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Not your ordinary Bimmer.

Fox News Reviews BMW i8 – Video

In this relatively short video, Gary Gastelu from Fox News takes a gander at the 2015 BMW i8. We’ll link you to some i8 specs, because it seems most video reviews do not discuss specs in detail. Gastelu loves the looks/style, performance, handling, & efficiency of the i8. Who doesn’t? You…

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Zinor Concept Next

BMW Teases Pure Electric Zinoro SUV

Set to debut next week at the Shanghai Auto Show in China, this BMW-Brilliance Zinoro Concept Next teaser shows us what appears to be a BMW X3-based pure electric SUV. We do know for certain that Concept Next features an electric powertrain, though no specific details have been released. Concept…

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The BMW i3 took Everyone By Surprise In February With Strong Sales (Image: 2015 NAIAS - Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Interview With BMW i Product Manager

At the 2015 New York Auto Show, Jose Guerrero, BMW i product manager, sat down with us to talk about the i sub-brand and the newly released X5 plug-in hybrid. First topic on the agenda catered to the “i geeks” out there. When asked about the energy capacity for the…

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BMW i3

Bloomberg Reviews BMW i3 – Video

Quite an interesting review from Bloomberg‘s Hannah Elliott, on the new BMW i3 (This one is the REx version). It is clear that Elliott is not a fan of the i3’s appearance, but that’s her opinion Elliot does a swell job presenting the BMW i3 and a few of its major specs…

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It All Starts With Cover Removal

Look Inside BMW i3 Battery Pack – Video

The whole point of this BMW i3 teardown by Munro & Associates is to thoroughly understand the i3 and then to sell Munro’s “Master Report” for nearly $500,000 to interested parties. The teardown is extremely interesting, especially this battery pack episode, but Munro’s goal to profit is questionable. Looking past…

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BMW i3

BMW Predicts 12,000 i3 Sales In U.S. For 2015

BMW North America CEO Ludwig Willisch recently made a rather confusing statement.  According to Willisch, BMW is approaching “a sustainable rate” of 12,000 i3s annually.  Or about a 1,000 per month. Why’s the statement so confusing?  Well, we originally thought that Willisch was discussing production.  Sustainable production rate of 12,000,…

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Autocrossing A BMW i8

BMW i8 Autocross Video

In the hands of an inexperienced autocrosser, the BMW i8 still seems extremely capable of carving the turns and weaving in and out of the cones. BMW i8 at GCAC. – Driver’s first-ever autocross. States the video description. GCAC?  Hmm…probably not any of these: Acronym – Definition GCAC Gulf Coast…

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