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Toyota Aygo

Electric Toyota Aygo In The Works?

According to media reports, the next generation of Toyota Aygo could be all-electric. Currently the Aygo is produced in partnership with PSA Group in the Czech Republic, as one of the JV’s triplets (Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 108, Citroen C1). The Aygo is classed as a “city car” and has been offered…

2 days ago by Mark Kane 24

Tesla store

Ireland To Get Its First Tesla Store In 2017

Ireland lives to see its first Tesla Motors store next year in Dublin, along with a service center and four Supercharging stations. It’s expected that the store will ultimately be combined with the service center. Additionally, Tesla intends to install its first four Supercharging stations in the country – so…

2 days ago by Mark Kane 3

Recently grainy Atieva Atvus image uncovered by Recode may have prompted the company to put forward some more appealing PR for the upcoming EV

Atieva Atvus Electric Sedan Leaks Out

The first grainy image of the Atieva Atvus (a so-called Tesla Model S competitor) has leaked out via Recode. As the story goes, some documents connected to Atvus were filed with the state of California and uncovered (via a public record request) by Recode. Among those documents is this side profile…

2 days ago by Eric Loveday 9