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GE Durastation Charger Family.  Optional RFID Capability Available.

GE DuraStation Chargers: Great Value, Tough to Procure

My employer recently installed 4 GE DuraStation dual pedestal chargers, in conjunction with a building generator project they were undertaking.  These chargers (also available at Lowe’s and Home Depot) are a great alternative for workplace charging when compared to some of the more popular brands out there. For example, GE…

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40 Chargers Seems More Than Enough for Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island to Install 40 Public Chargers

With a land area of only 2,190 square miles (roughly the size of Delaware), Canada’s Prince Edward Island is perfectly sized for electric vehicles. To promote EVs, one city on Prince Edward Island will install 40 public charging stations. Yes…that’s 40 in one city alone. The city of Summerside just…

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This Charger Seems to be in Use

Seldom Used Public Charging Stations Rile Up the Locals

What to do with these seldom used public charging stations? First, we’d argue that public chargers stll aren’t a necessity.  Workplace chargers?  Yes.  Home chargers?  Of course. But the public ones are more or less out there serving the purpose of showing the general public that there’s a substantial infrastructure…

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Chevy Spark Charging Up

GM Exec Says Transition to Electric Vehicles is Right Around the Corner; Charging Infrastructure Needs to Catch Up

General Motors’ Head of Consumer Affairs, James Bell,was discussing commercial use of electric vehicle at 2013 Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) Conference in early June.  As Bell stated, electric vehicles are ideally suited for commercial application, especially for small businesses and fleet operators.  Bell suggested that now’s the time for…

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