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April EV Sales In US Rise For 19th Consecutive Month

It was during our September 2015 plug-in sales report we said the following: “Going forward (and as we have been saying since last winter), the extended EV sales drought in the United States should now be behind us.  We look for monthly sales to show strong gains beginning in October…

1 month ago by Jay Cole 62

New Tax Brackets Could Hurt Electric Car Sales In UK

UK is one of the largest plug-in car markets in Europe with 36,917 new passenger plug-in registrations in 2016. That number include 24,714  PHEVs. According to Autoexpress, new car tax brackets that will be introduced in April will limit exemptions: “The government’s new car tax brackets will move 66% of…

4 months ago by Mark Kane 10


Report: Car Dealers Holding Back EV Sales In America

In 2008, current US Presidential Barack Obama set a very ambitious goal of selling 1 million plug-in vehicles in America by the end of this year (2015). A quick check on our historical record of EV sales – the “Monthly Plug-In Scorecard” (which records every sale, of every plug-in vehicle in America), shows that almost 388,000…

2 years ago by Jay Cole 85

ACEA Reports 75,331 Electric Cars Registered In EU In 2014 (Up 37%)

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association with President Carlos Ghosn on-board announced that ECV (electrically chargeable vehicle) registrations in the European Union increased in 2014 by 36.6% to 75,331. If you’ve never heard of ECV, here’s the explanation: “1Total Electrically Charged Vehicles (ECVs) = Pure Electric Vehicles + Extended-Range Electric Vehicles…

2 years ago by Mark Kane 10