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Battery Technology – The Future Of Electric Cars

Want to know the future of electric cars? First you have to understand where battery technology is going, and more importantly—when. You think, if Tesla is selling fast, long-range EVs today, and Chevy has announced its “200-mile” Bolt, why can’t BMW build its own new 200-mile i-model before 2020? Why,…

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This schematic depicts a process for converting waste packing peanuts into high-performance carbon electrodes for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that outperform conventional graphite electrodes, representing an environmentally friendly approach to reuse the waste. (Purdue University image/Vinodkumar Etacheri)

New Process Converts Packing Peanuts Into Battery Component

Purdue University researchers found a new second use of waste packing peanuts besides the ultimate fun box for cats. Postdoctoral research associate Vinodkumar Etacheri said: “We were getting a lot of packing peanuts while setting up our new lab. Professor Vilas Pol suggested a pathway to do something useful with…

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Tesla Model S battery degradation data

Tesla Model S Battery Degradation Data

Batteries in general lose capacity over time and use, which for electric cars means lower range with every mile driven and every passing day. How quick the capacity fade is remains mostly unknown as manufacturers typically provide only general information. In the case of Tesla Model S, the warranty does…

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Steve Levine: The Powerhouse

The Powerhouse: A Discussion of the Battery War (w/video)

On February 5, Viking released “The Powerhouse: Inside the Invention of a Battery to Save the World”. The book “…follows a small group of scientists engaged in a battery war among four nations — the U.S., China, Japan and South Korea.” *Available for purchase on here Using the book…

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Boston-Power Targets Own Gigafactory

Boston-Power secured $290 million in “financial support” from Chinese government agencies in late 2014 to expand its battery factories to GWh levels. “The company claims that this latest funding event allows Boston-Power to grow its Liyang facility fivefold by 2016 and expand its Tianjin facility capacity to 4 gigawatt-hours by…

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