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Continental offers electric drive in range of 60 to 120 kW

Continental Announces New Electric Drivetrains For The Chinese Market

At IAA 2015, Continental will introduce new compact drivetrains for electric vehicles tailor-made for the Chinese market. Those are 60-120 kW drivetrains with motor, transmission and power electronics in one housing. Carmakers will be able to choose motors from asynchronous or permanent-magnet synchronous machine. According to Continental, integrated drive unit brings cost…

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Tesla Model S Will Be Exempt From Plate Lottery In Shanghai!

Best Selling Chinese Plug-In Cars For The First Half Of 2015

According to the ChinaAutoWeb, Chinese manufacturers produced some 76,233 NEVs (New Energy Vehicles) by the end of June, and sold nearly as many (72,711, up 240% year-over-year). Around 25,000 were produced in June, which is a pretty strong surge. Numbers includes different vehicles, out of which passenger cars had 50,627…

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Youxia X (image:

Youxia X Is China’s Tesla Model S Knockoff

Youxia Motors appears from stealth mode in China by unveiling its sort of sweet-looking Youxia X all-electric car. It’s of course modeled after the Tesla Model S, although according to Chinese media Youxia X is targeted at the Tesla Model 3 area. Youxia Motors is led by 28-year old Huang…

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China Produced 25,000 New Energy Vehicles In June

After just the first six months of 2015, production of New Energy Vehicles (electric and plug-in hybrids) in China already reached the level of the whole year 2014. We are talking about 78,500 NEVs produced and China is still revving up! Solely in June, 25,000 NEVs were produced!, citing…

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Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann, Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft and President and CEO of Volkswagen Group China, and Chen Zhixin, President of SAIC Motor Corporation Ltd., signed an agreement on the research and production of electric vehicles in China.

Volkswagen Signs Electric Car-Related Deal With SAIC

Volkswagen announced cooperation agreement in the area of e-mobility research with Chinese joint venture partner SAIC. The German-Chinese joint venture, Shanghai Volkswagen (SVW), will expand its main plant in Anting to accommodate production of new electric and plug-in hybrid models, which localization will be implemented gradually. In total, 15 plug-in…

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Wireless charging

China’s ZTE Working On 30 kW Wireless Charging

China’s largest telecommunications equipment company ZTE Corporation is working on high-power wireless charging. According to Green Car Congress, ZTE’s inductive charging WPT module can deliver up to 30 kW of power. “At a China-US workshop on electric vehicle standardization held in June (earlier post), Academus Tian, VP of ZTE New…

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Battery Swap Site In China

Battery Swapping A Reality In China

Turns out that battery swapping is reality in China. Check out this battery swap site outside of Suzhou, China, a city west of Shanghai. The uploader of the image tells us that the swapping process is not as easy as with the Tesla Model S, but says the whole process…

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Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus goes electric with LG Chem

LG Chem Signs Battery Deal With Chinese EV Bus Manufacturers

LG Chem collected two more Chinese companies who would like to use lithium-ion batteries in their electric vehicles. The new agreement opens a new area of electric buses for LG Chem, as the Korean company mostly supplied carmakers. Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle intend to produce large-…

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