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Hyundai Presents Autonomous IONIQ Electric Prototype at 2017 CES

Hyundai demonstrated its autonomous driving technology abilities in the form of a self-driving IONIQ prototype at CES this week, as a follow-up to the EV’s debut in California late last year. The Korean manufacturer is currently conducting trials in various urban environments, and plans gradual market introduction of the features found in…

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Now this bridge seems a little more EV supercar-approved

Mobileye To Provide Autonomous Vehicle Technology For Lucid EVs

Lucid Motors has announced a collaboration on autonomous driving tech with Mobileye N.V. Lucid intends to equip its 1,000+ hp, 400 mile all-electric Air luxury supercar cars with a complete sensor suite for full autonomous driving from day one, including cameras, radar and lidar sensors. For its part, the Israeli autonomous…

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Hyundai Motor Company Presents Self Driving IONIQ with Hidden LiDAR

First Ride In Hyundai’s Autonomous IONIQ Electric

Hyundai first presented its autonomous driving program housed inside a new IONIQ Electric at the at the Los Angeles Auto Show this past November (see video above). The all-electric car was equipped with a hidden LiDAR system in its front bumper – in order to better look like any other car on the road … and…

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