Supermodel Laps Formula E Track In BMW i3

Supermodel Laps Formula E Track In BMW i3 – Video

Formula E recently put a supermodel behind the wheel of a BMW i3. On the track! This was a risky endeavor to attract attention, but thankfully it ended well. “Brazilian supermodel, actress and Victoria’s Secret icon Alessandra Ambrosio took to the Punta del Este race circuit in a BMW i3…

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Ford - Self-propelled unicycle engagable with vehicle (patent)

Ford Patents Batman-Like Electric Unicycle

Will the next Ford Focus Electric get an electric unicycle option? No…but check this out. In December, Ford Global Technologies published this patent – “Self-propelled unicycle engagable with vehicle” (Patent Number: US 9,211,932). The idea is to have a wheel with own electric motor and battery, that could be disengaged…

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BMW i8 in the snow

BMW i8 In the Snow – Video

The BMW i8 is an unusual choice for winter driving. One of the owners began to explore the i8’s snow capabilities and released this first video. There probably will be more vidoes uploaded later, as the first one doesn’t have too much action. Anyways, it’s bizarre that you must use…

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