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byd in california

China Proposes California-Like Emission Mandates To Advance EVs

The proposition of emulating California’s ZEV mandate is now advancing in China. The Chinese National Development and Reform Commission released a draft proposal, which describes a similar system (over the current incentive driven system) that requires automakers to build a certain percentage of zero or low emission cars…or otherwise buy credits for not doing…

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Sales of New Energy Vehicles in China – June 2016

EV Sales In China Hits Record 44,000 In June

New Energy Vehicle (plug-in electric vehicles) sales in China more than doubled in June, to about 44,000 – which is over 2.1% of all vehicle sales that month. As always, all-electrics (BEVs) continue to dominate the plug-in demographics, notching over three-fourths the total (34,000), while the remaining 10,000 are plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). The…

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BYD Qin EV300

Samsung Bought 52.3 Million BYD Shares For $449 Million

Samsung, as announced, bought a piece of BYD for 3 billion-yuan ($449 million), hopefully giving the battery giant not only a partner in China to supply lithium cells to, but an easier path to entry in selling its batteries in the country. In total there was six investors into BYD privately…

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Volkswagen BUDD-e

Volkswagen To Build Its First Battery Gigafactory In China?

A source close to Volkswagen’s senior management revealed to Automotive News Europe that the first lithium-ion battery factory to supply the coming massive EV roll-out at the company could actually be built in China. VW has announced that by 2025 it intends to produce 2-3 million plug-in cars (via the over 10…

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