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Tesla Model 3 Convertible Rendered

Though we’ve yet to even see the production version of the Tesla Model 3 sedan, the first render has surfaced of a Model 3 convertible (though to us it more resembles a toned-down approach to a net-generation tesla Roadster). Renderer Theophilus Chin is responsible for this piece of computer graphics…

1 week ago by Eric Loveday 27

Tesla CEO Musk Confirms Model 3 Logo Will Be Numeric

Just a couple of weeks ago, Tesla quietly changed the Model 3 website to display a numeric value (3) for the upcoming electric car. Bye went the old three-bar design that was nearly impossible to transfer accurately over the Internet. Initially, some thought the change was limited to just the…

2 weeks ago by Eric Loveday 39

Tesla Confirms Cancellation Of Model 3 Supply Order Due To Supplier’s Inability To Meet Technical Standards

Tesla said this week that the company did, in fact, cancel a substantial Model 3 supply order that was previously contracted with Germany-based automotive supplier, SHW. Earlier, speculation linked the cancellation with the new U.S. President, Donald Trump, and his administration’s potential policies. Elon Musk had met with Trump a few…

4 weeks ago by Steven Loveday 97