• Jay Cole – Besides founding InsideEVs, Jay currently serves as Editor-in-Chief, and brings with him almost a decade of insider reporting on EVs, as well as close industry contacts.  Jay is a noted writer and is recognized for his remarkable talent for extracting the truth behind automotive news and delivering it with an incredible flair of humor.

Editor – Content Director:

  • Eric Loveday – A Detroit native, and University of Michigan grad with a degree in journalism, Eric brings a strong enthusiasm for electric cars and a lifelong passion for automobiles.  Previously, Eric wrote at Autoblog, AutoblogGreen, PluginCars and All Cars Electric.


  • Sebastian Blanco – Sebastian has 20 years of experience as a freelance writer and editor, and had been Editor in Chief of since its inception in 2006. Well known in the industry, Blanco has appeared on the BBC, NPR, and many other news outlets as an expert commentator on the subject of green transportation.  Currently Sebastian also serves as Senior Green Car Editor at Motor 1.

European Correspondent:

  • Mark Kane – Based out of Europe, Mark brings InsideEVs the beat on what is happening internationally.  Like much of the staff, Mark has been reporting on electric cars long before any were commercially available.  Mark’s passion for racing and motorcycles brings unique coverage to InsideEVs.

Writers/Occasional Freelance Contributors:

  • Steven Loveday: Steve is Detroit-based and grew up surrounded by autos. His first passion is music. He has a Master’s Degree in music and has been involved in performing and teaching throughout his life. He is a professor at the Art Institute of Michigan, in Novi. Steve has always loved writing as a creative outlet and has been writing and editing for enjoyment for several years. He also writes for U.S. News Best Cars.
  • Alex Wai – based in Hong Kong, covering local and Asia region EV news. One of the founding members of ChargedHK, a group promoting EVs in the city. Strong interest in EV and related technology.
  • Tom Moloughney: Longtime EV advocate and director at Plug In America. Tom has been driving electric since 2009 when he was in the MINI-E trial lease program and maintains blogs related to his electric driving experiences.
  • Ted Dillard – Ted is an evangelist for all things electric. He writes The Electric Chronicles (devoted to two-wheeled electric vehicles), and is the author of ...from Fossils to Flux , a basic guide to building an electric motorcycle. When he’s not in his garden or in his shop working on his next electric project, he can be found at
  • Mark Hovis: Retired engineer, who worked in the metrology field for 20 years. First with Brown & Sharpe Mfg. (which is now Hexagon Metrology), later to form his own engineering firm MEAS Inc..  Mark is a PV-EV enthusiast who enjoys breaking down the basics of EVs as well as accepting the challenge of responding to the technical myths about EVs.
  • Peder Norby: Living and Driving on Sunshine. Peder and his wife have driven over 100,000 EV miles powered by sunshine. Peder serves as Chairman of the San Diego County Planning Commission.  Peder currently owns 3 EVs from BMW, including an i8
  • Michael Beinenson is based in Atlanta and runs a small business helping individuals and corporate clients take advantage of all available tax credits. He is also the president of EV Club of the South and has been a local Drive Electric Week captain for the past 3 years. Michael has been very involved in the metro Atlanta EV community for the past several years and is promoting electric mobility and sustainability in Georgia.
  • George Betak: George Betak is an engineer and a technology enthusiast. George grew up in Southern Germany, and began following electric cars when he was in college. His professional career started at BMW FIZ in Munich, and most recently he has worked with Motorola and Yahoo. George co-founded the San Francisco BayLEAFs, which focuses on education and public outreach.
  • Tony Williams:  Airline pilot and electric vehicle aficionado,  early EV adopter and supplier of ‘add-on’ accessories for EVs.  Integral part of low capacity LEAF testing in 2012.
  • George Bower: George Bower is a retired mechanical engineer and 3 year Volt owner who lives in Arizona. His engineering career was spent at AiResearch Manufacturing Company in Phoenix, Arizona (now Honeywell). He specialized in design, development and testing of auxiliary power units for commercial and military applications such as the Boeing 777 airliner the A320 airliner as well as the B1 and B2 bomber, and the F15 strike fighter. His interests now lie in energy conversion, sustainability and of course EV’s. He grew his EV wings as a supporter of Lyle Dennis’s work on the Chevrolet Volt.
  • Mike Anthony: – YouTube partner, videographer, photographer, & electric vehicle enthusiast. Within a matter of minutes, EVs took Mike by surprise & he went from overlooking them to wanting them to be the future of all transportation. Mike’s goal is to show the world the EVs potential & to debunk common negative stereotypes.
  • ElectricCarsTV – was an internet property dedicated to bringing plug-in news to the public only through video, it has since joined the InsideEVs’ family
  • Eric Cote – As well as contributor and part-time editor for InsideEVs, Eric is an Electrical and Computer Engineer with over 10 years of experience in Defense-related research and development.
  • Josh Bryant – in addition to advocating for electric vehicles via the written word, Josh also heads up EV Badges (a symbol to unite the EV community), a portion of the proceeds goes to support Plug-In America
  • David Murray:  I.T. Administrator by day, YouTube content creator by night.  Long time EV enthusiast, having built his own EV years ago, converted several hybrids to plug-ins, and now has a Leaf and Volt in the family with plans on a Tesla at some point in the future.