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Top 5 Tesla Model X Tips & Tricks – Video

YouTube channel Like Tesla posted this fun video showing off some little known tips and tricks about the Model X. We are not talking about the Falcon Wing doors, or light shows, or anything that may be typical knowledge. These are service technician secrets, or strange discoveries that only an inquisitive…

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Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot Now Adheres To Speed Limits On Roads

As Tesla continues to apply incremental updates to its Autopilot software, safety is the number one priority. Some owners may feel a sense of security knowing that Tesla is enhancing safety features, while others may be concerned that the car is too “controlling.” Nonetheless, the Tesla Autopilot software is now…

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Tesla Autopilot

Consumer Watchdog Calls For “Recall” Of Tesla Autopilot Feature

Consumer Watchdog, a “nationally-recognized, California-based, non-profit consumer education and advocacy organization” is calling for a U.S. “recall” of Tesla’s Autopilot due to a “growing list of crashes” that the Watchdog groups believes to be linked to Autopilot, which is deemed unsafe by the consumer advocacy organization. Consumer Watchdog states: “Earlier…

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Autopilot Data - Image Via Mitch Turck

Tesla Autopilot Data: 1.3 Billion Miles And Counting

Tesla has provided some updated data on the number of miles logged both passively and actively for its autopilot system According to Tesla. even if autopilot isn’t engaged, the system still logs those miles and learns from the driver’s input. For example, the system will record data on speed, steering…

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