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Tesla Giga Factory

Study: Big Battery Factories “Won’t Do Much To Cut Cost”

Carnegie Mellon University joins the group of institutions/experts that question the meaningfulness of large battery factories as a way to reduce battery costs. Four researchers – Professor of Engineering and Public Policy and Mechanical Engineering Jeremy Michalek, Associate Professor of Engineering and Public Policy and Materials Science Jay Whitacre, and…

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German Automaker VW Will Host Lithium-Sulfur Battery Workshop

Volkswagen Is Sole OEM Attending Lithium-Sulfur Battery Workshop

“Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden, Germany will hold its 3rd annual workshop on Lithium-sulfur batteries from 12-13 November 2014,” reports Green Car Congress. Any workshop/conference/research on lithium-sulfur interests us due to this statement by Fraunhofer: “…Lithium-sulfur batteries are the most promising choice for future energy storage systems, with novel materials such…

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(Clockwise from top) NTU Assoc Prof Chen Xiaodong with research fellow Tang Yuxin and PhD student Deng Jiyang

This Lithium-Ion Battery Can Be Recharged To 70% In 2 Minutes

Scientists at Nanyang Technology University (NTU) recently announced a major breakthrough in batteries – ultra-fast charging capability. The novelty is anode material: “In the new NTU-developed battery, the traditional graphite used for the anode (negative pole) in lithium-ion batteries is replaced with a new gel material made from titanium dioxide.”…

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Class Action Settlement On 2011 and 2012 Nissan LEAF Battery Performance Hits A Snag

United States Advanced Battery Consortium Reopens 4 High-Performance Battery Projects

United States Advanced Battery Consortium, known also as USABC—a collaborative organization operated by Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors— announced a new initiative in which it’s seeking new project proposals for the development of advanced high-performance batteries for vehicle applications. USABC reopened four requests for proposal information…

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SCE Unveils America's Largest Battery Energy Storage Site

SCE Unveils America’s Largest Battery Energy Storage Site

Southern California Edison (SCE) unveiled the largest battery energy storage system in North America – the Tehachapi Energy Storage Project located in the Tehachapi Wind Resource Area in Tehachapi, Calif. The 6,300 square-foot facility houses 32 MWh of lithium-ion batteries with an aim to integrate more clean energy. Total cost…

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The Nissan Leaf battery module.

Dissecting the Nissan LEAF Battery (w/video)

After the fun of seeing the Tesla battery pack innards, it seems only fair to take a look at the guts of other cars’ batteries – notably the Nissan LEAF.  Most of this information comes from the salvage site Hybrid Auto Center, (and we’re in no way promoting or representing…

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