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Volkswagen Buying Mobile 20 kW Chargers For Dealers In Europe

As we know, manufacturers who introduce electric cars on the market typically install charging points at dealerships. Normally, those are AC Level 2 stations and sometimes higher power DC chargers. Volkswagen recently selected IES Synergy as the supplier of 20 kW DC chargers for its European dealership network. Interesting is that…

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We divide the ​LFP electrode into 10 representative volumes, each containing 10 ​LFP particles immersed in a liquid electrolyte and connected electronically through the carbon network. A one-dimensional Cahn–Hilliard equation (equation (2)) governs the Li diffusional chemical potential along the a axis of each particle. A Butler–Volmer equation (equation (3)) governs the insertion and removal of Li.

Rapid Charging/Draining Of Lithium-Ion Batteries Less Damaging Than Previously Thought

According to an article published in Nature Materials by researchers from Stanford University and the Stanford Institute for Materials & Energy Sciences (SIMES) at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, and colleagues from Sandia National Laboratories, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology America and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, quick…

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The Rapid Charge Network project is the development of a multi-standard, rapid charge network for electric vehicles throughout the UK and Ireland. The results and strategy of the project will be shared with other towns, cities and countries to support the growth of networks across Europe.

BMW, Nissan, Renault And Volkswagen Join Forces For EV Charging

UK Rapid Charge Network (RCN) project, through the European Union’s Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) program, attracted four automakers – BMW, Nissan, Renault and Volkswagen, which will join forces to build a network of a multi-standard fast chargers in Ireland and Europe. According to the latest news, 10 out of 74…

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2013 Ford Fusion Gets A Charge

Testing Interoperability Of 11 Electric Vehicles With Variety Of Charging Stations – Video

Intertek Transportation Technologies recently released a video presenting glimpses of interoperability testing between electric vehicles & charge stations. In this project, Intertek is testing in Michigan a lot of EVSE models from different manufacturers and with different capabilities with 11 electric cars, all compatible with J1772 AC standard. Besides standard…

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Combined Charging System (CCS aka Combo) – One System for All

Combined AC DC Charging System In Europe – Video

Here is video presenting a Combined Charging System for AC & DC charging in Europe (the US variant – SAE Combo is different). Such a system is already utilized by BMW and Volkswagen. The idea behind this solution is simple – one inlet in car, enabling AC and DC charging…

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