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Five Patriotic Challenges for 2015

Eat healthier Not to be confused with just losing weight in the new year. You don’t need to be an expert to know to start with the soft drinks and junk food, followed by processed foods. Rule of thumb, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, it’s probably not good for…

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Diverse Group of 67 Organizations ask Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic Governors and Governors-Elect to Capture the Economic, Environmental, and Public Health Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Group Of 67 Organizations Urge Government Leaders In Northeast, Mid-Atlantic To Support Electric Vehicles

Acadia Center announced that a coalition of 67 businesses and organizations, including utilities, other private companies, business groups, electric vehicle advocacy groups, and environmental groups, urges the Governors and Governors-Elect in the eleven Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states to make policies that support electric vehicles (EVs) a top priority for their…

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Consumer benefit and new vehicle share for U.S. states with largest total battery
electric and plug-in hybrid electric incentives (2013 electric vehicle registration data provided by
IHS Automotive).

Study: State Incentives Drive Electric Vehicle Sales

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) recently released an interesting report title “Evaluation of state-level U.S. electric vehicle incentives”. Incentives are usually a political mine field, as there are always two sides – those who would like incentives and those who don’t. ICCT focuses on how incentives influence sales…

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Select your answers to the questions, You will then have a list of Plug-Ins that will meet your needs and/or desires!

Sierra Club Launches “Pick-a-Plug-In” Online Tool

Our friends over at Sierra Club launched this handy tool called “Pick-a-Plug-In” to help you possibly decide your next plug-in vehicle. As you might expect, some people are not up to snuff when it comes to plug-in vehicles, whether it be plug-in hybrids, range-extended vehicles or all electric. For those…

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Ford To Focus On Performance

Ford: We Need “C- And D-Segment Vehicles That Are Very Affordable” For EVs To “Take Off”

Finally, a top executive at a leading automaker has discovered the well-known-to-us formula for electric car success. Jim Buczkowski, Ford’s director of electrical and electronics systems/research and innovation, tells Ward’s Auto at the SAE 2014 Convergence electronics conference: “With gas prices going down, that’s a problem. People are looking at…

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