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BMW i3 available in DriveNow

BMW DriveNow Adds More i3s To Fleets

BMW made available 100 all-electric i3s for car sharing in three cities in Germany through DriveNow. Earlier, London got 30 i3s, and now Berlin has 40, Hamburg 30 and Munich 30. Other cities in Germany and Europe will soon follow suit. Since 2013 BMW tested in Germany 60 ActiveEs, which…

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BMW i3 (with range extender) Review With Ed Wallace (via Fox News 4)

Fox News 4: BMW i3 REx Review – Video

It is always fun to see what kind of review you will get when it comes to the Fox News Network.  This time a BMW i3 REx review is turned in from its Fox affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth. We have to say we were a little worried when it started with the…

6 days ago by Jay Cole 20

Driven By Your Mind

Drive A BMW i3 With Your Mind – Video

Fitted with all sorts of sensors and extra gadgetry, this BMW i3 can be driven by your mind on an enclosed track at very slow speeds. “MoneySuperMarket’s Car Insurance Epic Mind Drive gives customers a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to drive a car with their mind. Watch Carol Vorderman get in the…

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BMW i3 And Tesla Model S

Regenerative Braking: BMW i3 Versus Tesla Model S 70D

Over on BMWBLOG, you’ll find a highly detailed article on regenerative braking. The article explains this feature in depth and then discusses how various electric cars implement regenerative braking and one pedal driving. It’s a thought-provking read, so do check it out here, but be warned, it’s long. Here’s a snippet…

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Crevier BMW in Southern California had the largest turnout with over 200 people in attendance! Photo credit to Harry Lin

Cumulative Worldwide BMW i3 & BMW i8 Sales

It’s not often we come across verified worldwide figures for a single plug-in electric car, but when we do we are sure to share the numbers with you. In this instance, we’ve stumbled upon cumulative worldwide sales figures for both the BMW i3 and the BMW i8. Here are the…

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Auto Express & their BMW i3

Global BMW i Sales – June & YTD

In BMW’s June sales report, there’s this brief mention of i division sales: Sales of BMW i vehicles are up more than 65% on the same time last year, totalling 2,071 for the month. In the first half of this year, 12,562 customers took delivery of a BMW i vehicle….

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BMW i3 REx = Best Road Trip Vehicle?

BMW i3 REx Is Ultimate Road Trip Machine

What is the perfect road trip vehicle? As a teenager and young man, I formulated my vision of the ideal road trip vehicle based upon my fantasy desires of high-performance exotics. Reading about Brock Yates’ and Dan Gurney’s record-setting race from coast to coast in a Ferrari Daytona, with Gurney…

3 weeks ago by Steve Coram 44

BMW i3 Interior Teardown

BMW i3 Interior Explored In Teardown Video

The BMW i3’s interior is rather unique in that it employs several sustainable materials, some of which result in an end look that’s more crude than one would expect to see in a $45,000 BMW. In this teardown video, the BMW i3 interior is explored in tremendous detail. Of particular…

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