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BMW i3 On Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan Now Sells BMW i3

Does it qualify for free Prime shipping? Probably not, but starting in early April, Amazon Japan ( made available the BMW i3. According to BMW, the reason for selling the i3 through Amazon is to find more buyers in Japan, where i3 sales have struggled. BMW states: “We have 46…

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BMW i3 Ready For Recycling

BMW i3 Recycling – Video

At the end of its useful life, the BMW i3 gets recycled.  According to Steffen Aumann, Head of the BMW Group Recycling and Dismantling Center, BMW can achieve a recycling rate of 95% with the i3. Video description: First, the pyrotechnics of the vehicle are neutralised. This means that components…

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BMW i3 Mobile ATM

In Poland, 4 BMW i3s Serve As Mobile ATMs

We are accustomed to EVs as very efficient cars that save owners some money, but as it turns out some electric cars provide money like ATMs! Literally! Recently, EMotorWerks unveiled the JuiceBox charging station ATM, but that was on April 1.  Meanwhile, the EV ATMs exist for real! Idea Bank…

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BMW i8

BMWBLOG’s Top 5 Tech Cars

BMWBLOG’s Top 5 Tech Cars list is dominated by plug-in electric cars. 4 out 5 of the cars are plug-ins, with the remaining 1 being a conventional hybrid.  We can’t say we are surprised that a BMW product tops the list. Here’s a rundown of the list: 5 – Toyota…

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BMW CEO Discusses Electric Cars With Bloomberg – Video

“Ludwig Willisch, head of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG’s North America unit, talks about the luxury automaker’s hybrid and electric vehicle models. He speaks with Matt Miller at the New York International Auto Show on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” This video is full of useful information, in regards of electric cars,…

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BMW i3 s day test drive header

Comedian Test Drives BMW i3 – Trailer Videos

In the very short video trailers above & below, Comedian Dom Joly takes the BMW i3 for a ride. In both videos, Joly makes few interesting comments. As these are just trailers / teasers, we will wait to add in our own comments until after the full report is released. You never…

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Frontal Crash

BMW i3 REx CESVIMAP Crash Test – Videos

Description for BMW i3 REx crash-test video above: “The test reproduces the rear effect of an impact on the rear of a vehicle at moderate speed. For this, a mobile barrier hits the vehicle under study, at a speed between 15 and 16 km / h in 40% of his…

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Oh Crap, We've Hit Something

BMW i3 – Self-Parking Gone Wrong – Video

And they say self-driving cars are coming soon… If the BMW i3’s unreliable self-parking system provides us with any indication of what to expect in autonomous-driving cars, then we’re in for a scary ride. In this video, the BMW i3’s parallel parking feature is put to the test (starting at…

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The BMW i3 took Everyone By Surprise In February With Strong Sales (Image: 2015 NAIAS - Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Interview With BMW i Product Manager

At the 2015 New York Auto Show, Jose Guerrero, BMW i product manager, sat down with us to talk about the i sub-brand and the newly released X5 plug-in hybrid. First topic on the agenda catered to the “i geeks” out there. When asked about the energy capacity for the…

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