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Combined Charging System (CCS aka Combo) – One System for All

Combined AC DC Charging System In Europe – Video

Here is video presenting a Combined Charging System for AC & DC charging in Europe (the US variant – SAE Combo is different). Such a system is already utilized by BMW and Volkswagen. The idea behind this solution is simple – one inlet in car, enabling AC and DC charging…

1 week ago by Mark Kane 23

GE Durastation Charger Family.  Optional RFID Capability Available.

GE DuraStation Chargers: Great Value, Tough to Procure

My employer recently installed 4 GE DuraStation dual pedestal chargers, in conjunction with a building generator project they were undertaking.  These chargers (also available at Lowe’s and Home Depot) are a great alternative for workplace charging when compared to some of the more popular brands out there. For example, GE…

8 months ago by Eric Cote 28

EV Charging Here

Why Workplace Charging is Key to Electric Vehicle Growth

When the US government rolled out its Workplace Charging Challenge, the plug-in world celebrated. Dozens of companies are now on the Workplace Charging list, which itself is growing constantly Some companies, such as PSEG, have installed more than a dozen workplace chargers. Hopefully, the trend of installing workplace chargers continues…

1 year ago by Eric Loveday 39