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Can The Tesla Effect Send German Automakers Into A Frenzy?

THE TESLA EFFECT: GERMAN CARMAKERS FACE THEIR IPHONE MOMENT After our overview yesterday about the allegations surrounding Germany’s top automakers, one has to wonder if Tesla may soon pose a deadly threat. A recent article in the Financial Times ponders this further — reporting that: “The $35,000 Tesla 3 is seizing the halo from Germany’s iconic industry. The US…

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Tesla Model 3 With White Interior Spotted

Tesla says the Model 3 won’t be available with a white interior until sometime this fall, but here we get our first look at that interior on a white Model 3. We’ve seen this interior before, but that was way back at the March 2016 unveiling of the prototype Model…

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First-Ever Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Video Surfaces

The first-ever video showing a Tesla Model 3 being operated with Autopilot switched on has surfaced on the Internet. Yes, it suffers from vertical-video syndrome, but it provides us with an exclusive first look at Autopilot in action on the Model 3. As you’ll see in the video, Autopilot action…

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Tesla Model 3 Sighting In New Zealand – Video

It’s winter over there, so why not conduct some winter testing? This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Model 3 in New Zealand and likely won’t be the last. Imagine being in New Zealand and spotting a Model 3 prior to anyone outside of the U.S. That’s brag-worthy for…

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