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Babe, you don't need to handle the plug all the time while charging

What’s Your Plug In Time?

On occasion, the topic is discussed of exactly how long it takes to plug in your EV. Though, no standard exists, the norm generally lies somewhere between 5-15 seconds x 2 for plugging and unplugging. There are a number of inexpensive accessories that will make your plug in simpler and…

2 weeks ago by Mark Hovis 32

European Union Funds 200 Charging Points In France

European Union Funds 200 Charging Points In France

France will get 200 additional multi-standard fast chargers along major highways by the end of this year and the European Union will cover half the cost under its TEN-T program. The project will be implemented by Electricité de France, Renault, Nissan, Institut des Sciences et Technologies de Paris – ParisTech,…

2 weeks ago by Mark Kane 2

Home electrons, are the best electrons!

Tesla Model S Charging In Europe – Video

“I explain how the different red and blue adapters work. What the difference between AC and DC charging is. The various charging speeds from 13 km/h (230V/13A) to 100 km/h (400V/32A) on AC and 600 km/h (DC superchargers). I also show the 3rd party adapters I have bought and how…

3 weeks ago by Mike Anthony 4