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Translogic: Spira Foam Electric Car – Video

In this episode of Translogic, the rather odd Spira Foam electric car is taken for a spin: “This three-wheeled electric vehicle is designed with pedestrian safety in mind, but an unintended benefit of Spira’s foam construction is that the car can actually float on water. You can also park the…

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Tesla Model S P85D

CNET On Cars Features Tesla Model S P85D – Video

This tech-heavy episode of CNET on Cars features the Tesla Model S P85D. As CNET accurately points out, Tesla delivered something most buyers weren’t even asking for with the P85D: more power. After the Model S dicsussion, there’s some talk of the hacked car and finally a discussion on the…

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Volkswagen e-Golf.

Automotive Fleet Reviews Volkswagen e-Golf – Video

Paul Clinton from Automotive Fleet takes the new Volkswagen e-Golf for a spin, providing both a video & article. The short video above discusses most of the e-Golf’s features: charging & range, price, etc. As you will hear in the video, the e-Golf is not available in all 50 states.  Why?…

2 months ago by Mike Anthony 13

Tesla Model S

Translogic Tests Tesla Model S P85D – Video

Tesla Model S was already covered by Translogic long ago, but with a major new version available on the market, it’s time for Translogic to check what the P85D is capable of doing. Jonathon Buckley found that acceleration is addictive, while insane mode is incredible… and the crew confirms that…

2 months ago by Mark Kane 2

BMW i3 Tows Range Rover

BMW i3 Tows A Range Rover – Video

Usually, when we hear the words BMW i3 and tow in the same sentence, the reference is to a malfunctioning i3, or an i3 with a flat tire being towed on a flatbed tow truck. That’s not the case here. The i3 seen here is not the recipient of the…

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