McLaren P1 GTR Meets McLaren F1 GTR – Video

Set to debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show on March 3, the McLaren P1 GTR represents the future of plug-in hypercars. In this video, the P1 GTR meets the equally spectacular (in its day) McLaren F1 GTR: “Two decades after the McLaren F1 GTR swept the board at the…

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2 Of The 5 BMW i8s

5 BMW i8s In One Parking Lot – Video

Honestly, we’re not sure if this is a dealer lot somewhere or a BMW corporate site, but we doubt you’ll ever see 5 BMW i8s parked in this close of proximity anywhere else or ever again.  Unless, that it, there’s some sort of BMW i8 owner meet and greet at…

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Formula E race

Top 5 Formula E Overtakings – Video

Enjoying the break between races, FIA Formula E Championship released a video with the 5 best overtaking maneuvers during races. Check them out in the video below: “After only four races, the FIA Formula E Championship has produced enough exciting action for us to put together a compilation of our…

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Glowing LEAF

Nissan Shows Off Glow-In-The-Dark LEAF – Video

First there was the self-cleaning Nissan LEAF. Now there’s this glow-in-the-dark LEAF: “Watch how this Nissan LEAF’s unique ultraviolet-energized paint glows in the dark.” How’s the glowing accomplished and will Nissan make this finish available to consumers?  This statement answers both questions: The manufacturer worked with inventor, Hamish Scott, creator…

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Hmm...Wonder What's Going On Down There

Making Of BMW i3 – Powertrain Video

Much like Nissan with its LEAF, BMW is strongly focused on marketing/advertising the i3. This is evident in the series of videos BMW continues to release on the i3.  This video focuses on the powertrain that makes the i3 go: “Redefining urban mobility means thinking far beyond environmentally-conscious and agile…

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What Do Horse Have In Common With The BMW i8?  Curiosity...Of Course

BMW i8 Curiosity Video

“Every revolutionary idea is born of curiosity and vision. Discover the new BMW i8.” Man riding a horse is a result of curiosity. Similarly, the BMW i8 represents the curious vision of engineers and designers. If we weren’t curious, we wouldn’t be riding horseback or driving vehicles likes the BMW…

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