BMW i3 REx | Fully Charged

A Longer Look At The BMW i3 REx – Fully Charged (video)

Latest episode of Fully Charged features the BMW i3 with the original REx option(range extender in form of 650 cc gasoline engine). The i3 REx version was significantly more popular in UK compared to non-REx, although as Robert Llewellyn notices, many drivers never or very rarely uses REx, which is…

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Real Time EV Sales Reporting and Historical Charts Can Be Found Here

April 2016 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

It is no secret that plug-in sales in the US have been on the upswing of late.  Heading into April, five consecutive record sales months have been logged – and April continued that trend, making it six in a row, although unlike last month, it was no “sure thing” until all the…

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Autonomous Nissan LEAF prototype

Nissan Presents The Future Of Piloted Driving In The LEAF, Coming Soon – Video

Nissan for several years now has been developing autonomous driving technologies, with a goal to introduce truly autonomous driving by 2020. While assisted driving (that requires driver attention), is soon to be introduced on more and more models, full autonomous transportation would free up the driver to do something else while behind the wheel – like “help the…

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tesla model s p90dl via fullycharged

Fully Charged Test Drives Tesla Model S P90DL – Video

Video description: “This is SFW (safe for work) because I managed not to experience ludicrous mode ‘potty mouth’ when accelerating 0-60 in under 3 seconds.” “It’s a very fast car.” States Robert Llewellyn, host of Fully Charged. In typical Fully Charged fashion, this video is expertly done, with a small…

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2016 Nissan LEAF | LEAF Powers A Concert

Nissan LEAF Powers A Concert Using V2H (CHAdeMO) – Video

Nissan recently conducted its first public demonstration of LEAF V2H in North America, powering the music equipment of a party. A special charger/inverter is connected to the Nissan LEAF battery pack using the CHAdeMO DC charging inlet, converting the DC power to AC power for electric appliances. V2H can not only be used to…

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Backflip Over A Moving Car? No Problem

Stuntman Backflips Over Formula E Electric Race Car – Video

We had to share…because this is just way cool. Video description: Freerunner, gymnast and Hollywood stuntman Damien Walters is no stranger to danger. With movie credits including Captain America, Skyfall and Assassin’s Creed, Damien’s performed in some of the most mind-blowing action sequences you’ve seen on screen. Damien proposed his…

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Facelifted Tesla Model S

Bjorn Nyland Captures Video Of Facelifted Tesla Model S

YouTuber Bjorn Nyland has captured some high-quality video of the new, facelifted and lightly refreshed Tesla Model S. As Nyland states: Facelift Model S has the following new features: – LED adaptive headlights – HEPA filter with bioweapon defense mode – Standard center console (not removable) – Forward radar hidden…

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