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Glowing LEAF

Nissan Shows Off Glow-In-The-Dark LEAF – Video

First there was the self-cleaning Nissan LEAF. Now there’s this glow-in-the-dark LEAF: “Watch how this Nissan LEAF’s unique ultraviolet-energized paint glows in the dark.” How’s the glowing accomplished and will Nissan make this finish available to consumers?  This statement answers both questions: The manufacturer worked with inventor, Hamish Scott, creator…

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Nissan LEAF

Nissan: Record LEAF Sales Expected In 2015 In Europe

With it now being 2015, we have our first sales prediction for the year for the Nissan LEAF. Nissan of Europe expects LEAF sales to once again set a record in 2015. Nissan Europe’s electric car director, Jean-Pierre Diernaz, told Automotive News Europe that the expectation for 2015 is a…

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Nissan LEAF in South Africa

Nissan LEAF – Electrifying “Gadget” – Video

It’s been approximately one year since the Nissan LEAF went on sale in South Africa. According to Arthur Goldstuck, who conducting a series called Goldstuck on Gadgets, LEAF is one of the world’s greatest gadgets (whether or not a car should be considered a gadget is open for debate). Here…

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Nissan Leaf DC/DC Converter decoded

Nissan LEAF DC/DC Converter Decoded – Video

Jim, an EV enthusiast from Washington state, recently worked with the Nissan LEAF DC/DC converter used for charging the 12 V AUX battery from the high voltage battery. By presenting and describing such materials, another door opens for all of those who would like use OEM stuff in their own…

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Nissan LEAF And Chevy Volt Go On A Camping Trip

No, that’s not the start of a lame joke.  Rather, it’s what took place a week prior to Labor Day, 2014.  I decided to go try the you’re-not-really-camping activity of car camping at Wellesely Island State Park, NY nestled within the Thousand Islands at the border of the United States…

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Nissan LEAF Celebrates 4th Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday Nissan LEAF

It’s time to sing that song that’s considered the most popular in all of the world: Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear Nissan LEAF, Happy Birthday to You! Here’s to you Nissan LEAF for 4 wonderful years of existence.

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