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BMW Promos 4 New Vision Next Concepts

BMW’S NEW ERA STARTS WITH 4 VISION CONCEPTS IN NEW PROMO Each of the company’s brands have their own vision for the future. Together, they imagine a high-tech century ahead for BMW. Over the course of 2016, BMW Group unveiled a quartet of concepts that looked forward to the brand’s…

5 months ago by Chris Bruce 7

Plug-In Hybrid MINI to Start From €36,000 In Europe

According to reports from Brussels Motor Show, MINI intends to price the upcoming plug-in hybrid Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 from €36,000 (incl. 21% VAT) in Europe (Belgium specifically), which is just over $38,000 in USD. We should of course point out you can’t simple exchange currencies to get an expected…

7 months ago by Mark Kane 17