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Do Cowboys Really Buy Plug-In Vehicles?

Rough and Tumble Texans Buy Plug-In Vehicles Too

Native Texan Cara Vela, owner of a 10-year-old Ford F-350 pickup truck, recently bucked the trend in Texas by purchasing a hybrid sedan.  As expected, she took some heat from her four siblings, who all are lifelong owners of trucks, but feels confident she made the right choice. Quoting Vela:…

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The Nissan LEAF is Total Car Score's Number One Plug-In Vehicle for 2013.

Total Car Score Rates its 2013 Top 10 Plug-In Vehicles

Automotive vehicle evaluation site Total Car Score recently assembled its list of the Top 10 plug-in vehicles for 2013.  Let the countdown to number 1 begin. 10.  Honda Fit EV Price: $36,625 Bottom line, the Fit EV is “an appealing model hampered by an unconvincing commitment to the electric car…

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