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4 years ago

Nissan Is Anxious To Get The New 2013 LEAFs (shown above at this year's NAIAS) Into Customer's Hands

Nissan Prices New LEAF S Model At $28,800, Puts Plug-In Competition on Notice

Nissan took a huge leap forward today in pricing the entry level LEAF at $28,800.  That is $6,400 cheaper (about 18% less) than the most inexpensive 2012 model on sale today.  With the federal incentive applied, you are talking a very enticing $21,300, and as low as $18,800 in California once their…

4 years ago

Nissan Shows Off The 2013 Nissan LEAF SL

2013 Nissan LEAF Overview And Specifications

Today Nissan announced that production of the 2013 LEAF had begun in Smyrna, TN.  And in so doing released many of the details and specifications on the new EV. A full (and insanely detailed) listing of all the changes are below, but Nissan does highlight some of the finer points of…

4 years ago

Nissan LEAF Production Will Expand To Smyrna (TN), Next Month

US Nissan LEAF Battery Production Underway For 2013 LEAF, Sales Begin First Quarter of 2013

About a week ago the grand opening ceremony of Nissan’s new electric car battery plant in Smyrna was cancelled.  This led some to speculated it had something to do with the LEAF’s relatively slow sales to date, or a possible hiccup in the manufacturing process. InsideEVs got in touch with a…

4 years ago

One of the Oldest LEAF Images in Our Database

Nissan Officially Announces 2013 LEAF In Japan. More Range, Less Money, New Functionality

Nissan has announced the release in Japan of the updated 2013 Nissan LEAF, which has received a number of improvements as well as a new low cost entry level model. “The affordable S grade has been added for the new model year and joins the ongoing G and X grades. There is no…