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Focus Electric!

Captain Planet Pitches Ford Focus EV (w/video)

These kids know what’s up. 🌎 #Ford #FocusElectric — Ford Motor Company (@Ford) June 6, 2016 Ford has licensed Captain Planet and the Planeteers to help promote the Focus Electric in a new commercial spot. This advertisement recently appeared on Ford’s Twitter page. Ford doesn’t often promote its plug-in electric…

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What Could It Be Under There?

Ford Model E Plug-In Rumored To Launch In 2019

Research firm AutoForecast Solutions reported that Ford plans to build its new Model E Plug-In Hybrid and BEV by 2019, at a new factory in Mexico. The rumor is that it’s slated to be the Toyota “Prius Fighter”. Sam Forani, VP of the forecasting company, mentioned that the vehicle will…

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2014 Ford Fusion Energi Goes Mostly Unchanged

Ford Fusion Energi Cashback Offer Swells To $4,000 In California

Ford is running a special $4,000 cashback offers for 2016 Ford Fusion Energi in California through the end of May. As reported by CarsDirect, that is an increase by some ~$1,500 from the previous $2,500 incentive($2,000 plus a $500 finance bonus). “Starting today, Ford is offering a regional offer to shoppers in California of…

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Ford - Self-propelled unicycle engagable with vehicle (patent)

Ford Patents Batman-Like Electric Unicycle

Will the next Ford Focus Electric get an electric unicycle option? No…but check this out. In December, Ford Global Technologies published this patent – “Self-propelled unicycle engagable with vehicle” (Patent Number: US 9,211,932). The idea is to have a wheel with own electric motor and battery, that could be disengaged…

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Ford Focus Electric - A good buy if your know what to expect ahead of time

Ford Executive Discusses Automaker’s Electrified Future

VentureBeat recently interviewed Don Butler, executive director of Ford’s connected vehicles and services. Ford intends to launch 13 new electrified vehicles – which to them maddingly includes not only all-electric and plug-in hybrids, but also conventional hybrids (is this 2006 still?) in the next five years. Current plug-in offering include the Focus Electric…

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