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Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Road Test Review

So far, there been perhaps only a handful or two of Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid review. So, when we’re asked: What’s it like to drive?  Our answer is as follows. Having a luxury sport sedan that’s very powerful with jaw dropping excitement and very low emissions or sometimes even zero…

1 day ago by Mike Anthony 20

Here It Is, The "Dream Of Every Car Owner In Britain"

Electric Car Promotion Circa 1967 – video

It’s always fun to turn back time and hear what the “EV future” will hold.  What type of plug-in Utopia was in store for the world in 1967?  Perhaps the Ford Comuta! Despite there only being 2 of them in existence at the time, and absolutely zero emission regulations on the table…

2 days ago by Jay Cole 9

Saleen Tesla Model S

Saleen Tesla Model S – More Images and Details

Yesterday, we broke news of Saleen releasing the first Saleen Tesla Model S rendering. Today, there are more images available of this tuned Tesla Model S. While we still don’t know if Saleen intends to tweak the Model S powertrain, we do get a hint that Saleen’s vision of the…

2 days ago by Eric Loveday 14

Ok, The Renault Twizy Convertible Looks Like A Lot Of Fun Drive - But Also A Deathtrap At The Same Time (via Green Motor)

Rendered: LEAF, Twizy + Zoe Convertible

  There is just something about electric cars that makes us wish they would also be offered in convertible trims – perhaps it has something to do with the allure of a quiet drive with the wind in your hair. Recently, the fellows at GreenMotor UK asked the question “Where are…

2 days ago by Jay Cole 5