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Tesla Model S driving uk rhd 2

Tesla Model S Teardown

IHS’ Teardown Analysis Service recently released its initial report from its Tesla Model S autopsy. The first part is mainly focused on infotainment and instrumentation systems, while in the second part there is short overview of parts like printed circuit boards, charger, motor and battery modules. Andrew Rassweiler, Senior Director…

2 days ago by Mark Kane 9

New Tesla Assembly Facility in Tilburg, Netherlands

Tesla Triples Assembly Space In Europe With 2nd Tilburg Location

A little over a year ago Tesla opened a 18,900 square meter assembly facility in Tilburg, Netherlands. Apparently they undershot what the company would require, as Tesla has decided on adding a much larger, sustainable addition, to their current location located nearby. This new building adds both a assembly facility/dock and a…

2 days ago by Jay Cole 27

BMW i3

Reasons To Opt For REx On BMW i3

Buyers of BMW’s new i3 have a decision to make, whether to opt for the range extender or keep the pure-electric drive of the regular i3. And that decision should be made with an understanding of how you currently drive (not necessarily what you drive). I have never given great…

2 days ago by Inside EVs Staff 16