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Chevy Volt Event Scheduled For November 19 At LA Auto Show

“Consider this your official invitation to an exclusive #Volt owners event in L.A. Interested? DM us.” Tweets the official Chevrolet Volt Twitter account. Some of us on staff received this notification in late October.  General Motors is sending it out to current (possibly only LA region) Volt owners, but we’re…

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Chevy Volt On The Rack

2014 Chevy Volt Technical Review – Video

“Mean Gene gets the Chevrolet Volt on the rack to look at more than it’s propulsion system and learns about the unique construction of balancing low weight with production costs . . .” This largely positive review approaches the Chevrolet Volt from a technical viewpoint and, we must admit, this…

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1 Billion Milestone Achieved And Surpassed

Chevy Volt Owners Pass 1 Billion Total Miles

It’s official: Chevy Volt owners have collectively driven more than 1 billion miles!!! Of those 1 billion miles, nearly 625 million were driven electrically. As for gas savings, General Motors claims that Volt owners have saved over 32.5 million gallons of fuel. Think over those figures for just a moment……

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