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BMW i3

Reasons To Opt For REx On BMW i3

Buyers of BMW’s new i3 have a decision to make, whether to opt for the range extender or keep the pure-electric drive of the regular i3. And that decision should be made with an understanding of how you currently drive (not necessarily what you drive). I have never given great…

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i3 Drives By Followed By What Must Be The Ugliest Truck-Ish SUV Ever Made

BMW i3 – Silence Is Golden – Video

One of the most defining aspects of electric vehicles is their ability to operate in near silence. This video focuses solely on that aspect: “BMW i3 Start up and Exhaust sound.” We think that title is meant to be rather comical.  No exhaust = no exhaust sound and the start…

3 days ago by Eric Loveday 9

For those who don't know, The exhaust outlet in the i8 is hidden.

BMW i8 Fake Engine Note Revealed – Video

The Fast Lane Car shows us the new BMW i8 and the new 2015 Ford Mustang with the 2.3L I4 Ecoboost. Why? Both vehicles have at least one thing in common. The audio systems in both vehicles are used to enhance the vehicle’s engine and exhaust noise. “For those almost V8-like…

3 days ago by Mike Anthony 18

First BMW i3 In Mexico

BMW Logs First i3 Sale In Mexico

Now that sure didn’t take long. If you recall, it was just over 2 months ago when Nissan delivered its first LEAF in Mexico (or more than 3 years after the LEAF launched in the US), but for BMW’s i3, it took less than a year from its launch in…

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…Woah. The i8 attacked this turn!

MotorTrend Hot Lap Video – BMW i8

MotorTrend takes the new 2015 BMW i8 for a lap around the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca… All we can say is… Woah! The i8 and the driver gave it everything it had to get the best time possible. It surely delivered an impressive result! Who said a plug-in hybrid wasn’t fun…

5 days ago by Mike Anthony 10

BMW i Wallbox Pure (left) and BMW i Wallbox Pro (right)

Meet The BMW i Wallbox Pro

BMW expanded its Wallbox portfolio from just the base Pure model to the new Pro model, which is available in Europe and soon will be available worldwide as an Original BMW i Accessory. Both units look similar, but Pro has higher power output (7.4 kW) than Pure. There is a…

6 days ago by Mark Kane 22

BMW i3 Police Car

World’s First BMW i3 Police Car?

The police department in Geneva, Switzerland will be the first law enforcement agency to use the BMW i3 as a police car. The BMW i3 Police Car will replace this month the BMW X3 Authority Vehicle. With a population of less than 200,000 people and an area of 5.93 km2…

7 days ago by Inside EVs Staff 11

BMW i8

BMW Innovation Campaign Focuses On i8 Technology – Videos

BMW of North America will introduce a new campaign, BMW Innovations, which will highlight how the range of BMW vehicles share several key technology features with the visionary BMW i8, a plug-in hybrid high-performance vehicle. The BMW i8, with the “i” standing for innovation, exhibits futuristic design and groundbreaking technology…

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BMW i8 Fully Optioned

BMW i8 Configurator Charges Up

The 2015 BMW i8 has been available in the U.S. since August, but it wasn’t until more recently that the i8 configurator came online. Configuring the i8 is a simple process: choose a world (Mega, Giga, Terra or Pure Impulse), select a color and interior, choose your wheels and you’re…

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BMW i3 & i8 in the U.S.

Almost 6% Of BMW Car Sales In U.S. Are i3, i8

BMW quickly reached a significant level of plug-in car sales in the U.S. After delivering 1,000 plug-ins a month, the BMW i3 (with small support from i8) accounted for 4.8% of all BMW passenger cars sold in the U.S. in August and 5.7% in September. This is even more than…

2 weeks ago by Mark Kane 22