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Rooftop Solar Array At Chevrolet Bolt' Engine Factory

$13 Million In Funding Offered For Sustainable Solar, Advanced Batteries & More

According to Green Car Congress, the “US National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (CBET) has issued a funding opportunity announcement (PD 15-7644) for the award of an estimated $13,093,000.” The funding supports research into “sustainable production (and storage) of electricity and fuels.” Funding opportunities…

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fully charged

Fully Charged – Battery Special

It’s an all-battery episode of Fully Charged! It’s a battery special. This episode looks at the stories we’ve been told about batteries and the reality that is emerging. Will we ‘throw them away’ after 3 years as predicted by someone, 3 years ago. Robert Llewellyn examines several of the myths…

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musk tweet battery

Elon Musk Responds To Alleged “Battery Breakthroughs”

Likely in response to this article “Ultra-fast charging aluminum battery offers safe alternative to conventional batteries” posted at PhysOrg, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk posted this on his Twitter account: The “breakthrough” battery discussed in the PhysOrg article is of the aluminum-ion variety.  Problem is the article does not list…

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FEV North America

Details On FEV’s Liquid-Cooled, High-Performance PHEV Battery

FEV North America announced at the 2015 SAE World Congress (Detroit, Michigan) a novel liquid-cooled, high performance battery intended for PHEV applications. As we understand the press release (sadly without any graphics) FEV’s cooling concept is to use liquid-cooled modules, so no coolant passes between the cells. The demonstration battery pack…

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