Tesla Model S Goes Vroom...Vroom

Tesla Model S 60 Minutes Sound Parody – Video

“B-Roll footage from the recent 60 Minutes special episode with Elon Musk.” Says the uploader of this YouTube video. But after watching the brief video you’ll realize this ain’t B-roll footage from 60 minutes, but rather a parody of 60 Minutes, in that lots of sounds are added to the…

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Bjorn’s Tesla Model S FAQ #1 – Video

Bjorn Nyland’s highly popular series of Tesla Model S videos have led loads of commenters to ask Nyland various Model S questions. Rather than answer those questions one by one (a time consuming and daunting task), Nyland will creat a series of FAQ videos, starting with this one, which is…

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i3 testimonial

BMW i3 Test Drive Testimonials – Videos

Awhile back, The BMW Store of Vancouver, British Columbia hosted a BMW i3 ride and drive event. Like we’ve seen at dozens of US BMW dealers, the i3 arrived for a one-day drive event. The BMW i3 will continue to make the rounds both in the US and Canada as…

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bjorn model s tesla

Bjorn Nyland Tesla Model S Outtakes – Video

Fans of Bjorn Nyland’s Tesla Model S video series will enjoy this “outtakes” episode: “Outtakes and bloopers from video #2 to #7.” Says Bjorn. What we especially like is that we get a chance to see all the effort/work Nyland puts into his highly viewed series of Model S videos….

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The street of the future – neighbours in Marlow test the impact of a cluster of 9 electric vehicles on the local electricity grid

My Electric Avenue Featured in Fully Charged – Video

Recently, in the UK the My Electric Avenue project was launched with several clusters of neighbors with electric cars.  This idea is to check how charging will affect demand of electricity in small area (typically one street). Monitoring and smart grid functions enable the turning off of charging for short…

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We Checked Out The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV At The Geneva Motor Show This Year

Auto Express Reviews Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Video)

Auto Express recently did in the UK one of the most interesting reviews to date of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.  The Japanese SUV was rated very positively by Auto Express. Auto Express editors were surprised that the plug-in version is sold without a price premium over diesel Outlander. Adding to…

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MetroCab Featured In Fully Charged (Video)

The latest episode of Fully Charged is dedicated to Frazer-Nash’s Range Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab taxi for London. This very interesting and unusual car was recently tested by taxi drivers and, according to Frazer-Nash, should be sold without a premium over the diesel taxis (probably including tax incentives), which probably…

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Tesla Motors Commercial - Hope

Tesla Motors Commercial – Hope

We love these fan-made Tesla Motors commercials. This one here is simply a mash up of footage released by Tesla Motors and other sites. The end product, though not top-notch professional quality, still drives the point across: with the rise of Tesla Motors and, in particular its game-changing EV the…

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Video: Tesla Model S Gets Its Drift On

“What’s up guys & welcome to episode 5 of GT6 Let’s Drift. This time I drift a very unexpected car, the all electric but very cool Tesla Model S at Fuji & Laguna Seca.” Video gamers and Model S fans will appreciate the inclusion of Tesla’s electric sedan in what’s…

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