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Tesla And SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Fails And Fails And Learns

SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS: ELON MUSK LEARNS FROM HIS FAILURES [INFOGRAPHIC] Yes, Elon Musk has failed. Many times, in fact. And that’s a good thing. Musk and his Californian colleagues tend to be unapologetic about their failures. “One great thing about Silicon Valley is that failure is not a big…

4 weeks ago by EVANNEX 11

2016 Chevrolet Volt Infographic

The good people over at Fleetcarma have created a simple, yet informative infographic for the 2016 Chevrolet Volt that you can share with your friends that perhaps still don’t understand the concept of an extended range car and what it can do for its owner. Perhaps General Motors should reach…

2 years ago by Inside EVs Staff 54

Animated Formula E Infographic

Did you know that the typical Formula E race consumes just 200 tires, versus 1,500 or so for other major racing events?  Bet you didn’t.  You’ll learn about that and more in this animated Formula E infographic put together by the tire folks over at Michelin:   Source: Electric Autosport

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Kia Soul EV Electric Car Infographic

The Kia Soul EV is one of the strongest all-around electric cars available today. Unfortunately, it’s not offered nationwide. Therefore, sales are low, but nonetheless Kia is presenting the Soul EV as perhaps the best EV available today in this Soul EV electric car infographic:  

2 years ago by Inside EVs Staff 19

Infographic: Plug-In Electric Car Sales Canada Recap

Courtesy of FleetCarma, we present this nifty infographic on plug-in electric car sales in Canada: Update: Although the graphic says “the year in numbers” the plug-in vehicles totals expressed are all-time through the end of 2014.  By year, about 5,000 plug-ins were sold in Canada for 2014, 3,100 in 2013,…

2 years ago by Inside EVs Staff 11

Infographic: Are Electric Cars Really Green?

The team at the provided an infographic entitled “Are Electric Cars Really Green?“. Well, we are not experts on the environment, but as electric cars enthusiasts we would like to answer yes, however everything strongly depends on the how electricity is produced and what materials/recycling methods will be used…

3 years ago by Mark Kane 41