The Opel Ampera-e – New Official Video Collection

Opel has released a new set of videos promoting the upcoming Ampera-e in Europe. The sister car of the Michigan, USA-made Chevrolet Bolt EV is marketed as: unrivaled in its class range of 520 km/323 miles of NEDC range (but just over 383 km/238 miles in “real world/EPA terms) the…

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Dyno Testing Tuned Tesla Model S P90++ (Video)

Jason Hughes, also known as @wk057/Twitter, has released another update on his Tesla Model S P85 project, which after a software update and getting the ‘yellow treatment’ was turned in the quickest RWD Tesla yet – called P90++. The car is only rear-wheel drive but was altered from a P85 to the 90…

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Renault Twizy “No Features” – How A Video Ad Should Be Done

Renault Twizy “No Features” from Eduardo García on Vimeo. Renault recently pointed us to a fan-made ad of its Twizy quadricycle – Renault Twizy “No Features” released by Eduardo García. It’s one of the most entertaining ads for the “fully equipped” electric vehicle we’ve seen to date. Hopefully the folks at Honda…

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