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Tesla Model S Tackles The Autocross Track

TESLA DRIVER CONQUERS THE AUTOCROSS TRACK Grant M. is like a superhero with a secret identity – during the week, he works as a lawyer, but on the weekends, he takes his Tesla S60 to the autocross track to do battle with the forces of fossil fuel. *This article comes…

1 month ago by EVANNEX 3

EV Chat Answers Common Electric Car Questions

This here video is perfect for those electric car newbies who have questions that need answering. Video description: “Here I ramble on (for quite a long time!) about electric cars and answering your questions regarding owning one etc.” “WARNING: Contains lot’s of talking!”

1 year ago by Electric CarsTV 2

EV Silence Reduces Stress, Improves Mood

The Go Ultra Low campaign (set up by the UK automotive industry and the public sector) released interesting research results about one of the most important benefits of plug-in cars – the silence. Car manufacturers supporting the Go Ultra Low consortium proved that interior noise levels in EVs can be…

2 years ago by Mark Kane 24

5 Reasons For Choosing An Electric Car

Renault ZOE owner Séverin Groisne authored a post that appeared on the Renault-Nissan blog. The brief article focuses on exactly what the title states: Five Reasons To Choose An EV And here are those 5 reasons, along with a brief intro from Groisne: When it comes to electric cars, it’s…

2 years ago by Eric Loveday 11