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MotorWeek’s Quick Spin In Chevrolet Bolt – Video

MotorWeek test driver, Greg Carloss, says that the Chevrolet Bolt lives up to its “practical yet fun” claims. He says that “mashing on the throttle” provides instant torque (enough so to throw you back in the seat). The low center of gravity makes for adequate handling. However, he makes note…

2 days ago by Steven Loveday 50

A new Chevy Bolt EV pops up in  Palo Alto, CA and gets a boost alongside some plug-in friends (via IEV reader Jeffrey P)

Unsold Chevrolet Bolts Now Arriving In Volume In California

In late December, when Chevrolet Bolts began arriving in California, dealerships had pre-arranged sales of basically almost all Bolts before they even hit the lots. Now, word is that some unsold inventory is finally arriving in California…in truckloads, or as Forbes says: “A phalanx of Bolts — the just-released 230+…

3 days ago by Eric Loveday 94