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Welcome to California...The  "Plugged In State"

California Electric Vehicle Sales Zip Past 100,000

Occurring a couple of months ago, but not mentioned until now, California has become the first U.S. state to exceed 100,000 cumulative sales of plug-in vehicles. The often vocal Mary Nichols, chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board, commented: “We’ve clearly gotten beyond the point where this is just a…

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lithium battery decline

Subsidy Independent EVs, Solar And Battery Storage By 2020

Last month investment bank UBS  released a report charting the disruptive triangle of solar, EVs, and energy storage. The report claimed that by 2020, payback time for unsubsidized investment in EVs, solar, and battery storage will be as low as 6-8 years – triggering global changes in the energy industry. The report…

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2013 Ford Fusion Gets A Charge

Testing Interoperability Of 11 Electric Vehicles With Variety Of Charging Stations – Video

Intertek Transportation Technologies recently released a video presenting glimpses of interoperability testing between electric vehicles & charge stations. In this project, Intertek is testing in Michigan a lot of EVSE models from different manufacturers and with different capabilities with 11 electric cars, all compatible with J1772 AC standard. Besides standard…

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Mahindra Reva e2o

India Aims For 7 Millions EVs On The Road By 2020

According to Daijiworld, India’s government is studying a proposal for creating a robust EV market. The government is considering subsidizing the buying of electric cars, which now are far too expensive for Indian pockets. Details are scarce for now.  However, the new initiative could bring to India up to 7…

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2014 Geneva BMW i3 rear 1

Germany Lagging Behind Europe In Electric Vehicle Uptake?

An interesting article on EVs in Germany was recently published by IOL Motoring, indicating that sales are slow compared to other countries in Europe. Taking into consideration that there is no multiple thousand euro incentive program in place as there almost everywhere else, we think that sales are not that bad…

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Electric Vehicle Parade in Norway

Electric Vehicle Business To Approach $500 Billion By 2025

According to IDTechEx, the entire electric vehicle business is growing rapidly: “The electric vehicle business will approach a massive $500 billion in 2025 with the traction motors being over $25 billion.” On the topic of traction motors, IDTechEx adds: “Their design, location and integration is changing rapidly. Traction motors propelling…

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Life360 App Goes Mobile in BMW i3 – Video

An app called Life360 is being integrated into the BMW i3s’ iDrive system. This app makes life easier by allowing one to keep track of and communicate with family members and by allowing the user to set a destination and or to enter a meet-up location. Over 30 million families…

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