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Two Germans and One Japanese EV Face Off

AutoExpress Pits BMW i3 Against Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen had once compared the BMW i3 to its e-up!, but now here’s i3 versus e-Golf. e-Golf just hit the UK and AutoExpress wonders which vehicle is the right choice for those looking to switch to electric drive. As it turns out, the choice isn’t easy. Range of both cars…

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BMW i3 REx

BMW i3 Sales Surpass 10,000 Worldwide

Sales of the BMW i3 commenced last November in Germany.  In its debut month, over 400 units were sold. First BMW i3 sales in the US occurred in May 2014.  After 3 sluggish months of sales in the U.S., the i3 took off by logging more than 1,000 units sold…

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BMW i3 Now Available In China

BMW i3 Coding Tutorial

The new BMW i3 has some of the most passionate and tech savvy owners we have seen in the entire history of BMW cars. The new megacity car not only brings to market the first electric bimmer but also one of the most technologically advanced vehicles. From the carbon fiber…

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But You Will Be Able To Do THIS In The BMW i3

2015 Green Car Of The Year Finalists Announced

Usually, we’re rather enthusiastic when a plug-in vehicle gets selected as a finalist for an award, but in the case of the Green Car Journal announcing the BMW i3 as one of the five finalists for 2015 “Green Car of the Year,” we’re not jumping up and down in celebration….

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Checking In At Number 10 - The BMW i3

BMW i3, i8 On Sale Now In China

Last month, BMW entered China’s blooming electric vehicle segment when both the i3 and i8 went on sale there. Pricing for the BMW i3 is reasonable at 449,000 yuan (or $73,000 USD), while the i8′s price tag makes the Tesla Model S seem downright cheap.  i8s starts at ~ two…

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BMW i3

Magna Reveals Itself As Maker Of Composite BMW i3 Liftgate

We were previously led to believe that the BMW i3′s lightweight body components were made in-house by the German automaker.  However, that turns out to not be the case for the i3′s rear liftgate: Magna Producing Complete, Lightweight Composite Liftgate for German OEM Magna International Inc. announced that it is…

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Modded BMW i3

This BMW i3 Looks Aggressive, But Hideous

From Japan comes one of the first modded BMW i3 we have seen. Dubbed BMW EVO i3, the electric vehicle gets an aggressive body kit that turns the car into a race-looking machine rather than a city car. *Editor’s Note: This post appears on BMWBLOG.  Check it out here. The…

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BMW i3 Production

BMW Upping U.S. Allocation Of i3, i8

BMW is looking to increase the production of i3 and i8 models in the US. The company has sold 3,104 i3s from May-September in the U.S. this year, and the i8 sold nine when launched in August, 58 in September, and it is sold out at BMW dealers through to…

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BMW i3

Reasons To Opt For REx On BMW i3

Buyers of BMW’s new i3 have a decision to make, whether to opt for the range extender or keep the pure-electric drive of the regular i3. And that decision should be made with an understanding of how you currently drive (not necessarily what you drive). I have never given great…

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i3 Drives By Followed By What Must Be The Ugliest Truck-Ish SUV Ever Made

BMW i3 – Silence Is Golden – Video

One of the most defining aspects of electric vehicles is their ability to operate in near silence. This video focuses solely on that aspect: “BMW i3 Start up and Exhaust sound.” We think that title is meant to be rather comical.  No exhaust = no exhaust sound and the start…

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First BMW i3 In Mexico

BMW Logs First i3 Sale In Mexico

Now that sure didn’t take long. If you recall, it was just over 2 months ago when Nissan delivered its first LEAF in Mexico (or more than 3 years after the LEAF launched in the US), but for BMW’s i3, it took less than a year from its launch in…

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