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Tiffany Raim Kicking Gas

Top 10 KICK GAS™ Questions Get Answered

We welcome back the KICK GAS™ team for some answers to the TOP 10 questions that the KICK GAS™ movie has generated. Tiffany’s Top Ten (Tiffany Raim is producer of KICK GAS™) Hello everyone, The KICK GAS™ movie has generated many questions since its release. Below are the top ten…

5 months ago by Tiffany Raim 3

KICK GAS The Movie - Released on April 22,2014

Twas The Night Before KICK GAS

Twas the night before The KICK GAS™ Movie, when all through the garage; The EVs all charging with an electron barrage. The plugs were aligned in the sockets with care; Knowing the commute in the morning would not pollute the air. The owners were nestled all snug in their beds;…

6 months ago by Inside EVs Staff 11