VW e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf Battery Removal – Video

Volkswagen e-Golf is slowly becoming more popular, so now we can spot some videos more often. Here is a battery removal video, nothing fancy, but it does provide us with an opportunity to compare the pack to other EVs. e-Golf uses: 24.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack 264 cells 25 Ah…

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Real Time EV Sales Reporting and Historical Charts Can Be Found Here

August 2015 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

If you have been a follower of plug-in vehicle sales in the United States this year, then you knew this month was coming – the bottom of the barrel as it were.   Compared to a year ago, August 2015 is EV sales-armageddon!  Put another way, with only the last inventory scraps of the first…

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Best Selling BEV In Europe For July

Tesla Model S was the best selling all-electric car in Western Europe last month, according to EagleAID. 1,106 Model S were enough to take 1st place ahead of 1,011 Nissan LEAFs, 980 Renault ZOEs and 928 Volkswagen e-Golfs. Those are the most popular BEV models in Europe this summer. For…

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BMW i3

Volkswagen e-Golf Versus BMW i3 REx – Video

Here is another comparison of Volkswagen e-Golf and BMW i3 (REx version). Both models belong in different classes, but this doesn’t prevent comparisons. As this is a base introduction review (first drive and overall comparison), it’s more suited for new customers or the general public. Funny thing is that the…

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Volkswagen e-Golf.

VWVortex Volkswagen e-Golf Review

Volkswagen fan website, vwvortex.com, released in July a review of the VW e-Golf; and it’s always interesting to see a new sub-brand reviewed by enthusiasts. Review by author Will Barber began with some skepticism, mainly because of “range anxiety”. Among insights, Barber finds the look of the e-Golf much like the conventional…

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Volkswagen Group Slide

Volkswagen Group Slide Shows Plug-In Electric Car Plans

From viewing this slide, it appears that Volkswagen group will at least dabble in all forms of alternative transportation technologies, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, pure electric and fuel cells. What’s more, all of these technologies will presumably be offered across all of VW Group’s 3 core brands (Volkswagen, Audi &…

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Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport concept

Volkswagen Selects LG Electronics As Battery Partner Under FAST Initiative

Volkswagen Group announced the first 44 suppliers nominated under the new FAST “Future Automotive Supply Tracks” initiative, which includes strategic partners for future projects. “These suppliers were chosen for their outstanding performance in their respective field of competence based on a systematic selection process. Volkswagen Group Procurement is responding to the…

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Ford Is Expected To Compete For Most EVs Sold In April With Their Surging Fusion and C-Max Energi Products

July EV Sales In The US Drops, As Ford And BMW Take The Lead

Ford is currently the only major plug-in automaker building cars that isn’t currently working through a generational switchover, product upgrade, demand/production crisis – or on an extended assembly hiatus. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, Ford lead the pack for the first time since February with almost 1,700 plug-ins sold in July of 2015, None of Ford’s plug-in vehicles…

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May Sales, Lead By The Nissan LEAF and Fusion Energi Look Make It Three Good Monthly Results In A Row

July 2015 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

Heading into July, plug-in sales in America had surprisingly crossed the 10,000-mark 2 months in a row, and 3 of the last four – but July is the end of the pleasant surprises, as the EV consumer’s anticipation for 3 new offerings in September is crushing sales dreams this month. With…

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Volkswagen Passat GTE Variant

Volkswagen Passat GTE Test Drive Review

Autocar recently tested the 2015 Volkswagen Passat GTE, which is entering the on-sale phase in a growing number of countries in Europe. The Passat GTE was named a very practical electric car with useful EV range and at the same time a long-distance cruiser with decent fuel consumption. We must…

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