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Bicyclist Collides With Nissan LEAF

Bicyclist Collides With Nissan LEAF – Video

“Bicycle runs a red light at S 9th Street and Snyder Avenue in Philadelphia PA, then gets hit by a Nissan LEAF.” States the video description. These bicycle/car incidents are all too common, which makes a vehicle’s pedestrian safety score all the more important. The LEAF scores 65% in pedestrian…

1 day ago by Eric Loveday 29

Battery Cells

Battery Technology – The Future Of Electric Cars

Want to know the future of electric cars? First you have to understand where battery technology is going, and more importantly—when. You think, if Tesla is selling fast, long-range EVs today, and Chevy has announced its “200-mile” Bolt, why can’t BMW build its own new 200-mile i-model before 2020? Why,…

1 day ago by Inside EVs Staff 58

New BEV Registrations in France (Passenger & LCV) – February 2015

All-Electric Car Sales In France Doubled In February

February was yet another good month for all-electric car sales in France. The market doubled to 1,397 new registrations and 0.7% market share. In February of the previous year, sales were just 706. Most of the growth comes from passenger cars – 1,084, an improvement of 164%. Light delivery vehicles…

2 days ago by Mark Kane 4

BMW i3 Reviewed By Tall Guys

A Tall Driver’s Review Of BMW i3 – Video

If you happen to be on the tall side (6’5” or ever taller), then finding a suitable car can be difficult. Fortunately, there are two tall guys who review cars purely from the tall-guy perspective: “Spenser, 6’6″, and Henry, 6’7″, review the BMW i3 Mega City Vehicle for its roominess….

2 days ago by Electric CarsTV 20

Map Of Malaysia

Malaysia To Get 300 Public Charging Stations

Of course, without a charging network, there’s like to be few electric cars on the roads. To facilitate the sales/use of EVs, Malaysia will install 300 public charging stations this year alone.  As FMT News reports: “A National Electric Mobility Action Plan has been approved to promote and encourage use of electric…

2 days ago by Mike Anthony 1