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Tesla Bonds Raise More Funds Than Expected

It really comes as no surprise that once again, Tesla raised more money than planned with its recent high-yield junk bond offering. Last week, Tesla set out to raise another $1.5 billion last week via a debt offering. The company aimed to cover the amount through the sale of senior…

3 days ago by Steven Loveday 31

Why Do Electric Vehicles Only Have 1 Gear? – Video

Engineering Explained, in partnership with the Formula E, explained the topic of a single-gear transmission, a set-up typically utilized in electric vehicles. There are of course examples of two and three speed transmissions, but in general EVs don’t need to change gears, as electric motors still work great with a fixed ratio….

3 days ago by Mark Kane 36

Rolls-Royce Says Yes To Electric, No To Hybrids

Autonomous technologies also don’t have high priority within the company. Rolls-Royce wants to skip a step in the development process of its future vehicles. Instead of working on hybrid cars as a temporary solution until EVs arrive, the British luxury marque will focus on entirely electric technologies. Torsten Müller-Otvös, CEO…

3 days ago by Anthony Karr 1