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Potential rendering of the upcoming hardcore BMW i8

Hardcore BMW i8 In The Works?

It’s rumored that BMW’s i division wants to make an even hotter version of the i8.  More power, less weight and even quicker than today’s i8, but no electric range boost is mentioned. We could possibly see this more advanced i8 sometime in 2016. The i division stated that there…

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MotorWeek BMW i3 Road Test – Video

“We plug into BMW’s future with the funky and fun i3!” Concluding the review, MotorWeek says that the BMW i3 is more desirable than any other small EV on the market today, which is probably a true statement.  However, the i3 is more expensive than any other small EV too,…

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BMW i8 Flipped

Journalist Flips BMW i8

This is one of the first serious BMW i8 crashes. According to a Facebook post, this BMW i8 flipped over in Mexico City during a test drive by a local journalist. No information was released on the cause of the crash or injuries. Judging by the photos, there is likely…

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BMW i8 Matte Copper

BMW i8 Wrapped In Matte Copper

BMW Abu Dhabi has already shown a fair amount of cool BMWs and today, they are back with another special one. This BMW i8 gets wrapped up in a beautiful copper matte wrap which then gets paired with yellow accents found on the hood, kidney grille, side mirrors and rear…

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I have an 8.8kW solar array on my home in Chester, NJ. It generates most of the electricity I use for the house and charging needs.

BMW i3 REx One Year Review

Well that went by fast. After waiting patiently for years for BMW to bring the “Megacity” car, their first production electric vehicle to market, my first year of ownership really flew by quickly. On May 21st of last year I was the first i3 REx delivery in the US. My…

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