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Europe Exceed 600 CCS Chargers Installed

Europe Exceeds 600 CCS Chargers Installed (w/statistics)

CCS map is indicating now 606 installed European Combined Charging Standard (Combo 2) quick chargers. Recently, map creator Mutwin Kraus added a sweet statistics feature with a graph of development and a list of chargers in particular countries. As it turns out, the UK, with a lot of QC projects,…

3 months ago by Mark Kane 21

Chargemaster charging point in UK

Chargemaster Keeps UK Charging Network 99% Operational

British electric vehicle drivers should feel lucky, as the largest charging network of roughly 10,000 points in the UK seems to be reliable.  Not so much for most of the regions in the rest of the world. Chargemaster stated that over the last year, its owned and maintained infrastructure achieved…

3 months ago by Mark Kane 7

Proposed routes 1 and 2 of the WA Electric Highway

Australia Makes Progress On Electric Highway

As we reported earlier this year, EV supporters in Australia are pushing to develop a network of EV charging stations, and recent news is that the RAC (The Royal Automobile Club, Australia’s version of the AAA in the US) is moving forward with commitments to fund the “Electric Highway”. The…

4 months ago by Ted Dillard 9

Charging Points Denisity Map (l’Avere-France)

France Reveals Charging Point Density Map

France, as one of the major electric car markets, has also one of the largest and most dense charging points network in the world. There are now some 8,600 spots available for public use with various density distributed throughout the country. Some places like Paris have thousands of charging points…

5 months ago by Mark Kane 16

I'm Hydrated - Let's Do This Thing!

China Ready To Dump $16 Billion Into EV Charging Stations

Over in China, there’s plenty of action on the plug-in vehicle front. Currently, China’s central government is considering a plan that calls for up to 100 billion yuan ($16 billion) in government funds to go towards the installation of public charging stations. Bloomberg first reported on this, citing two sources…

5 months ago by Eric Loveday 10

Hydrogen Fueling Station

California Approves $46.6 Million In Funding For Hydrogen Stations, But Only $2.8 Million For EV Charging Stations

Can’t say we’re at all surprised by this bit of funding information coming from the California Energy Commission California Energy Commission Advances Construction of Hydrogen Refueling and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations SACRAMENTO – The California Energy Commission gave final approval today for nearly $50 million in construction projects to advance…

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