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This 146,000-Plus Mile Chevy Volt Turns 2 Years Old Today

2 Year Old Chevy Volt – 146,000 Miles and Counting

Erick Belmer is the proud owner of a 2012 Volt with 146,000 miles + on the odometer. Yes, that’s right. There exists a two-year-old (Happy Birthday to Volt!) Chevy Volt with more than 146,000 miles on it, of which 52,734-plus miles were done on electricity. As Belmer previously told InsideEVs,…

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GM Looks To Increase Plug-In Sales In 2013 To 36,000 Cars

Complete List of Chevy Volt Awards

Could it be true that the Chevrolet Volt is the most-awarded vehicle in recent US automotive history? Hybrid Cars seems to believe that may be the case and once you’ve looked upon this list compiled by Hybrid Cars‘ frontman Jeff Cobb, you might well agree: The Detroit News invites 100…

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GM Looks To Increase Plug-In Sales In 2013 To 36,000 Cars

2011 Chevy Volt Deemed Most Dependable Compact By J.D. Power

Once a year, J .D. Power puts out a “Dependability Study” of the most reliable 3-year-old vehicles. And while the overall reliability of these used cars was down for the first time in 16 years – the Chevrolet Volt topped the list for compact cars.  (Take note of size class US News and World Report…

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