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EDTA: Just the Facts, Nothing But the Facts

I swear that the evidence that I shall provide, shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…. The EDTA (Electric Drive Transportation Association) has put together some handy facts and linkages up on their website - we figure we would pass some of the highlights along: Plug-In Hybrid…

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Austrian Post Fleet

Austrian Post to Expand Electric Vehicle Fleet to 1,000

Postal delivery service is where it’s at for electric vehicles in Austria. Nearly one century ago, Austria deployed its first electric mail delivery vehicles.  Back then, the nation deployed 29 electric Daimler Tudor vehicles in 1913 Now, Austria Post is looking to once again bet big on electric vehicles for…

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South Africa Gears Up for Electric Vehicle Boom

The Nissan LEAF landed.  The BMW i3 is headed there soon (2014).  And even the BMW i8 will be available (late 2014 to 2015) to a select few. That’s all in South Africa, but none of those plug-in vehicles would be available there if the nation hadn’t made a strong…

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Nissan LEAF Sales Are on the Rise Too

Survey: If Electricity Came Only From Renewable Energy Sources, Then Electric Vehicle Sales Would Surge by 23%

A recent study from Simon Fraser University, published in the scientific journal Environmental Research Letters, claims that interest in electric vehicles would rise substantially if North American utility companies derived energy (in this case, electricity to charge EVs)  solely from renewable sources. Though some nations rely almost exclusively on renewable…

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