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BMW i3

BMW i3 Extended Test Drive Review

BMW North America has quietly launched an extended test drive program for its i3 and i3 Range Extender. With a small amount of paperwork, a copy of your drivers license, current automobile insurance card, you can be on your way to a three day electrifying driving experience. The i3 is…

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BMW i8 M?

BMW has no plans to make an M version of its new hybrid sports car i8, but what would it look like IF… BMW i8 hybrid sportscar is a phenomenal piece of technology and without a doubt, it showcases the future of many supercars. But that hasn’t stopped many BMW…

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BMW i8

Used BMW i8 Sells For 50% More Than MSRP

The BMW i8 is a rather unusual car, not only because of its look and drivetrain, but also because it can apparently earn money for its owner. According to Motoring Research, one of the early BMW i8 owners was able to sell his car used for £140,000, or almost 50%…

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BMW i8

BMW i8 Featured In Fully Charged – Video

Here’s the next short BMW i8 review appearing from what seems to be an endless pool. This time, Robert Llewellyn throws in his two cents on the i8 in the latest episode of Fully Charged. As a long-time Nissan LEAF owner, Robert liked hearing the engine sound again, which has…

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James May

Top Gear’s James May Discusses His BMW i3

Back in May, Top Gear’s famous host, James May, stated he was considering the new BMW i3 electric car. Part of a team which has traditionally taken great pains to paint electric cars as slow, boring, expensive and impractical, the news came a surprise. May purchased the BMW i3 REx…

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BMW i3

Consumer Reports’ BMW i3 Review – Video

Consumer Reports released a video as a complement to its BMW i3 review. A more detailed review is expected when, after nine months of waiting to take delivery, Consumer Reports will finally able to pile on the miles. For now, the price, shape and still limited range turns Consumer Reports…

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