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The Target...Tesla Model X

Search Tracking Program Concludes “Today’s Electric Vehicle Consumer Is Predominantly Affluent, Educated, And Married Without Children”

A company called Connexity provides a service called Hitwise that “unlocks the secrets of consumer behavior. Get a birds eye view into your competition.”  Essentially, they track searches for one reason or another. Recently, the company focused on the search terms surrounding “electric car”, “electric vehicle”, (and various other terms or…

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Tesla Model 3

Electric Cars Pose “Serious Threat To The Oil Industry”

Fitch is a ratings agency that publishes highly influential financial ratings. Although we have been hearing for some time now that electric cars will eventually threaten the oil industry, Financial Times has cited Fitch’s recent report claiming that an oil industry “death spiral” is imminent, due to the rise of electric…

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evGO Charging Staion (Image Credit: Inhabitat)

Electric Cars Contagious?

Just like any other product, once electric cars become less “weird” and are more commonly seen and understood, sales will inevitably pick up. If people drive by charging stations, see EVs at work, see EVs and chargers at local businesses, and especially see the vehicles in their own neighborhood, they…

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2016 Kia Soul EV

South Korea Pushes Forward To Advance Its Domestic EV Market

EVs are not very popular in South Korea, especially in comparison to other countries. As a result, the country plans to solve this problem through reduced taxes and insurance, government subsidies, increased charging station infrastructure, and advanced battery development. Taxes added to the purchase price of EVs are now being reduced in South…

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Nissan LEAF

“Consumers Adore” Electric Cars, But Still Not Flocking To Them

Although gas prices are rising again, and automakers are investing tons of money into electric cars, consumers are not fully engaged. Britta Gross, director of advanced vehicle commercialization policy at General Motors explained: “Consumers adore these vehicles. People love the quietness, the smoothness, the seamless drive. Why don’t consumers flock to these…

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China production and sales of New Energy Vehicles – December 2015

China’s Electric Car Boom Met With Skepticism

Automotive News recently published an extensive article about China’s electric car boom, in which many aspects of the growth is questioned by skeptics. In 2015 production and sales of plug-ins (New Energy Vehicles) increased to over 330,000, out of a total of some 21.1 million vehicle sold. China is the largest, and…

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