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Samsung SDI lithium-ion batteries

China Denies Battery Certifications For LG Chem, Samsung SDI

Samsung SDI and LG Chem’s problems in China continues to swell after a recent rejection of certification requests for their lithium-ion batteries. Previously, the Chinese government withdrew subsidies to electric buses makers with batteries using anything other than LFP-type. LG Chem and Samsung SDI  both produce higher energy density cells…

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Qoros Green-Lights 350 km/218 Mile EV For End of 2016

Chinese-Israeli carmaker Qoros, after launching a new plug-in division, intends to introduce its first all-electric model before the end of this year. Earlier this year Qoros unveiled two concept models –  the 5 SUV Q•LECTRIQ and 3 Q•LECTRIQ (both terrible names in our opinion). The latter will surprisingly see the start of…

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Volkswagen: BUDD-e Fascinates China

Volkswagen: BUDD-e Fascinates China

Volkswagen happily announced that the “BUDD-e fascinates China“.  Translation be damned. The concept electric car that made its worldwide debut earlier this year has range of up to 533 kilometres (330 miles – NEDC) on a 101 kWh battery. However, to eventually see a production model of the BUDD-e, it would…

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BYD Qin Sales Top 50,000, Tang Exceed 30,000

At some point in April BYD reached a significant milestone – selling its 50,000th Qin plug-in hybrid (50,490 to be precise + a few hundred of a new all-electric version for the model itself). As aptly notes, it took just 29 months (or 2 years and 5 months) to cross the…

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BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – April 2016

Nearly 20,000 Plug-In Electric Cars Sold In China In April

Yesterday we touched on the fact that over 30,000 electrified vehicles were sold in China last month (including buses, commercial vehicles, micro-vehicles) Nearly 20,000 of those were plug-in passenger EV sales, as noted by the EV Sales Blog who took the time to break down and estimate the number by individual models (right…

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China production and sales of New Energy Vehicles – April 2016

Electric Vehicle Sales In China Exceed 30,000 In April

CAAM reports significant growth of New Energy Vehicles (another term for all-electric and plug-in hybrids combined) in China for April. Some 31,772 electric vehicles were sold during the month (while production stood at 31,266), which is nearly three times more than a year ago. The majority of sales made in April were of…

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BYD Qin EV300

China Considers ZEV Mandate Similar To California

China is looking to tighten emissions standards, to more emulate what is currently found in Europe and the U.S. The latest Chinese decision is the introduction of the National VI emissions standard (equivalent to the Euro 6) in major cities for 2017, and to cover the whole country in 2018. A previous timeframe was…

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