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Consumer benefit and new vehicle share for U.S. states with largest total battery
electric and plug-in hybrid electric incentives (2013 electric vehicle registration data provided by
IHS Automotive).

Study: State Incentives Drive Electric Vehicle Sales

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) recently released an interesting report title “Evaluation of state-level U.S. electric vehicle incentives”. Incentives are usually a political mine field, as there are always two sides – those who would like incentives and those who don’t. ICCT focuses on how incentives influence sales…

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Select your answers to the questions, You will then have a list of Plug-Ins that will meet your needs and/or desires!

Sierra Club Launches “Pick-a-Plug-In” Online Tool

Our friends over at Sierra Club launched this handy tool called “Pick-a-Plug-In” to help you possibly decide your next plug-in vehicle. As you might expect, some people are not up to snuff when it comes to plug-in vehicles, whether it be plug-in hybrids, range-extended vehicles or all electric. For those…

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Ford To Focus On EVs "Attainable To The Masses"

Ford: We Need “C- And D-Segment Vehicles That Are Very Affordable” For EVs To “Take Off”

Finally, a top executive at a leading automaker has discovered the well-known-to-us formula for electric car success. Jim Buczkowski, Ford’s director of electrical and electronics systems/research and innovation, tells Ward’s Auto at the SAE 2014 Convergence electronics conference: “With gas prices going down, that’s a problem. People are looking at…

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Welcome to California...The  "Plugged In State"

California Electric Vehicle Sales Zip Past 100,000

Occurring a couple of months ago, but not mentioned until now, California has become the first U.S. state to exceed 100,000 cumulative sales of plug-in vehicles. The often vocal Mary Nichols, chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board, commented: “We’ve clearly gotten beyond the point where this is just a…

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lithium battery decline

Subsidy Independent EVs, Solar And Battery Storage By 2020

Last month investment bank UBS  released a report charting the disruptive triangle of solar, EVs, and energy storage. The report claimed that by 2020, payback time for unsubsidized investment in EVs, solar, and battery storage will be as low as 6-8 years – triggering global changes in the energy industry. The report…

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2013 Ford Fusion Gets A Charge

Testing Interoperability Of 11 Electric Vehicles With Variety Of Charging Stations – Video

Intertek Transportation Technologies recently released a video presenting glimpses of interoperability testing between electric vehicles & charge stations. In this project, Intertek is testing in Michigan a lot of EVSE models from different manufacturers and with different capabilities with 11 electric cars, all compatible with J1772 AC standard. Besides standard…

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Mahindra Reva e2o

India Aims For 7 Millions EVs On The Road By 2020

According to Daijiworld, India’s government is studying a proposal for creating a robust EV market. The government is considering subsidizing the buying of electric cars, which now are far too expensive for Indian pockets. Details are scarce for now.  However, the new initiative could bring to India up to 7…

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2014 Geneva BMW i3 rear 1

Germany Lagging Behind Europe In Electric Vehicle Uptake?

An interesting article on EVs in Germany was recently published by IOL Motoring, indicating that sales are slow compared to other countries in Europe. Taking into consideration that there is no multiple thousand euro incentive program in place as there almost everywhere else, we think that sales are not that bad…

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