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As Tesla Announces 2nd Quarter Earnings The Company Looks To New Markets For Future Sales (Photo: Recent Model S Launch In Hong Kong)

Automakers Ask Trump To Ease Emissions Rules, EV Mandates – Get Ready For A War

It didn’t take the “Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers” long to cobble together a lobbying request for President-elect Donald Trump to roll-back emission mandates and “alternative powertrains” (think plug-in electric vehicles) requirements.  Just ~48 hours after Hillary Clinton ceded the election to Trump, the group has put together a eight page letter (PDF here)…

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California's CVRP REbate Program Changes Look To Take Hold In Mid-March

California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Announces New Incentives For Low And Moderate-Income Drivers

California Air Resources Board (ARB) changes in the CVRP (California Clean Vehicle Rebate) requirements take effect on March 29, 2016. The changes bind the value of rebate to income. Separately there are differences between the vehicle types.     Income cap for higher-income consumers     Increased rebate levels for low- and moderate-income…

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Wanxiang, who has purchased 80% of A123, supplier of the batteries in Smith Electric uses

CARB Awards 2,000th Rebate Voucher For Clean-Air Trucks

The California Air Resources Board celebrates a milestone of 2,000 vouchers for zero-emission or hybrid trucks and buses since 2010. The 2,000th Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher went to Redwood Products of Chino, who bought hybrid trucks. In total over 430 electric and 1,800 hybrid trucks and buses…

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Xcelsior Electric Bus

California Pushes For Electric Buses Over Natural Gas

Fifteen years ago, California set strict tailpipe emissions standards, which resulted in replacing diesel buses withnatural gas (CNG). With the current push to zero emissions and a set of incentives for electric buses, natural gas buses will likely share the fate of diesels. The California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition is…

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