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V-Charge - automated valet parking and electric vehicle charging wirelessly

V-Charge Research Project Wins 2015 Connected Car Award

If you remember V-Charge – the European project with Bosch and Volkswagen, engaged with others to develop automated valet parking and electric vehicle charging.  Well, they just won the 2015 Connected Car Award.  So we guess it went well. The concept of autonomous parking, combined with searching for wireless charging spots,…

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Foolproof Guide To Electric Driving

The Foolproof Guide To Electric Driving – Charging (Video)

Nissan discovered how to extend its electric car offer to the unspoiled consumer group. These buyers may need some educational treatment, which is encapsulated in the new series “Foolproof Guide To Electric Driving“. The first episode is already on: “How do you charge an electric car? Have your charging questions…

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SoCal Edison Sees No Immediate Threat to the Grid Coming From Influx of Plug-Ins

Southern California Edison To Install 1,500 Charging Stations

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved Southern California Edison’s plan to install 1,500 charging stations within its service territory. SCE is calling the “Charge Ready” program a pilot project, so we assume that there could be continuation in the longer term, provided the first batch of 1,500 charging stations are…

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Fastned Opens 50th Fast Charging Station In The Netherlands

Fastned Opens 50th Fast Charging Station In The Netherlands

Fastned recently opened its 50th fast charging station in the Netherlands. The Dutch company intends to build a nationwide fast charging network with multi-standard chargers (currently 50 kW and higher power in the future) along highways. There is also a plan to expand the network to city centers (five stations to…

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av turbocord dual

AeroVironment TurboCord Named Finalist For PACE Award

AeroVironment’s portable TurboCord Dual was listed among the 2016 Automotive News PACE Awards Finalists (winners will be announced April 11). AeroVironment is the preferred charging solution supplier for seven global automakers. The TurboCord specifically is included in every Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid sold in the U.S., so it qualifies…

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Fast charging comparison

4.5 Megawatt Charging For Electric Cars?

Swiss EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) sees the future of electric cars in ultra-fast charging, comparable to refueling of conventional cars. While we appreciate all the improvements to decrease the charging time, the topic was highly exaggerated by EPFL. Their press release begins with several statements that we simply…

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2016 Nissan LEAF Getting A 6.6 kW, "Level 2" Charge

Here’s Where U.S. Electricity Comes From

The environment impact of electric vehicles are highly related to the source of electricity for charging those vehicles and this topic always attracts a lot of interest. U.S. Energy Information Administration provides data for sources of U.S. electricity generation. As 2015 just closed, these numbers released are for full year…

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