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Porsche 910 Gets New Life As Electric Supercar

 PORSCHE 910 REBORN AS MODERN EV SUPERCAR, 0-62 IN 2.5 SEC Don’t worry, these are replicas of the 910. This Austrian company isn’t slicing up rare Porsche race cars. After letting Arnold Schwarzenegger test drive its electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class in January, Kreisel Electric from Austria is now turning its attention…

1 week ago by Chris Bruce 2

Kreisel Electric To Build Battery Pack Factory In Austria

European battery expert Kreisel Electric announced start of building a new battery pack factory “3K One” in Austria. Batteries are to be produced for both electric vehicles and energy storage systems, with an annual output of 800,000 kWh. Production launch is expected in March 2017. Kreisel Electric expects that the fully…

12 months ago by Mark Kane 34