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Fisker Karma Production To Finally Resume In 2016?

Stop us if you have heard this before – Fisker Karma production will apparently be resumed in the near future. Yes, the Karma that was already promised by new owner Wanxiang to be re-introduced months ago, but who instead saw its assembly line in Finland shuttered and disassembled, once again has another…

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Can Wanxiang Really Re-Launch The Fisker Karma In 12 Months Time?

Fisker Karma Assembly Lines Being Dismantled

This past February, Fisker Automotive’s new owner – Chinese part giant Wanxiang said production of the new (yet pretty much the same) Fisker Karma would be well under way “within 12 months“. So how is Wanxiang USA’s Pin Ni’s prediction coming along? Valmet Automotive, Finnish maker of the Karma, said this…

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Hybrid Tech Also Hints At Making Use Of Fisker's Delaware Facilities Where The Atlantic Was To Be Built

New Fisker Model Coming In 2017?

If you buy into all these grand future plans for Fisker Automotive, then this one will surely grab your attention: “The Chinese owner of Fisker Automotive hopes to launch a second model that would join the $100,000 Karma luxury plug-in hybrid in three years, according to the company’s chairman.” That’s…

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New Fisker Website Goes Live

11 months ago, Fisker’s website vanished. Then it came partially back online: Now, the site is fully back online thanks to Fisker’s new owner Wanxiang. Check out Fisker’s revamped website by clicking here. In semi-related news, Automotive News reports: “Fisker Automotive Holdings Inc. received court approval to borrow $4.98 million…

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Fisker's DoE Loan Was Pulled In May of 2011 Due To Missed Production Benchmarks Which Effectively Ended The Company

The Case Of The 500+ Unsold, Missing New Fisker Karmas

Over the past several years, while tracking the sales of the Fisker Karma, we have always noted the disconnect between VIN numbers and the amount of cumulative sales.  And while this could have been chalked up to random allotment sequencing of cars yet to be built (as found with the the Tesla Model…

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