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Chevrolet Volt Sales Rise 17% In May

After setting a new year-high for sales in April, how would the 53 mile, extended range Chevy Volt do in May?  Almost as well. Some 1,901 Volts were sold, which was 17.5% better than the 1,618 sold a year ago. Once again this result was more than enough to put further…

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Underneath That Hatch Lies The Problem That Prompted The Recall

Chevrolet Volt Sales Hold Steady In July

We aren’t quite sure what to make of the Chevrolet Volt sales thus far in 2015. With another fairly steady sales month – considering the strong headwinds the Volt has to overcome (namely the 2nd gen’s arrival in September, and the lack of a well-balanced dealer inventory), the Chevy sold a solid…

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2015 Nissan LEAF

Plug-In Electric Car Sales Canada April 2015

It’s time once again to take a look at plug-in electric vehicle sales in Canada. For the month of April, the Nissan LEAF set an all-time record for single-month sales in Canada with 127 LEAFs sold. Sales of the Chevrolet Volt improved by 1 unit over March for a total…

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Heating Efficiency Is Extremely Important In Cold Temperatures For BEVs

Canada Plug-In Electric Car Sales February 2015

It’s time once again to take a look at plug-in electric vehicle sales in Canada. For the month of February, it seems there’s nearly a four-way tie for first place. Honestly, it’s just too close to declare a winner without official registrations data for the Tesla Model S.  That data…

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March Proved That It Is Easier To Sell Volts If You Don't Have To Unbury Them First

Chevrolet Sells 1,210 Volts In February, Off 26% From 2013

After posting a fairly disappointing 918 Volt sales in January – the first time sales were under 4 digits in 2 years (603 – Jan 2012), the extended range Chevy bounced back a little in February notching 1,210 deliveries. Year-over-year, this February’s result was up against some fairly stiff competition as 1,626 were…

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