2017 Tesla Model S P100D In Australia – Video Review

The top of the line Tesla Model S P100D has finally reached Australia, but is damn expensive there – retailing from around $250,000. noted that latest Tesla Model S is: the most powerful sedan currently on the market (580kW and 1250Nm) quickest production sedan the largest cabins in the…

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Video Explores Truths Behind EV Emissions Claims

It’s actually true that manufacturing an electric car (especially a Tesla, due to the large battery) produces more emissions than that of an ICE car, however … We have heard the arguments time and time again. There are so many variables that make the lifecycle emissions comparison between EVs and…

3 weeks ago by Steven Loveday 75

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Interior Comes Into View – Video

Is this our clearest look yet at the production interior for the upcoming Tesla Model 3? CNET Roadshow has assembled video via images obtained by Teslarati. Here’s a screen grab from the video (image credit – Teslarati via Wayne). As Teslarati explains: “Teslarati obtained the following never-before-seen photos showing a…

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Blue Tesla Model 3 Spotted – Video

This taped-up Tesla Model 3 stands out not because it looks sweet, but rather due to the extensive amount of tape on its exterior. The tape likely adheres and conceals some wiring, but what’s the wiring for? After seeing several Model 3s on the road that look basically production ready,…

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