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Tesla Model S refresh

Tesla Primed To Succeed Against Big Auto

TESLA IS THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGER BRAND Going up against Big Auto is no easy task. They’re seasoned players with deep pockets and political influence. But as Big Auto continues to be complacent when it comes to their flailing electric vehicle programs. Its leaders cling to the gas pump, while Tesla electrifies — blowing past the likes of GM, Ford, and…

2 weeks ago by EVANNEX 14

Chevrolet Bolt

GM Compares Chevrolet Bolt To Lunar Rover

General Motors reminds us that its EV engineers continue with top-notch innovation 45 years after they helped develop the electric Lunar Rover. Way back in 1971, the $38 million electric Lunar Rover (built in partnership with GM) allowed Apollo 15 astronauts the opportunity to explore the moon. Little do many…

1 month ago by Steven Loveday 54