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2013 World Green Car Of The Year FInalist: 2014 Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid

Freshened 2014 Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid Debuts in Geneva

Volvo, after weeks of teases and hints, debuted its revamped 2014 V60 diesel plug-in hybrid at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Stefan Jacoby, CEO of Volvo, stated prior to the unveiling: “This second-generation hybrid is the perfect choice for the uncompromising buyer who wants a car with low carbon dioxide…

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Mitsubishi GR-HEV Specs Pour Out in Geneva (Video)

Teaser images of the Mitsubishi GR-HEV leaked out weeks ago.  Full photos hit the Internet early yesterday morning.  Now, the specs are here. The GR-HEV is powered by a 2.5-liter Mitsubishi Clean Diesel and a front-mounted electric motor.  Specific horsepower figures are not available, but Mitsubishi promises CO2 emissions of…

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Innovative Mobility Electric Colibri Concept

Innovative Mobility to Reveal Urban Electric Colibri in Geneva

German automaker Innovative Mobility will reveal its electric Colibri concept at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The Colibri is classified as an urban micro commuter and Innovative Mobility says its appeal will be to inner-city commuters and to businesses seeking efficient transportation in urban environments. The single-seat Colibri’s range is…

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Mitsubishi CA-MiEV Images Leak Out Before Geneva Debut

Mitsubishi is debuting not one, but two plug-in concepts at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Just moments ago we posted the first images of Mitsubishi GR-HEV, a plug-in hybrid truck concept that the Japanese automaker will debut tomorrow in Geneva. Now, we’ve uncovered the first photos of the sport CA-MiEV…

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LEAF in Geneva

Updated Nissan LEAF Hits the Stage in Geneva

The freshened Euro-spec Nissan LEAF hit the stage at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show just moments ago. Though not appearing radically different than today’s LEAF, Nissan says some major tweaks have been applied. Specifics on the changes (over 100 apparently) made to the Euro-spec LEAF can be found in our…

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Electric Toyota i-Road Debuts in Geneva (Video)

Official specs and images of the urban commuter concept, the Toyota i-Road, are finally here.  So, let’s dive right in. 1) The i-Road is a concept, not a production vehicle. 2) It seats two – a driver and passenger in tandem 3) i-Road has three wheels – two up front…

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