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Aladdin Magic Carpet

Aladdin Magic Carpet – Video

Aladdin’s magic carpet recently was spotted in the U.S. and we have it on the tape. It’s almost like an electric skateboard with remote control and it sure looks like it would be a blast to ride. Now we just need to find the lamp from Aladdin, as we have…

2 days ago by Mark Kane 10

Toroidion 1MW Concept on the go

Toroidion 1MW Concept Presented In New Video

The 1,000 kW, AWD sports car, Toroidion 1MW Concept, developed in Finland, lives on to at least see itself in this new video. There is not much to know about this car, but we hope to see it in production…so that it can smash some ICE supercars. With two 200 kW…

3 days ago by Mark Kane 8