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2016 Nissan LEAF On Sale Now

2016 Nissan LEAF Now On Sale In U.S.

Starting yesterday, the 2016 Nissan LEAF officially went on sales nationwide in the U.S according to the company’s social media. The much-anticipated 2016 LEAF, with its available 30 kWh battery pack, provides up to 107 miles of range, according to the EPA. Pricing for the 2016 LEAF was announced way…

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Next-Generation Nissan LEAF Rendering

Next-Generation Nissan LEAF Rendered

Renderer Theophilus Chin is the man responsible for these images of the next-generation Nissan LEAF.  Chin states: “The existing Nissan LEAF is no beauty. I’m not expecting the new one to win any beauty contest either. Here’s my impression of the next LEAF, a combination of the Murano and Pulsar.”…

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Nissan LEAFs

Georgia Nissan Dealers Brace For Tumbling LEAF Sales

Effective yesterday, Georgia’s $5,000 tax credit for purchasing electric cars disappeared. The state of Georgia had been a hot bed for pure electric cars, like the Nissan LEAF.  But with the $5,000 incentive now gone, the state’s demand for electric cars will surely wane. Nissan dealers in the state of…

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This Compact Spare Fits

Flat Tire Moment In A Nissan LEAF – Video

It’s a fact that most new cars do not come with spare tires. However, most car owners are unaware of this until they experience their first flat in their new ride.  If you’re lucky, the car comes with runflats (we won’t discuss the sacrifices in ride & handling that typically…

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