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Nissan Set All Time Highest Selling Month For A Pure Electric Vehicle

BREAKING: Nissan LEAF Sales Eclipse 3,000 Units In May

Ahead of tomorrow’s official sales announcement, Nissan took to Facebook to celebrate a LEAF sales milestone: “The Nissan LEAF has done it again! Breaking the record for total LEAFs sold in the month of May.” “Please welcome the 3,000 new Nissan LEAF owners with your Likes.” And this post on…

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Nissan LEAF Sales Are Starting to Pick Up Steam in Australia

Cumulative Nissan LEAF Sales Zip Past 35,000 in US

“With cumulative U.S. sales passing 35,000, Nissan LEAF is bringing owners throughout the United States together to share their enthusiasm and experiences during National Plug In Day on Sept. 28 and 29.” That’s what Nissan’s press release says, but the real story lies in the details. Yes, Nissan is a…

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Obligatory CEO with Vehicle Image

Global Nissan LEAF Sales Zip Past 75,000

As you’re reading this, sales of the Nissan LEAF are whizzing past 75,000 units globally. Nissan has yet to shoot out an official announcement on this milestone achievement, but we know it to be the case that LEAF sales now exceed 75,000. 75,000 and counting, of course. Nissan seems even…

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Nissan LEAF

Over 1,000 Nissan LEAFs Sold in Japan in July

In July,  Nissan sold in Japan 1,034 LEAF, which is around a 27% improvement compared to July 2012 and nearly the same level as sold in June. YTD sales of Nissan flagship is 6,720, or just a few ticks shy of in the same time frame in 2012 when 6,930…

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