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NRG eVgo charging station

NRG eVgo Expands Fast Charging Network Into Atlanta

NRG eVgo announced that it will expand its fast charging network to Atlanta where recently Nissan introduced its “No Charge to Charge” program (eVgo is included). Both companies established close cooperation as eVgo installs Nissan-branded CHAdeMO chargers and is the EZ-Charge operator. We don’t know how many Freedom Stations (CHAdeMO…

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PowerStream's ribbon cutting cermony, with ABB's Terra 53 fast charger ready to serve EV drivers from the greater Toronto region.

PowerStream Launches DC Fast Charger In Greater Toronto Area

PowerStream, a community-owned energy company, recently launched the first multi-standard DC fast charger in Ontario. It’s located in Vaughan at PowerStream’s head office, just off Highway 400, and is free to use. At 50 kW of power, charging shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to 80% capacity (excluding Tesla). ABB…

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Kman using a public charger (Chargepoint). Which utilizes the J1772 Adapter.

Beginner’s Guide To Charging A Tesla Model S – Video

“Tesla Motors & EV’s: Beginners Guide to Charging, Adapters, Public Stations, DC Fast Charging.” “In this basic guide, I will cover common charging adapters, Tesla UMC/EVSE’s, HPWC’s, Public J1772 Stations, Dealer Charging, CHAdeMO, Superchargers. While it is more Tesla Centered, all EV drivers should find information Useful. I have also…

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Number Of Workplace Chargers On The Rise

Results From Workplace Charging Survey

Charging Infrastructure: Do You Have a Workplace Charging Station? A new workplace charging survey points to employee satisfaction and new charging stations being added by employers despite expired financial incentives. Looks like more employers around the U.S. are providing access to electric charging stations at workplaces and, specifically, via the…

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Pay For Charging Via PayPal

ChargePoint Payments Now Possible Through PayPal

Owners of plug-in electric vehicles who frequent ChargePoint stations may be delighted to learn that, effective immediately, you can pay for ChargePoint charging sessions via PayPal. News of adding PayPal to the list of ChargePoint payment options comes via the charging station operator: Plug-in electric vehicle (EV) drivers can now…

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BYD EV Charging Solutions

BYD EV Charging Solutions – Video

BYD recently presented all of its plug-in vehicles charging solutions already in use in China or prepared for launch in the future. Besides standard AC charging, DC, and a few Vehicle-To-Grid type system, the Chinese company surprised us with “Stereoscopic & Two Storey Charging Stations For Bus” and “Simplified Charging…

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Volkswagen Buying Mobile 20 kW Chargers For Dealers In Europe

As we know, manufacturers who introduce electric cars on the market typically install charging points at dealerships. Normally, those are AC Level 2 stations and sometimes higher power DC chargers. Volkswagen recently selected IES Synergy as the supplier of 20 kW DC chargers for its European dealership network. Interesting is that…

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