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2017 BMW i3

BMW Confirms Next-Generation i3 Is Coming, Won’t Say When

BMW’s i3 project manager, Heinrich Schwackhoefer, has confirmed what we all believed to be truth…a next-generation i3 is on the way. Though Schwackhoefer was willing to confirm this, he wasn’t able to discuss the car’s timeline. Our belief is that the next-gen i3 will launch around 2018/2019, but that’s just speculation…

2 weeks ago by Eric Loveday 39

BMW i3

2017 BMW i3 94Ah REx Test Drive Review

While the BMW i3 REx (with a 650cc two-cylinder petrol engine serving as back-up generator) has been the primary choice in UK from the start, the introduction of a longer-range 33.2 kWh (94 Ah li-ion cells) battery version means the advantage of the extended range option on the BMW should decrease (a fact we have…

4 weeks ago by Mark Kane 6

May Sales, Lead By The Nissan LEAF and Fusion Energi Look Make It Three Good Monthly Results In A Row

October 2016 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

A year ago plug-in electric vehicle sales were pretty bleak, with October of 2015 showing the 6th consecutive monthly pullback. Now a year later those old results seem far in the past, as this month’s result – while not the huge gains we have been used to, still marks a full year’s…

1 month ago by Jay Cole 50