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Daimler Partners With Bosch For Level 4, 5 Autonomous Vehicles

Daimler and Bosch have announced a co-development agreement on fully automated (SAE Level 4) and driverless (SAE Level 5) technology. The German partners intend to develop and launch a production-ready system for driver-less cars on urban public roads by the beginning of the next decade. Whether it will enable Daimler to catch Tesla with…

3 months ago by Mark Kane 1

NVIDIA & Bosch Partner For AI Self-Driving Car Supercomputer

A few weeks ago in Berlin, at the Bosch Connected World conference, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed that the company will officially partner with Bosch, to bring a self-driving supercomputer to market. Neither company is a stranger to the concept or the technology. NVIDIA currently supplies Tesla with its autonomous supercomputer,…

4 months ago by Steven Loveday 3

Lithium-Ion Battery Shortage Looming?

Now that several automakers are setting goals for larger-scale EV production, many are facing a lithium-ion battery shortage. This is a good problem, because it further establishes the exponential growth of the segment, but not so good for the future of EVs, if the problem can’t be solved quickly and economically….

7 months ago by Steven Loveday 178

Bosch Highlights Range-Doubling Solid-State Cells

A few weeks after its acquisition of Seeo, Bosch was presenting samples of its solid-state cells at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Bosch believes that solid-state lithium-ion cells will enable doubling of energy density (no numbers were released), and expect that by 2020, costs will drop by half. “A comparable electric car…

2 years ago by Mark Kane 35