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German Automakers

While German Automakers Colluded, Tesla Pursued Clean Energy

WHILE TESLA PURSUED CLEAN ENERGY, GERMAN AUTOMAKERS COLLUDED TO CHEAT ON EMISSIONS TESTS The dirty diesel debacle has entered a new chapter. All five of the the major German automakers are now under investigation by European and US authorities, accused of participating in a cartel that thwarted competition and stifled…

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Tesla Model S refresh

Tesla Primed To Succeed Against Big Auto

TESLA IS THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGER BRAND Going up against Big Auto is no easy task. They’re seasoned players with deep pockets and political influence. But as Big Auto continues to be complacent when it comes to their flailing electric vehicle programs. Its leaders cling to the gas pump, while Tesla electrifies — blowing past the likes of GM, Ford, and…

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BMW Provides Batteries For 3 MW Energy Storage System

Dutch company Alfen, has delivered a 3 MW energy storage system for Nuon’s Prinses Alexia Windpark in Zeewolde, the Netherlands. What we find interesting with this installation, is that the energy storage system (ESS) consists of multiple BMW car battery packs, that combine to store any surplus of wind energy, so that…

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