Lexus LFA

New Lexus LFA Supercar To Borrow BMW i8 Tech – Video

“Here’s what we know: BMW and Toyota are teaming up to make a new sportscar. Here’s what we don’t know: literally everything else. Confused?” “As we predicted last year, the BMW-Toyota’s new hybrid supercar will follow the pattern of boundary-pushing marvels like the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918, and…

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BMW i8

BMW i8 First Global Deliveries – Video

“See the highlights of the first world wide delivery of the new BMW i8 which took place at BMW Welt in June.” The i8 deliveries that BMW is referring to occurred  in Germany where 8 i8 buyers received keys to their plug-in hybrids. Above is video of that event, with…

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i3 And Water Apparently Do Mix

BMW i3 Has No Fear Of Water – Video

“Do EVs and water mix? Watch the BMW i3 in action and find out.” States BMW. The video is rather boring, but we’ve got some additional insight from InsideEVs contributor Chris Neff who was along for the ride when professional race car driver Erin Crocker drove the i3 around the…

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The BMW i8 Is Coming…To The UK – Video

In gearing up for the UK launch of the BMW i8, the German automaker released this brief video in which we hear the aural road of the i8′s 3 cylinder engine. Of note is that the i8′s three cylinder doesn’t actually make this swell noise, but rather it’s the result…

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk on The Colbert Report

Elon Musk On The Colbert Report – Video

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk appeared on The Colbert Report last week.  And to say that it was not Mr. Musk’s typical interview would be an understatement! Here are a couple of points worth mentioning from the video: The next major version of Model S software update will allow the…

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Myth #4

Mythbuster: Volkswagen e-Golf Ugly Commercial

Ugly?  We’ll, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what’s ugly is dependent upon one’s own opinion. Regardless, the Mythbuster is confronted with the “all EVs are ugly” myth and who he responds is priceless. “Myth #04: Electric cars look ugly compared to most cars.” “Just when the…

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Myth #3

Mythbuster: Volkswagen e-Golf Slow Commercial

Electric vehicles…every last one of them…are slow.  That’s a fact.  Or is it? “Myth #03: Electric cars aren’t very fast.” “The Mythbuster doesn’t need an excuse to go for a drive in his e-Golf. However if people insist on spreading falsehoods about all electric cars being slow then he’ll happily…

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Formula E Donington Park test - Day one

Onboard Video Of First Ever Full Power Formula E Lap

Lucas di Grassi, the second fastest driver in FIA Formula E Championship’s pre-season tests, presented on his YouTube channel video from a full lap of the Donington Park circuit from the driver’s perspective. Prepare for a lot of wind noise, which effectively drowns out all the drivetrain whining. Lucas di Grassi…

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