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SCE Unveils America's Largest Battery Energy Storage Site

SCE Unveils America’s Largest Battery Energy Storage Site

Southern California Edison (SCE) unveiled the largest battery energy storage system in North America – the Tehachapi Energy Storage Project located in the Tehachapi Wind Resource Area in Tehachapi, Calif. The 6,300 square-foot facility houses 32 MWh of lithium-ion batteries with an aim to integrate more clean energy. Total cost…

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The Nissan Leaf battery module.

Dissecting the Nissan LEAF Battery (w/video)

After the fun of seeing the Tesla battery pack innards, it seems only fair to take a look at the guts of other cars’ batteries – notably the Nissan LEAF.  Most of this information comes from the salvage site Hybrid Auto Center, (and we’re in no way promoting or representing…

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Diagram illustrates the process of charging or discharging the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) electrode. As lithium ions are removed during the charging process, it forms a lithium-depleted iron phosphate (FP) zone, but in between there is a solid solution zone (SSZ, shown in dark blue-green) containing some randomly distributed lithium atoms, unlike the orderly array of lithium atoms in the original crystalline material (light blue). This work provides the first direct observations of this SSZ phenomenon.

Illustration courtesy of the authors

MIT Explores A Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery From the Inside

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently announced a new finding on long cycle life and high power of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells. “The MIT researchers found that inside this electrode, during charging, a solid-solution zone (SSZ) forms at the boundary between lithium-rich and lithium-depleted areas — the region…

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Amprius Starts Production of Lithium-Ion Batteries with Silicon Anode

California start-up Amprius, founded in 2008 by Professor Yi Cui of Stanford University, is slowly beginning the commercialization process of lithium-ion batteries with silicon anodes. For now, this technology is limited only to consumer electronics, but this could be the beginning of breakthrough battery tech for electric vehicles. Right now,…

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