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Kandi Cyclone (K20) Goes On Sale To The Chinese Public In June

Kandi To Begin Retail Sales of Electric Cars In China In June

Up until now, Kandi Technologies has only rented/car shared their small city EV in China – most famously via their “EV Vending Machine” concept. But that changed this week, as the company announced they would now sell two separate EVs to individual Chinese retail buyers, while also increasing the amount of cities the…

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Aoxin Ibis (Source:

Aoxin Ibis Is The Ugliest Tesla Clone We’ve Ever Seen

Wtih Tesla Model S sales in China lagging compared to Tesla’s targets, a Chinese company called Aoxin New Energy decided to introduce its own Tesla look-alike electric car. Meet the Aoxin Ibis, which is the ugliest Tesla clone we’ve ever seen. Aoxin Ibis seems angry too. According to, Aoxin…

3 weeks ago by Mark Kane 24