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EVgo Network Areas

EVgo Announces Three Major Partnerships In One Big Week

EVgo (ee-vee-go) announced three significant agreements in approximately one week’s time. This latest deal with BMW will anchor EVgo as one of the largest public (if not soon the largest) DC fast charging infrastructure provider (excluding Tesla). According to the press release, the EVgo network includes 105 DC Combo chargers with at least 500…

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BMW i3 and Bollore Bluecar charging in France

10,000 Public Charging Points Available in France

France reached a huge milestone of 10,000 public charging points. In the past twelve months, 1,561 charging stations were installed for a total of 10,161. 10,161 installed points is 18% more than one year ago A lot of those charging points come from the Bollore car sharing infrastructure, clustered in…

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Idaho National Laboratory test EV charging

Comparison: Chevrolet Volt & Nissan LEAF Charging Habits

U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory recently released a comprehensive report about electric car charging habits – Plugged In: How Americans Charge Their Electric Vehicles. “Between early 2011 and the beginning of 2014, study partners installed more than 17,000 charging stations around the country and tracked the charging habits…

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An electric vehicle rolls over a wireless charging pad at ITIC

Wireless In-Road Charging Under Development At Clemson University

Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR), in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ITIC, Toyota, Cisco, Duke Energy and Evatran, developed a stationary wireless power transfer test bed. For the first phase of the project, ICAR uses Toyota electric cars – Scion iQ EV. The prototype of wireless…

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Tesla Delivered ~17,400 Model S Sedans In North America In 2014

Net Book Value Of Tesla Supercharger Network Is $152.4 Million

When analyzing the quarterly Tesla reports we came across interesting Supercharger data. The net book value of the Supercharger network was reported in the past three quarters and as of September 30, 2015 stood at $154.4 million. At 536 locations, that translates to approximately $284,000 per location (or less than $50,000 per spot)….

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