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Panasonic's Announcement

Panasonic Hosting Hiring Fair For Tesla Gigafactory This Weekend

Only some 850 Tesla employees currently work at the massive Gigafactory (plus an undisclosed number of Panasonic employees), but that will change soon as Panasonic is hosting a massive job fair this weekend to recruit new talent for immediate openings at the Gigafactory. Here’s Panasonic’s announcement: “Hey Southern Nevada! Panasonic…

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Production Of 2170 Battery Cells At Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory 2170 Battery Cell Production Video

Concurrent with yesterday’s announcement that battery cell production is now underway at the Gigafactory, Tesla released this brief video that shows the 2170 battery cells running down the production line. It’s all-too brief and only shows a tiny portion of the production process, but at least it confirms that “mass”…

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Tesla Gigafactory "Pod Line"

Tesla Gigafactory Begins 2170 Battery Cell Production

Tesla’s massive Gigfactory has just begun producing battery cells for the first time ever. The automaker/ battery maker had previously stated that it would begin cell production at the Gigfactory by the end of 2016 and, according to the press release, Tesla actually hit that target: “Production of 2170 cells…

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Tesla Gigafactory November 2016

Drone Video Of Tesla Gigafactory – November 2016

Tesla’s battery Gigafactory continues to expand as the Model 3 nears production. The completed portion of the Gigafactory is at 1.9 million square feet, but the under-construction areas will be the size to some 4.5 million square feet once complete. Here’s some new November 2016 drone video captured by Duncan…

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