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Real Chevrolet Volt Owners Tell Their Stories – Video

It seems that Chevrolet is finally promoting its second-generation Volt through what will become a series of videos that follow the theme of “Real Volt owners. Real stories.” This first clip tells the story of Aleisha, a Volt owner who hardly ever uses gas. That sounds familiar. Video description: “Every…

9 months ago by Eric Loveday 29

100,000-Mile Chevrolet Volt With 99.9% Electric Miles

Occasional InsideEVs contributor Ari Colin, who goes by the handle of PLUG1N on Volt stats, has become the second Volt owner to surpass 100,000 electric miles. The first was Erick Belmer (story here). As Ari posted in the Chevrolet Volt owners group on Facebook: PLUG1N becomes second Volt to reach…

10 months ago by Eric Loveday 101