…. Whoa.

LEGO Tesla Logo & Supercharger – Videos

Growing up with LEGOs, I almost started drooling watching the video above & the one below. The video above is Adrian Drake’s Tesla Motors logo creation. He is a Model S owner! As you can see, it gets extremely narrow at the bottom. As he has stated, people get nervous…

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Which one do you like?

Former Stig Drives Electric Cars On The Track – Video

Former Top Gear Stig, Ben Collins takes a spin in 7 different mid-range &/or lower-price range plug-in electric cars with 7 different passengers. The 7 passengers were part of this “Daily Telegraph competition winner” thing, and they will be testing these vehicles at the Millbrook test track. In the short video…

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Bjørn Nyland’s Tesla Model S P85D Review – Video

Grab some popcorn, or whatever your favorite snack is, because you’ll be watchin’ another Bjørn Nyland movie. (75 minutes) Bjørn was able to temporarily obtain a Tesla Model S P85D last month and during this time, he provides us his full in-depth review of the electric car. One other thing that makes…

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fully charged

Fully Charged – Battery Special

It’s an all-battery episode of Fully Charged! It’s a battery special. This episode looks at the stories we’ve been told about batteries and the reality that is emerging. Will we ‘throw them away’ after 3 years as predicted by someone, 3 years ago. Robert Llewellyn examines several of the myths…

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Tesla Model S Battery Swap Info & Video

KmanAuto just completed a cross-country road trip. While on that road trip, Kman went to check out Tesla’s struggling battery swap station. In the video above, Kman provides us a lot of info on this battery swap station before showing some action shots of it. (8:05 minute mark.) We never…

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Find out how to use electricity pumps.

Fully Charged – The Electric Highway

This recent episode of Fully Charged is about using the Ecotricity Electric Highway charging points in UK. As of today, Ecotricity offers 250 stations at over 150 locations and most of the chargers are compatible with all vehicles through one of the three plugs – CHAdeMO and Combo for DC charging…

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