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BMW i3 Will Shock You

BMW i3 Will Shock You – Video

Not literally. “The BMW i3 will “SHOCK” you with how good it is for a city commuter.” Writes the BMW i3 reviewer seen in this video. The reviewer continues: “Maybe I was too quick to judge but this car is pretty impressive for what it is.  Its roomy and the…

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Porsche 918

Porsche 918 Spyder Hits The Road In London – Video

“How can one of the fastest cars on the planet, drive silently through the streets of London emitting no noise or carbon dioxide?” Asks Porsche, in reference to the plug-in hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder. Porsche chief driving instructor Gordon Robertson takes the 918 Spyder through London to show us exactly…

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Charging a Chevy Volt at the Workplace

“Workplace Charging Sells Vehicles,” Says Director of Electric Power Research Institute

“Workplace charging sells vehicles,” stated Mark Duvall, director of Electric Transportation and Energy Storage at the Electric Power Research Institute, in a recent phone interview with Navigant Research. From that statement, as well as from evaluating the atmosphere surrounding workplace chargers, Navigant concludes the following: “One of the keys to…

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Tesla Model S In China

China Exempts Electric Vehicles From 10% Purchase Tax

As we’ve detailed in the recent past, China is taking some significant strides to support the roll out of electric vehicles. The latest move by China is to waive a 10 percent purchase tax on electric vehicles  “as part of expanded measures to combat pollution and cut energy dependence,” according…

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