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Tesla Semi Rendered By Peisert Design

What’s Tesla’s Plan For Its Upcoming Electric Semi?

HERE’S THE REAL PLAN FOR THE TESLA SEMI Tesla’s electric Class 8 semi truck is due to be unveiled in September, and rumors are flying about how it’s going to work. It seems obvious that a long-haul truck would need a gargantuan battery pack – could battery swapping/leasing be a solution? Will…

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Tesla Bonds Raise More Funds Than Expected

It really comes as no surprise that once again, Tesla raised more money than planned with its recent high-yield junk bond offering. Last week, Tesla set out to raise another $1.5 billion last week via a debt offering. The company aimed to cover the amount through the sale of senior…

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Musk May Be Tesla’s Biggest Fate Risk

What makes Tesla strong is the same thing that makes it weak. As the California-based automaker purposefully whirrs down the straight and narrow, Elon-Pilot keeps it glued to the center of its lane. Not much ping-ponging here. Mileposts erected in CEO Musk’s master plan have clicked by with such regularity,…

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The Boring Company

Yet Another Boring Backstory

It turns out that ‘Godot’ — Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s Boring Company tunneling machine — is simply on temporary lease until the company can build its own electric, automated prototype. Most likely assumed that The Boring Company didn’t build a colossal tunnel boring machine overnight. We’ve also known…

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Volkswagen CEO Admits Tesla Has Abilities It Lacks

It seems Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess isn’t quite sure what to say about Tesla. About a month ago, we shared that Diess (whose personal car is a VW eGolf) believes Volkswagen can stop Tesla. His reasoning behind the statement was simply VW has abilities that Tesla doesn’t possess. Of course, this…

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