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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About A Tesla Vehicle

ENGINEERING 101: TESLA ELECTRIC VEHICLE TECH EXPLAINED [VIDEO] We Teslaphiles are familiar with the cool attributes of electric vehicles – the instant torque, the greater efficiency, the regenerative braking – but how many of us really understand how all that stuff works? Anyone who’d like a little deeper understanding of the…

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Self-Healing Roads That Recharge Electric Cars?

Outside of the United States, roads are being developed and tested using new materials that will self-heal, and possess the ability to send information electronically. We all know that many U.S. roads are in rough shape. This is especially true in areas that experience cold winters. Our roads are filled…

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Tesla Model S Tackles The Autocross Track

TESLA DRIVER CONQUERS THE AUTOCROSS TRACK Grant M. is like a superhero with a secret identity – during the week, he works as a lawyer, but on the weekends, he takes his Tesla S60 to the autocross track to do battle with the forces of fossil fuel. *This article comes…

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Say What? Oil Companies Admit EV Boom Is Coming

One of the world’s top oil producers says that EVs may make up about one-third of automotive market share by the close of the next decade. Total SA’s top energy analyst, Joel Couse, is more bullish than most when it comes to EV adoption forecasts (especially compared to those with…

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