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China Slashes Taxes On Electric Cars

It seems that China is entering a higher gear for New Energy Vehicles (NEV) – all-electric and plug-in hybrids. The nation’s latest incentive is exemption from tax for new energy cars and ships. “Cars exempted include pure electric commercial cars, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel-cell commercial cars, according to a…

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Yes, Clearly We Are In China With These Charging Protocols

Tesla To Adopt China’s Charging Standards?

China has its own charging standards – presented above in the case of Denza EV (DC on the left and AC on the right). Tesla Motors is using in China the same charging inlet like it does in Europe, which can directly handle European Type 2 AC charging and DC…

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We Attended Auto China 2014 And It Was Clear To Us That Electric Cars We're A M

China Looks To Capture Top Spot In Electric Car Sales

This year, China aims to become the world leader in electric car sales by surpassing the U.S. According to Green Car Congress, China’s e-mobility subsidies are unmatched.  Those subsidies will help China to jump to the top spot: “China is currently subsidizing the development of e-mobility, making just under €7.7…

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Ninebot buys Segway

Ninebot, China’s Segway Copycat Maker Buys Segway

What can you do if you get sued for copying tech?  Well, one option is to buy the company suing you. In a story originally from Reuters, the basic details: Chinese transportation robotics firm Ninebot said on Wednesday it has acquired U.S. rival Segway Inc, the company behind the self-balancing…

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