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How Does BMW i3 Perform In Snowy Winter?

The new BMW i3 made its U.S. debut this past Spring, therefore many i3 owners are wondering how the electric-vehicle will handle in the snowy winters of the Midwest or Northeast. Since European customers received their first i3 models this past winter, we set to look for a report that…

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BMW USA Launches Series Of i3 Videos

Prepare to get schooled on the BMW i3 as the German automaker launched multiple videos, which cover several key points of the vehicle. The BMW i3 starts at around $41,000. (Here are some some additional specs on the i3, if interested) “What is the BMW i3?” You may ask… The video below is…

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Rather Certain There's An Electronaut In This BMW i3

BMW i3 Launches In Turkey

It’s not often we report on the electric vehicle happenings in Turkey, but with BMW deciding that Turkey is ripe for electric vehicles, the nation is once again on our radar. BMW has committed to selling its i3 electric car in Turkey, mostly because the “government plans to encourage electric…

5 days ago by Eric Loveday 2

Kia Soul EV & BMW i3

2015 Kia Soul EV Compared To BMW i3 – Video

It’s a visual comparison only, but seeing the Kia Soul EV next to the BMW i3 provides us with a sense of the overall size of both vehicles. Additionally, there’s some high-quality shots of the interior, including cargo space, of both of these electric vehicles. Sadly, the Kia Soul EV…

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BMW i3 Compared To BMW Z13 Concept

Jalopnik takes a closer look at the BMW Z13 Concept and the new BMW i3. At a first glance, the two cars simply look like they belong in a different era, but taking a closer look at the two small-sized cars, some similarities appear. So let’s start with the BMW…

1 week ago by Inside EVs Staff 1