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Tipsoo Lake at the summit of Chinook Pass.

Bucket List: Nissan LEAF Conquers Chinook Pass

Five years ago, my family drove to Yakima to celebrate the marriage between my, then 85 year-old, grandfather to his beloved gal, Lorraine. Grandpa and Lorraine make a remarkable story; somehow the two of them found each other after laying to rest their lifelong spouses years and years before. And…

6 days ago by Steve Coram 26

The Nissan Leaf battery module.

Dissecting the Nissan LEAF Battery (w/video)

After the fun of seeing the Tesla battery pack innards, it seems only fair to take a look at the guts of other cars’ batteries – notably the Nissan LEAF.  Most of this information comes from the salvage site Hybrid Auto Center, (and we’re in no way promoting or representing…

4 weeks ago by Ted Dillard 9

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF Is Nissan’s Best-Selling Model*

…in 4 U.S. cities, that is. According to ChargePoint, citing Nissan’s Director Of Electric Vehicle Sales & Infrastructure Deployment, Brendan Jones, the LEAF is Nissan’s top-selling model in these four U.S. cities: Atlanta Portland San Francisco Seattle Surely Nissan is thrilled by this.  Hopefully, in the near future, we can…

2 months ago by Eric Loveday 31

Nissan LEAF in the UK

Living With The Nissan LEAF In The UK – Video

UK is home for some 5,000 Nissan LEAFs, which are produced for the whole Europe at Nissan’s Sunderland plant. In the first half of this year, sales of LEAF in the UK almost exceed last year total sales of some 1,800 units (in twelve months). One of the early adopters,…

3 months ago by Mark Kane 2

Nissan LEAF Heads To Puerto Rico

Nissan LEAF To Launch In Puerto Rico This Month

Sometime this month, a Nissan LEAF will delivered to the first Puerto Rican buyer, marking the first time ever that a mass-produced electric vehicle found a buyer in Puerto Rico. Leave it to Nissan to obtain to honor of one more first in the electric vehicle world. As Hybrid Cars…

3 months ago by Eric Loveday 8

Nissan LEAF Scores Poor In IIHS Small Overlap Test

Consumer Reports Drops Recommended Rating For Nissan LEAF

“Only one among a dozen small cars earned a Good score in the latest crash tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS): the Mini Cooper Countryman. Four others—Fiat 500L, Mazda5, Nissan Juke, and Nissan Leaf— earned the lowest score of Poor.” “As a result, Consumer Reports will…

3 months ago by Eric Loveday 47