BMW i3 Will Shock You

BMW i3 Will Shock You – Video

Not literally. “The BMW i3 will “SHOCK” you with how good it is for a city commuter.” Writes the BMW i3 reviewer seen in this video. The reviewer continues: “Maybe I was too quick to judge but this car is pretty impressive for what it is.  Its roomy and the…

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Porsche 918

Porsche 918 Spyder Hits The Road In London – Video

“How can one of the fastest cars on the planet, drive silently through the streets of London emitting no noise or carbon dioxide?” Asks Porsche, in reference to the plug-in hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder. Porsche chief driving instructor Gordon Robertson takes the 918 Spyder through London to show us exactly…

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BMW i8

Winding Road BMW i8 Test Drive Review – Video

For those unfamiliar with Winding Road, it’s “a free weekly magazine for the car obsessed.” Additionally, the New York Times calls the Winding Road’s digital magazine a “web necessity.” The magazine has been published continuously online since January 2005, beginning life as the brainchild of NextScreen CEO Thomas B. Martin….

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So much torque, It reversed the rotation of earth.

Tesla Model S P85 Hits The Dyno – Video

“2013 Black Tesla Model S P85 21″ Wheels – Continental Extreme Contact DW Rubber Dyno maxed out at 2000 lbs·ft but on paper the car should be putting 4301 lbs·ft of torque to the wheels. 416HP Official Rated at the crank 436HP Measured at the wheels Environment: 80% Charge on…

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Nissan LEAF in the UK

Nissan LEAF Featured In Fully DisCharged!

Robert Llewellyn finally started his long-awaited new series Fully DisCharged, in which he will present all the plug-in models available on the market today totally stranded on the side of the road… or maybe not. This is just an experimental “special” of the Fully Charged series, which just so happens…

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Tesla Model S Nurburgring - Bjorn Nyland

Tesla Model S P85 On Nurburgring – Video

Bjørn Nyland’s recent Autobahn adventure with his P85 Tesla Model S wasn’t thrillful enough? Bjørn had the eventful opportunity to have a go around the Nürburgring/Nordschleife. The track consists of different types of turns, bends, uphills, downhills, and straightaways. This track is sure to put the Model S to the…

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