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InsideEVs Contributor Peder Norby Owns Two BMW i3s (One For Him, The Other For His Wife)

Two BMW i3s, One Sun, Zero Gas

Zero Cost of Energy and Gasoline for a Year *Editor’s Note: InsideEVs has documented Peder Norby’s journey since Day 1.  This post is the month 8 update in a year-long series in which the Norby household attempts the near-impossible.  The basic idea is simple: Can we harvest endless sunshine from…

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BMW i3 Super Bowl Ad

BMW i3 Super Bowl Ad Bumps Interest Ten Fold

Last week, BMW announced its return to Super Bowl commercials after a four-year hiatus. The star of the new Super Bowl ad is BMW’s first electric vehicle, the i3. The Vision Behind The Commercial The commercial begins with a flashback to NBC’s Today Show in 1994 with Katie Couric and…

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Hitch Installed On BMW i3

Installing Stealth Hitch On BMW i3 – Video

“Installing the “stealth” hitch on the i3.” Friend of InsideEVs, John Higham, owns a BMW i3. The hitch seen here is custom-built and designed by John’s friend William, a mechanical engineer who’s been selling similar hitches for Nissan LEAFs for sometime now. Eventually, the hitch system will be produced and…

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BMW i3 Reverse Engineered

Reverse Engineering BMW i3 – Video

Courtesy of Forbes, we present this reverse engineering video on the BMW i3: “Engineers from Munro & Associates show some of the innovations in the new electric car from BMW.” The geeks amongst us will appreciate this video and there’s even a mention near the end that claims BMW makes…

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BMW i3 Drifting In The Snow

BMW i3 Drifts In The Snow – Video

Yes…electric cars can drift: “First drift experiments with the i3 the first snow of the year. It was hard because it was pretty good grip, because the little snow. Overall it can be said that the car is very difficult to move in the drift, because you can dose the…

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BMW i3

Wallpaper Wednesday – BMW i3

For today’s Wallpaper Wednesday post we present the polarizing BMW i3. Love it?  Make it your desktop wallpaper then. Hate it?  Well, you’re certainly entitled to your own opinion. *Images enlarge to 1,920 by 1,200

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