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Tesla Gallery In Houston, Texas (InsideEVs/Josh B)

Report: Car Dealers Holding Back EV Sales In America

In 2008, current US Presidential Barack Obama set a very ambitious goal of selling 1 million plug-in vehicles in America by the end of this year (2015). A quick check on our historical record of EV sales – the “Monthly Plug-In Scorecard” (which records every sale, of every plug-in vehicle in America), shows that almost 388,000…

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ELECTRIC VEHICLE registrations: +36.6% in 2014; ‐7.7% in Q4

ACEA Reports 75,331 Electric Cars Registered In EU In 2014 (Up 37%)

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association with President Carlos Ghosn on-board announced that ECV (electrically chargeable vehicle) registrations in the European Union increased in 2014 by 36.6% to 75,331. If you’ve never heard of ECV, here’s the explanation: “1Total Electrically Charged Vehicles (ECVs) = Pure Electric Vehicles + Extended-Range Electric Vehicles…

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Nissan LEAFs

Top 10 Global Electric Car Sales 2014

The winner…by a wide margin…is the Nissan LEAF. On the global level, no electric vehicle sells in volumes anywhere near the Nissan LEAF. Last year, LEAF sales worldwide totaled 61,027 units.  The second place plug-in vehicle, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, tallied 31,689 sales in 2014 around the globe (but zero…

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2014 in Review

Global Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Recap 2014

Jose Pontes form the EV Sales Blog published an interesting article reviewing the year 2014 from the sales number perspective. “After a slow start, EV sales have increased greatly towards the second half of this year, with two months above the 30k sales (June and September), with global sales now…

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Data Current Through End Of December 2014 – Data Via InsideEVs

Cumulative US Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales – Model By Model Breakdown With Market Share Data – December 2014

“The plot thickens—and just keeps getting thicker.” Tweets InsideEVs contributor Mark Larsen who forwarded us these two representations of U.S. plug-in electric vehicle sales. Above you’ll see cumulative model-by-model U.S. sales to date (through end of December using sales figures obtained via InsideEVs) and below is market share for individual…

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