaper Tesla that’s set…

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