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Tesla To Deliver 83,000 Model 3 Sedans In 2017?

According to Teslanomics’ Ben Sullins and his “data diving” expertise, along with a hefty deal of research, Tesla will deliver about 83,000 Model 3 sedans in 2017. Ben recounted CEO Elon Musk’s previous statements, pored over quarterly data, mapped out the Fremont factory’s production potential, and consulted numerous estimates and…

13 hours ago by Steven Loveday 31

Overload Of New Tesla Model 3 Images & Videos

Prepare yourself for what follows. It’s Tesla Model 3 overload time. Below you’ll find  whole slew of images and a couple of videos from the recent Tesla Model 3 VIP event in Fremont, California. There are sightings on the track, off the track and just about everywhere in between. Red,…

2 weeks ago by Eric Loveday 7