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“Smooth As Silk” Tesla Autopilot Tested – Video

AP2_17_22_46 1 from James Hansbert on Vimeo. A video test of the latest Tesla Autopilot 2 system in action (v8.1 17.22.46) by James Hansbert, which made Elon Musk excited because of the smooth as silk feeling of the control algorithm, has hit the airwaves. Now, whether or not it is…

3 days ago by Mark Kane 6

Tesla Model 3

Analyst Says Tesla Stock Price Could Soar To $464

Berenberg, a German private banking firm, upgraded Tesla to a ‘Buy’ rating and bumped up its share target price nearly 30 percent. Berenberg previously had Tesla stock on ‘Hold’ status, with a price forecast of only $193. But now, the firm says that Tesla will not face notable competition from…

3 days ago by Steven Loveday 8

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTE Put Through Its Paces – Video

The latest Volkswagen Golf GTE, after a recent facelift and price reduction (full details), gets a casual 2 minute once-over detailed walk-through and test drive by Autogefühl. According to the comprehensive review, it’s a smooth and trouble free Golf, one that combines the best of all the model’s lineup (Golf,…

4 days ago by Mark Kane 4

Renault Kangoo EV Wireless Charging

Dynamic EV Charging At Up To 60 MPH – Video

Here is a little more detail about the 20 kW wireless dynamic charging project that Qualcomm and Renault (among 23 other partners) conducted in France last month. The 100 meter long test track consists of four 25 meter stubs, that are powered according to the needs of the charge vehicle (or vehicles)…

4 days ago by Mark Kane 2