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Opening of the new BMW Brilliance engine plant and foundry in Shenyang with Oliver Zipse, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Production; Olaf Kastner, President and CEO of BMW Group Region China; Yumin Qi, Chief Executive Officer of Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd.; Xiaoan Wu, Chairman of BBA; Dr. Anton Heiss, President of BBA; Ilka Horstmeier, Senior Vice President of Production: Engines and Electric Drive Systems; Ralf Hattler, Head of Purchasing and Supplier Network, Drive Trains; as well as representatives of Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. and the local government

BMW Brilliance Announces Future Battery Production Plans

BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) – the Chinese JV between BMW and Brilliance – announced the opening of a new engine plant with a light metal foundry in Shenyang. “The new location will produce the latest generation of the BMW TwinPower Turbo three and four-cylinder petrol engines and forms part of…

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Supermodel Laps Formula E Track In BMW i3

Supermodel Laps Formula E Track In BMW i3 – Video

Formula E recently put a supermodel behind the wheel of a BMW i3. On the track! This was a risky endeavor to attract attention, but thankfully it ended well. “Brazilian supermodel, actress and Victoria’s Secret icon Alessandra Ambrosio took to the Punta del Este race circuit in a BMW i3…

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BMW i5 Rendering

BMW i5 Rendering Shows Svelte Crossover

RM Car Design has released a new set of renderings that show the BMW i5 as a svelte crossover. In this form, we think the i5 is actually rather striking. BMWBLOG points out the following: “The renderings shown here show a crossover-like design with a sloping roofline, raise driving height, i8-like…

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BMW i8 in the snow

BMW i8 In the Snow – Video

The BMW i8 is an unusual choice for winter driving. One of the owners began to explore the i8’s snow capabilities and released this first video. There probably will be more vidoes uploaded later, as the first one doesn’t have too much action. Anyways, it’s bizarre that you must use…

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BMW i8 After The Wreck

Two Survive Horrific Crash In BMW i8

Somehow, both the driver and passenger survived this horrific wreck. The passenger was able to exit the vehicle under his own power with no injuries and required no treatment. The driver fared a bit worse, suffering from a concussion and two compression fractures, but given the severity of the wreck,…

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BMW i8

Alex On Autos Test Drives & Reviews BMW i8 – Videos

There is wealth of BMW i8 presentations and test drives reviews, but as always Alex On Autos stands out from the crowd with his undisturbed, detailed presentations – especially useful for those who not only are interested in the car, but are seriously considering purchase. BMW i8 looks spectacular, is…

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BMW i8

Top Gear: BMW i8 & BMW M3 – Video

Top Gear released on its channel an older episode about a glorified Toyota Prius BMW i8 with Jeremy Clarkson when he was still working there. If you missed the previous opportunity to watch the show, now you can see how to professionally struggle with a charging connection. BMW i8 tests come…

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Lowered BMW i3

Lowered BMW i3

The standard BMW i3 is no slouch in the handling department, but as with most off-the-shelf cars, there’s room for improvement. H&R is known for producing quality lowering springs that enhance handling, while only diminishing ride quality slightly Now H&R has a lowering spring kit for the BMW i3, and European…

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BMW i3

Go Ultra Low EV Challenge Featuring BMW i3 – Video

Young British experts were asked about the BMW i3 and electric car advantages in one of the latest episodes of the Go Ultra Low campaign in the UK. The i3 was surprisingly wisely described and well received. “We set three Netmums bloggers challenges to see if ultra low emission vehicles…

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