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Tesla Gigafactory A Future Tourist Trap?

It turns out that the Chinese see the Tesla Gigafactory as a major tourist attraction. Yes it’s true, citizens from China visit the U.S. more that those from any other country, and now they want to plan a trip to tour Tesla’s 5.5-million square-foot $5-billion lithium-ion battery operation in Reno, Nevada….

2 days ago by Steven Loveday 13

NIO Unveils Rakish Electric 7-Seat SUV ES8

NIO enjoys being back in its home market by attending the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (SIAIE for short?), and presenting its whole family of all-electric vehicles. The star of the show is an all-new, full-size electric SUV, the NIO ES8, which is surprisingly already scheduled for production later this year and…

5 days ago by Mark Kane 1

EV Sales In China Grew By 35.6% In March, Over 30,000 Sold

March plug-in vehicle sales (aka New Energy Vehicles regionally) in China shows a return to a strong growth trend, netting a 35.6% year-over-year gain, with 31,120 units sold (production in the same period increased by 30.9% to 33,015). The disproportional splits of all-electric vehicles to plug-in hybrids increased in March to about…

6 days ago by Mark Kane 4

China Expected To Ease Electric Car Quotas

China’s torrid sales growth in the electric vehicle segment faced some hiccups in January and February thanks to some bureaucratic red tape that saw no plug-in eligible for subsidies for ~7 weeks while waiting on a new approved OEM/model list. Now with things are getting just on track, a return to…

2 weeks ago by Eric Loveday 6