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Model S License Plate Removal

Tesla Model S Front License Plate Delete – How-To Video

It’s come to our attention (via InsideEVs contributor Michael Beinenson who recently took delivery of a refreshed Tesla Model P90DL in Atlanta himself) that Tesla apparently now fits all of its new cars with a front license plate…regardless of legal necessity. The Tesla store representative in Atlanta says the fitment…

2 days ago by Eric Loveday 45

faraday future

Faraday Future Eyes Land In California For Site #2

Faraday Future, new electric car start-up, is working on preliminary negotiations to build a second manufacturing site. The site would be located on Mare Island in Vallejo, California. If the project is approved, it will become the first auto manufacturing plant built from “scratch” in California in many years. The…

2 days ago by Steven Loveday 7


Flux Capacitor Burns Up The Tarmac – Video

Video description: “Electric vehicles are usually known for making quiet, even serene, progress. Not Jonny Smith’s Flux Capacitor, Europe’s quickest street legal EV. Here it is burning up the Tarmac and chewing up tyres at Car Fest.” Well, Jonny Smith’s Flux Capacitor is no ordinary electric car. Earlier this year,…

2 days ago by Eric Loveday 8

Zombie Wrapped Model S - Credit Scandinano

Zombie Apocalypse Tesla Model S

One of Norway’s premier car-wrapping companies called Scandinano (solfilm, foliering) decided to wrap a Tesla Model S in a zombie apocalypse theme. The result is both gruesome and head-turning. Google Translates provides us with this crude description: Excellent cool Tesla S is foiled with Zombie Style 🙂 We’ve added unique…

3 days ago by Eric Loveday 15