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Tuned BMW i8 On The Dyno

Tuned BMW i8 Pumps Out More Horsepower, Torque

BR-Performance Netherlands claims to be the first tuning company to actually extract more horsepower and torque out of the BMW i8. Typically, “tuning” for plug-in electric cars has been limited to body kits and suspension mods, but BR-Performance Netherlands wasn’t about to follow the norm. Instead, BR-Performance Netherlands set out to get…

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BMW i8 Futurism Edition

Introducing the BMW i8 Futurism Edition (w/video)

BMW Italia and Garage Italia Customs present the BMW i8 Futurism Edition. This special i8 was put together as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of BMW history in Italy. The press release from BMW explains what the artwork on the i8 depicts and provides us with some background on why…

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BMW 330e

BMW 330e iPerformance Range And Mileage Tests – Videos

For all those seriously interested in the BMW 330e iPerformance plug-in hybrid, we can recommend two video tests covering the efficiency of the plug-in. The first (above) is on the all-electric range in the city, which resulted in: range of some 27.4 km (17 miles) at +8°C/+12°C average energy consumption of 19.0…

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Iron Man BMW i8

Iron Man BMW i8

As BMWBLOG states: “Austin Mahone is an American singer and songwriter, who some often compare to Justin Bieber. While he’s yet to have the fame or money of The Bieb, he seems to have plenty of cash laying around to purchase a BMW i8.” Let’s not mention The Bieb…please. We…

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2016 BMW 330e review by

BMW 330e Test Drive Review in Australia – Video

BMW has launched its latest plug-in hybrid model 330e in Australia just this month, and as such, logged a full review of the electrified 3 Series and found out that the all-electric range of 30 km (EPA: 14 miles / 22.5 km) could cover most small commutes.  They also noted…

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Vorsteiner VR-E BMW i8

BMW i8 Aero Released By Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner, a California-based aftermarket tuning company, just introduced its Vorsteiner VR-E BMW i8. The mods are mostly aerodynamic in nature, but the focus is in using lightweight elements too. According to BMWBLOG, “Vorsteiner VR-E aerodynamics for the BMW i8 consists of a carbon fiber aero front spoiler and an aero…

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BMW i8  i Vision Future Interaction

BMW Confirms 2018 Launch Of i8 Roadster

BMW has finally put out official words that the i8 roadster/convertible is coming and it’s arriving in 2018. In a press conference during the week in Munich, Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, confirmed that the i8 roadster has been formally approved for production and that…

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