Myth #4

Mythbuster: Volkswagen e-Golf Ugly Commercial

Ugly?  We’ll, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what’s ugly is dependent upon one’s own opinion. Regardless, the Mythbuster is confronted with the “all EVs are ugly” myth and who he responds is priceless. “Myth #04: Electric cars look ugly compared to most cars.” “Just when the…

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Myth #3

Mythbuster: Volkswagen e-Golf Slow Commercial

Electric vehicles…every last one of them…are slow.  That’s a fact.  Or is it? “Myth #03: Electric cars aren’t very fast.” “The Mythbuster doesn’t need an excuse to go for a drive in his e-Golf. However if people insist on spreading falsehoods about all electric cars being slow then he’ll happily…

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Myth #1

Mythbusting – Volkswagen e-Golf Range Commercial

Some say Volkswagen isn’t committed to plug-in vehicles. Well, that attitude towards VW will likely die off soon, especially with advertisements such as the VW e-Golf “Goodbye Gas” spot seen a couple months back and this “Mythbuster” spot shown here: “Myth #01: The driving range of an electric car isn’t very…

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Bosch Power Max Charging Station

Volkswagen Selects ChargePoint, Bosch For e-Golf Charging

To expand upon Yesterday’s news flash post on Volkswagen and ChargePoint, here’s our more detailed look at what the partnership includes. Volkswagen selected ChargePoint and Bosch to provide charging infrastructure for the upcoming 2015 e-Golf in the US. Bosch Automotive Service Solutions will supply Power Max home charging station and…

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All-electric passenger cars registrations in Norway – June 2014

Norway All-Electric Vehicle Sales Report June 2014

Electric car sales are still growing in Norway leaving behind the 10% market share mark. In June, new passenger all-electric registrations amounted to 1,446 which is over thousand more than in June of 2013.  June 2014 brings the second highest result in terms of market share – 12.6% according to…

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VW XL1 in Geneva

Volkswagen XL1 Priced From £98,515 In UK

The Volkswagen XL1 is now available to order in the UK, though you need to act quickly if you’d like to secure one of the 30 XL1s planned for export to the UK. According to Volkswagen, the XL1 carries a base price of £98,515 ($168,974 USD), which is certainly expensive,…

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e-Golf Battery Pack Install

Volkswagen e-Golf Production – Video

Production of Volkswagen’s first-ever mass-produced pure electric vehicle, the VW e-Golf, has been underway for a couple of months now, but we’ve yet to see video of the e-Golf getting assembled. Until now… As this video shows, the Volskwagen e-Golf runs down the same Wolfsburg assembly lines as its ICE…

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