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Tesla and EVs Front And Center At Shanghai Auto Show

SHANGHAI AUTO SHOW: CHINA CAR BUZZ SURROUNDS ELECTRIC VEHICLES AND TESLA This week the automotive world descended upon one of China’s biggest automotive events of the year, the Shanghai Auto Show. And, electric cars were all the buzz. According to CNBC, “China’s government wants more electric vehicles (EV) on the roads… as the mainland…

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So, What Is It Like To Work For Tesla CEO Elon Musk?

SECURITY CLEARANCE: HERE’S WHAT IT’S LIKE WORKING FOR ELON MUSK So what is it like to work for Tesla CEO Elon Musk? Business Insider* reported: “According to Branden Spikes, who served as Musk’s right hand of technology for more than 15 years at Zip2, PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX, it was…

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Tesla Semi Rendering

Experts Talk Tesla In The Semi-Truck Business

According to experts, successfully bringing electrification to long-distance trucking will prove a monumental task for Tesla. Although research firm IHS Markit speculates that the electric hauling industry will grow by a whopping 10 percent over the next decade following 2020, the research shows that it will be slow going over…

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Labor Organizations Up Pressure To Unionize Tesla

Now that Tesla’s stock has hit record highs, and Model 3 production is set to begin in July, labor organizations are joining forces and upping the pressure to unionize the electric automaker. Workers at Tesla’s Fremont factory have come forward, complaining about the unsafe work environment, monumental production expectations, low wages,…

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Tesla Model 3: Smart To Start Simple

ELON MUSK IS SMART TO START WITH A SIMPLE TESLA MODEL 3 — HERE’S WHY Keep it simple. That could be the guiding principle as Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] rolls out its much-anticipated Model 3 later this year. According to Barron’s Next*, “Tesla is skipping fancier features in the first batch…

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