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The New BMW i3 Will Help Boost BMW i Brand's Worldwide Sales Which Have Recently Flattened Out Due To Poor US Demand

BMW Sold 5,128 BMW i3/i8 In The First Quarter Of 2016

The BMW i sub-brand encountered a slowdown for third consecutive month. In March 2,255 i3 and i8 plug-ins were delivered, which is down 14% year-over-year. Hopefully April will enable return to the growth. “A total of 5,128 BMW i electric vehicles have been delivered to customers worldwide in the year-to-date, with…

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BMW i3 Makita Edition

BMW Now Offers Makita Edition i3

In an effort to bring the BMW i3’s level of versatility up to that of the hundreds of thousands of SUVs on U.S. roads, BMW is launching the Makita Contractor’s Edition of its tiny electric car. The appeal here is that the Contractor’s Edition combines extreme efficiency and lightweight design…

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i3 Shown In Protonic Blue On Slide

BMW i3 Coming In Protonic Blue This Fall

The 2017 Model Year BMW i3 will get a significant increase in range, but that’s not all that’s new with the i3. According to a slide shown by BMW CEO Harald Krueger, Protonic Blue is expected to be added to the i3’s color palette. BMWBLOG adds: “In addition, the small photo…

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