BMW i3 On Autoline

Autoline: BMW i3 Deep Dive – Video

The BMW i3 is the focus of this episode of Autoline After Hours.  Special guests John Kelly, BMW product manager, and Gary Witzenburg, freelance auto writer with previous connections to GM’s EV1 program, are on hand to discuss the i3. The i3 discussion is at the start of the video…

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BMW i3

Volkswagen e-Golf Versus BMW i3 REx – Video

Here is another comparison of Volkswagen e-Golf and BMW i3 (REx version). Both models belong in different classes, but this doesn’t prevent comparisons. As this is a base introduction review (first drive and overall comparison), it’s more suited for new customers or the general public. Funny thing is that the…

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Time To Climb

Testing Chevrolet Volt Mountain Mode – Video

Gotta love videos like this… “A demonstration of mountain mode on the 2012 Chevy volt going over the Coquahala highway in British Columbia Canada, and to debunk poorly written review by a Vancouver Sun reporter that claimed that he was too nervous to drive it over this mountain range because…

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Fully Charged and Insane

Fully Charged Video: Tesla Model S P85D

Robert Llewellyn recently tested the Tesla Model S P85D in the UK and compared it with his own S85. And unlike most of the other reviews, finally someone says that Insane mode of acceleration is insane (not in a good way). This is not a car for everybody, and we…

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Tesla Model S 70D

Tesla Model S 70D Test Drive – Video

In typical Fox News fashion, there’s an emphasis on the Model S’ drawbacks (mostly its high price tag), but the reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the 70D version of the Model S, just like he did the fully optioned, high-end Model S he drove and reviewed a couple of years back: “Test…

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