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EVgo Opens Its 800th DC Fast Charging Station

EVgo has opened its 800th fast charging station, which strengthens the company’s position as the nation’s largest network of public fast charging locations by volume (but still mostly West Coast specific). The 800th station is installed at a SaveMart in Madera, California and consists of two double-head BTCPower chargers – both…

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People Love Their EVs THIS Much – Infographic

Evatran, the company that stands behind the Plugless wireless charging systems recently released a great infographic entitled – People Love Their EVs THIS Much. It would really be a shame to not use this “1-sheet” to spread the word about how good electric cars are. “As makers of the world’s first wireless…

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20 kW Wireless Charging At 90% Efficiency Becomes Reality

Today’s residential wireless chargers are low current units, typically no higher than 7.7 kW, but that will change in the future as researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have already mastered a high-power system. Per the ORNL press release: “ORNL also received a special recognition award…

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