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RHD Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Right Hand Drive – Video

Tesla Motors has releases a trailer video of the right hand drive version of the Tesla Model S, which went on sale in the UK in early June: “See Model S rip through the English landscape as the first right-hand drive cars come to the UK.” Perhaps instead of rip…

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60 kWh Range

Tesla Model S Range After 11 Months, 28,000 Miles

Battery degradation impacts every electric vehicle out there, so how does the Tesla Model S fare? Well, 28,000 miles, and 11 months. Rated range is showing 206 miles on a full 100% charge on Firmware 5.9. Even though 206 is displayed, I am still getting approx 207-209 Rated Miles. My…

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Hertz “Dream Cars” Rental Fleet Adds Tesla Model S

Hertz is currently in the process of adding the Tesla Model S to its “Dream Cars” rental fleet. These fleets specialize in offering high-end vehicle to high-class (wealthy) clientele. The Model S is a relative bargain among the group of vehicles offered by “Dream Cars.”  The Model S is the…

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Hoop Hillclimb Map

Video: Tesla Model S Tackles Hoopa Hillclimb

For the first time ever, a Tesla Model S tackled the 2.2-mile Hoopa Hillcimb – a paved run up a curvy mountain road with over 1,100 feet of elevation from start to finish. As the poster of this video states: “Running in a 2012 Model S.  Got red flagged due…

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