VW XL1 Barcelona

I Found The Last VW XL1 For Sale In All Of Spain

Visiting Barcelona, Spain this weekend, my hotel was conveniently located next to the Catalunya Volkswagen storefront. Why was this convenient, other than the fact that I’m here with corporate sibling Audi to learn about the new A8? Well, because just sitting there in the big glass window was what turns…

4 weeks ago by Sebastian Blanco 27

Electric Volkswagen Thing Springs To Life

The latest Icon Derelict combines a classic VW and modern EV into a perfect package. Icon and its founder Jonathan Ward regularly create amazing machines like thoroughly restored and upgraded Toyota FJ40 Land Cruisers. For the latest in its line of one-off restomods called Derelicts, the team creates its first…

1 month ago by Chris Bruce 11

June 2017 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

We imagine the interest in June’s plug-in electric vehicle sales report is at a year-low right now. And not because the sales were off (they weren’t), but because possibly the most anticipated EV launch of all times goes down in July, taking the focus off this month’s results.  We of course…

1 month ago by Jay Cole 93

Volkswagen Golf GTE Test Drive Review By Fully Charged

A new Volkswagen Golf GTE was recently test driven by the Fully Charged’s Jonny Smith, who really seemed to enjoy the experience, calling it “dialed in” and a “driver’s car”.  Against its peers, Smith says that the VW is a notch above, noting that many other plug-ins “aren’t really catered for driving enthusiasts” The…

1 month ago by Mark Kane 27

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTE Put Through Its Paces – Video

The latest Volkswagen Golf GTE, after a recent facelift and price reduction (full details), gets a casual 2 minute once-over detailed walk-through and test drive by Autogefühl. According to the comprehensive review, it’s a smooth and trouble free Golf, one that combines the best of all the model’s lineup (Golf,…

2 months ago by Mark Kane 4